Majority Race and Ethnicity in Arizona by County

Map of Majority Race and Ethnicity for Counties in Arizona

African American
Native American
Hawaiin/Pacific Islander

This Map Displays the Majority Race/Ethnicity for each county in Arizona. The data is from the US Census 2018 American Community Survey.

List of Counties in Arizona With Majority Race and Ethnicity

Map KeyNamePercentage Majority Race/Ethnicity
Apache CountyNative American 70.91%
Cochise CountyWhite 66.59%
Coconino CountyWhite 59.07%
Gila CountyWhite 67.96%
Graham CountyWhite 62.03%
Greenlee CountyWhite 62.92%
La Paz CountyWhite 64.2%
Maricopa CountyWhite 64.56%
Mohave CountyWhite 81.04%
Navajo CountyWhite 45.43%
Pima CountyWhite 61.73%
Pinal CountyWhite 65.93%
Santa Cruz CountyWhite 49.82%
Yavapai CountyWhite 83.92%
Yuma CountyWhite 52.38%