Majority Race and Ethnicity in Nevada by County

Map of Majority Race and Ethnicity for Counties in Nevada

African American
Native American
Hawaiin/Pacific Islander

This Map Displays the Majority Race/Ethnicity for each county in Nevada. The data is from the US Census 2018 American Community Survey.

List of Counties in Nevada With Majority Race and Ethnicity

Map KeyNamePercentage Majority Race/Ethnicity
Carson City CountyWhite 72.29%
Churchill CountyWhite 78.18%
Clark CountyWhite 53.13%
Douglas CountyWhite 83.97%
Elko CountyWhite 72.61%
Esmeralda CountyWhite 82.03%
Eureka CountyWhite 88.83%
Humboldt CountyWhite 72.55%
Lander CountyWhite 74.07%
Lincoln CountyWhite 86.7%
Lyon CountyWhite 79.58%
Mineral CountyWhite 62.54%
Nye CountyWhite 80.33%
Pershing CountyWhite 70.19%
Storey CountyWhite 91%
Washoe CountyWhite 69.93%
White Pine CountyWhite 75.49%