SNAP/Food Stamp Participation in West Virginia

of the 55 Counties in West Virginia The County with the highest percentage of residents receiving SNAP/Food Stamps is Webster County with 28.1%. The County with the lowest percentage of residents receiving SNAP/Food Stamps is Brooke County with 0.0%. The data is provided by the US Department of Agriculture (July 2023).

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Map of West Virginia SNAP/Food Stamp Participation Rate by County

5% to 10%
10% to 15%
15% to 20%
20% to 25%
> 25%

List of Counties in West Virginia with SNAP/Food Stamp Participation Rate (July 2023)

Map KeyNameTotal SNAP/Food Stamp RecipientsPercentage of Residents Receiving SNAP/Food Stamps
Barbour County2,88917.5%
Berkeley County14,16913.6%
Boone County4,89219.9%
Braxton County2,74018.9%
Brooke County00.0%
Cabell County15,23015.8%
Calhoun County1,64021.5%
Clay County2,52626.8%
Doddridge County1,08913.4%
Fayette County7,71816.8%
Gilmer County1,21714.1%
Grant County1,80415.1%
Greenbrier County5,55415.6%
Hampshire County3,36514.1%
Hancock County6,29420.6%
Hardy County1,91913.8%
Harrison County8,70812.6%
Jackson County4,72016.2%
Jefferson County4,7778.9%
Kanawha County30,07215.6%
Lewis County3,54121.6%
Lincoln County5,05123.3%
Logan County7,57620.8%
Marion County8,75815.5%
Marshall County4,18912.7%
Mason County4,95818.2%
Mcdowell County6,02327.4%
Mercer County12,83020.6%
Mineral County3,51912.6%
Mingo County7,39727.8%
Monongalia County7,8488.1%
Monroe County1,71612.7%
Morgan County2,03311.6%
Nicholas County5,15619.7%
Ohio County6,34514.3%
Pendleton County92112.0%
Pleasants County1,09414.3%
Pocahontas County1,30114.9%
Preston County4,93614.8%
Putnam County5,94510.7%
Raleigh County14,62318.5%
Randolph County4,38714.9%
Ritchie County1,68816.2%
Roane County2,67718.0%
Summers County2,77420.1%
Taylor County2,57215.2%
Tucker County86012.1%
Tyler County1,35914.8%
Upshur County4,41018.2%
Wayne County7,10216.8%
Webster County2,57728.1%
Wetzel County2,92317.7%
Wirt County1,24821.6%
Wood County13,59215.7%
Wyoming County4,17417.6%