Massachusetts Public School Free/Reduced Lunch Participation Rate by County

Map of Public School Free/Reduced Lunch Program Participation for Counties in Massachusetts

20% to 40%
40% to 60%
60% to 80%
80% to 100%

This map displays the percentage of public school students in each county in Massachusetts participating in the free/reduced lunch program. The data is from the NCES 2018 Public Elementary/Secondary School Universe Survey Data.

List of Counties in Massachusetts With Public School Free/Reduced Lunch Program Participation Rate

Map KeyNameTotal Students Receiving Free/Reduced LunchesPercentage of Students Receiving Free/Reduced Lunches
Barnstable County-1-1.0%
Berkshire County-1-1.0%
Bristol County-1-1.0%
Dukes County-1-1.0%
Essex County-1-1.0%
Franklin County-1-1.0%
Hampden County-1-1.0%
Hampshire County-1-1.0%
Middlesex County-1-1.0%
Nantucket County-1-1.0%
Norfolk County-1-1.0%
Plymouth County-1-1.0%
Suffolk County-1-1.0%
Worcester County-1-1.0%