SNAP/Food Stamp Participation in Arkansas

Map of Arkansas SNAP/Food Stamp Participation Rate by County

5% to 10%
10% to 15%
15% to 20%
20% to 25%
> 25%

This map displays the percentage of residents in each county receiving SNAP/Food Stamp benefits in Arkansas. The data is provided by the US Department of Agriculture (July 2019).

List of Counties in Arkansas with SNAP/Food Stamp Participation Rate (July 2019)

Map KeyNameTotal SNAP/Food Stamp RecipientsPercentage of Residents Receiving SNAP/Food Stamps
Arkansas County2,46414.1%
Ashley County3,13916.0%
Baxter County4,0959.8%
Benton County11,9364.3%
Boone County4,13611.1%
Bradley County1,87117.4%
Calhoun County4638.9%
Carroll County2,2728.0%
Chicot County2,63926.1%
Clark County2,48211.1%
Clay County1,68411.6%
Cleburne County2,54310.2%
Cleveland County1,04013.1%
Columbia County3,59215.3%
Conway County2,93814.1%
Craighead County13,13311.9%
Crawford County6,85910.8%
Crittenden County10,98922.9%
Cross County2,35914.4%
Dallas County98514.1%
Desha County2,43621.4%
Drew County2,82415.5%
Faulkner County9,3017.4%
Franklin County1,92210.8%
Fulton County1,74814.0%
Garland County12,73112.8%
Grant County1,5028.2%
Greene County5,88313.0%
Hempstead County2,84313.2%
Hot Spring County3,88911.5%
Howard County1,93114.6%
Independence County4,14611.0%
Izard County1,48910.9%
Jackson County2,80316.8%
Jefferson County13,03819.5%
Johnson County3,87914.6%
Lafayette County1,06716.1%
Lawrence County2,41414.7%
Lee County2,02522.9%
Lincoln County1,56112.0%
Little River County1,67713.7%
Logan County2,72812.7%
Lonoke County6,1168.3%
Madison County1,71910.4%
Marion County2,06212.3%
Miller County5,92213.7%
Mississippi County7,97119.6%
Monroe County1,43021.3%
Montgomery County1,05711.8%
Nevada County1,03512.5%
Newton County92111.9%
Ouachita County3,81316.3%
Perry County1,18711.3%
Phillips County5,89733.2%
Pike County1,27111.9%
Poinsett County4,31118.3%
Polk County2,88814.5%
Pope County6,2269.7%
Prairie County82810.3%
Pulaski County51,27413.1%
Randolph County2,11311.8%
Saint Francis County5,26321.1%
Saline County7,2165.9%
Scott County1,79517.5%
Searcy County80210.2%
Sebastian County16,31612.8%
Sevier County2,32213.7%
Sharp County2,56214.7%
Stone County1,73113.8%
Union County5,66614.7%
Van Buren County2,03012.3%
Washington County15,0766.3%
White County9,08211.5%
Woodruff County1,23019.5%
Yell County2,23110.4%