Wyoming Public School Free/Reduced Lunch Participation Rate by County

Map of Public School Free/Reduced Lunch Program Participation for Counties in Wyoming

20% to 40%
40% to 60%
60% to 80%
80% to 100%

This map displays the percentage of public school students in each county in Wyoming participating in the free/reduced lunch program. The data is from the NCES 2018 Public Elementary/Secondary School Universe Survey Data.

List of Counties in Wyoming With Public School Free/Reduced Lunch Program Participation Rate

Map KeyNameTotal Students Receiving Free/Reduced LunchesPercentage of Students Receiving Free/Reduced Lunches
Albany County89121.7%
Big Horn County108742.7%
Campbell County321236.6%
Carbon County93539.5%
Converse County72731.9%
Crook County46941.0%
Fremont County363749.2%
Goshen County82547.2%
Hot Springs County30645.5%
Johnson County41832.4%
Laramie County651042.6%
Lincoln County82823.3%
Natrona County480036.1%
Niobrara County34141.8%
Park County138434.4%
Platte County47937.8%
Sheridan County151932.7%
Sublette County27117.4%
Sweetwater County319939.3%
Teton County64222.0%
Uinta County161037.8%
Washakie County53937.3%
Weston County30930.6%