Majority Public School Student Race and Ethnicity in Wyoming by County

This map displays the majority race/ethnicity for public school students in each county in Wyoming. The data is from the NCES 2018 Public Elementary/Secondary School Universe Survey Data.

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Map of Public School Majority Race and Ethnicity for Counties in Wyoming

African American
Native American
Hawaiin/Pacific Islander

List of Counties in Wyoming With Public School Majority Race/Ethnicity

Map KeyNameMajority Race/Ethnicity
Albany CountyWhite 74.2%
Big Horn CountyWhite 83.71%
Campbell CountyWhite 84.87%
Carbon CountyWhite 66.6%
Converse CountyWhite 88.28%
Crook CountyWhite 95.72%
Fremont CountyWhite 49.34%
Goshen CountyWhite 82.27%
Hot Springs CountyWhite 94.5%
Johnson CountyWhite 90.85%
Laramie CountyWhite 71.45%
Lincoln CountyWhite 93.35%
Natrona CountyWhite 80.79%
Niobrara CountyWhite 86.75%
Park CountyWhite 88.24%
Platte CountyWhite 84.28%
Sheridan CountyWhite 88.95%
Sublette CountyWhite 83.67%
Sweetwater CountyWhite 73.12%
Teton CountyWhite 65.97%
Uinta CountyWhite 85.33%
Washakie CountyWhite 72.94%
Weston CountyWhite 90.87%