SNAP/Food Stamp Participation in Tennessee

of the 95 Counties in Tennessee The County with the highest percentage of residents receiving SNAP/Food Stamps is Hancock County with 24.9%. The County with the lowest percentage of residents receiving SNAP/Food Stamps is Williamson County with 1.6%. The data is provided by the US Department of Agriculture (July 2023).

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Map of Tennessee SNAP/Food Stamp Participation Rate by County

5% to 10%
10% to 15%
15% to 20%
20% to 25%
> 25%

List of Counties in Tennessee with SNAP/Food Stamp Participation Rate (July 2023)

Map KeyNameTotal SNAP/Food Stamp RecipientsPercentage of Residents Receiving SNAP/Food Stamps
Anderson County7,88110.5%
Bedford County5,67712.6%
Benton County8305.0%
Bledsoe County2,13416.6%
Blount County8,6387.0%
Bradley County10,78910.9%
Campbell County6,79516.7%
Cannon County1,42010.3%
Carroll County3,37111.8%
Carter County6,55411.4%
Cheatham County9372.4%
Chester County1,88411.1%
Claiborne County4,35413.6%
Clay County1,24415.9%
Cocke County6,28417.6%
Coffee County6,68512.7%
Crockett County1,68011.5%
Cumberland County6,23511.1%
Davidson County59,2869.4%
DeKalb County2,41812.9%
Decatur County4563.9%
Dickson County1,4482.9%
Dyer County5,63114.7%
Fayette County3,85610.1%
Fentress County3,41019.0%
Franklin County3,7489.2%
Gibson County5,95712.0%
Giles County1,0563.6%
Grainger County2,85412.6%
Greene County7,10410.3%
Grundy County2,64919.3%
Hamblen County7,15411.4%
Hamilton County34,72810.3%
Hancock County1,68024.9%
Hardeman County3,79413.9%
Hardin County1,2344.8%
Hawkins County7,01212.4%
Haywood County3,31917.8%
Henderson County1,2314.4%
Henry County1,4354.5%
Hickman County9744.0%
Houston County3494.2%
Humphreys County5663.1%
Jackson County1,73515.1%
Jefferson County5,17110.0%
Johnson County2,37113.0%
Knox County36,5698.4%
Lake County1,39617.9%
Lauderdale County4,36115.7%
Lawrence County1,6113.9%
Lewis County5544.6%
Lincoln County3,65311.0%
Loudon County3,5377.3%
Macon County3,69316.6%
Madison County13,01613.3%
Marion County3,73813.3%
Marshall County9823.2%
Maury County2,1812.7%
Mcminn County6,24111.9%
Mcnairy County3,19012.3%
Meigs County1,90816.3%
Monroe County5,56912.5%
Montgomery County6,5803.8%
Moore County4086.4%
Morgan County2,50011.4%
Obion County3,88112.2%
Overton County2,36610.7%
Perry County3734.8%
Pickett County71914.1%
Polk County1,93011.5%
Putnam County7,37410.2%
Rhea County4,57914.4%
Roane County5,3419.9%
Robertson County1,7932.7%
Rutherford County20,2867.7%
Scott County4,46420.1%
Sequatchie County2,28216.1%
Sevier County7,0447.8%
Shelby County157,94317.0%
Smith County1,8709.8%
Stewart County4313.2%
Sullivan County16,62010.6%
Sumner County11,1336.9%
Tipton County6,27410.3%
Trousdale County92411.8%
Unicoi County1,87310.2%
Union County2,76314.4%
Van Buren County64711.7%
Warren County5,67514.3%
Washington County11,6359.5%
Wayne County5583.3%
Weakley County3,3449.6%
White County3,36013.0%
Williamson County2,9241.6%
Wilson County6,8286.0%