MSA Terre Haute, IN Map and Data

Terre Haute, IN Profile

MSA NameTerre Haute, IN
MSA TypeMetropolitan Statistical Area
TimezoneEastern Standard Time (EST)
Population (2019)186,367
Population Growth Rate (2010-19)-1.7%
Majority EthnicityWhite: 91.55%
Median Household Income$46,067
Current Unemployment Rate4.1%

MSA Terre Haute, IN Boundary Map

Terre Haute, IN Race/Ethnicity Data

Race/EthnicyPercentage of Population (2018)
African American4.93%
Native American0.16%
Hawaiin/Pacific Islander0.03%

List of Counties in MSA Terre Haute, IN

Clay County
Parke County
Sullivan County
Vermillion County
Vigo County

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