Majority Race and Ethnicity in Wyoming by County

Map of Majority Race and Ethnicity for Counties in Wyoming

African American
Native American
Hawaiin/Pacific Islander

This Map Displays the Majority Race/Ethnicity for each county in Wyoming. The data is from the US Census 2018 American Community Survey.

List of Counties in Wyoming With Majority Race and Ethnicity

Map KeyNamePercentage Majority Race/Ethnicity
Albany CountyWhite 86.07%
Big Horn CountyWhite 89.36%
Campbell CountyWhite 90.46%
Carbon CountyWhite 81.05%
Converse CountyWhite 92.1%
Crook CountyWhite 96.44%
Fremont CountyWhite 71.59%
Goshen CountyWhite 88.27%
Hot Springs CountyWhite 94.54%
Johnson CountyWhite 92.75%
Laramie CountyWhite 82.41%
Lincoln CountyWhite 94.56%
Natrona CountyWhite 89.12%
Niobrara CountyWhite 89.93%
Park CountyWhite 92.82%
Platte CountyWhite 91.49%
Sheridan CountyWhite 93.5%
Sublette CountyWhite 92.42%
Sweetwater CountyWhite 82.66%
Teton CountyWhite 83.55%
Uinta CountyWhite 90.22%
Washakie CountyWhite 85.81%
Weston CountyWhite 93.02%