North Dakota Public School Free/Reduced Lunch Participation Rate by County

Map of Public School Free/Reduced Lunch Program Participation for Counties in North Dakota

20% to 40%
40% to 60%
60% to 80%
80% to 100%

This map displays the percentage of public school students in each county in North Dakota participating in the free/reduced lunch program. The data is from the NCES 2018 Public Elementary/Secondary School Universe Survey Data.

List of Counties in North Dakota With Public School Free/Reduced Lunch Program Participation Rate

Map KeyNameTotal Students Receiving Free/Reduced LunchesPercentage of Students Receiving Free/Reduced Lunches
Adams County5918.8%
Barnes County54537.1%
Benson County955.9%
Billings County45.3%
Bottineau County32636.7%
Bowman County10316.6%
Burke County7721.4%
Burleigh County261019.4%
Cass County711728.8%
Cavalier County10120.4%
Dickey County21125.1%
Divide County13536.3%
Dunn County13420.7%
Eddy County8928.6%
Emmons County16030.5%
Foster County15326.7%
Golden Valley County9929.6%
Grand Forks County295731.9%
Grant County9943.0%
Griggs County12335.2%
Hettinger County19137.6%
Kidder County12632.8%
LaMoure County17924.7%
Logan County11532.3%
Mchenry County32532.8%
Mcintosh County15240.2%
Mckenzie County62026.0%
Mclean County50026.4%
Mercer County21916.7%
Morton County122025.9%
Mountrail County80437.7%
Nelson County15133.5%
Oliver County5824.5%
Pembina County40336.9%
Pierce County19930.0%
Ramsey County78043.0%
Ransom County24325.2%
Renville County17328.9%
Richland County71930.5%
Rolette County1923.6%
Sargent County16127.0%
Sheridan County6050.0%
Sioux County00.0%
Slope County00.0%
Stark County109823.7%
Steele County106.9%
Stutsman County89333.8%
Towner County9231.2%
Traill County33924.6%
Walsh County66836.8%
Ward County283427.8%
Wells County17229.2%
Williams County167028.7%