Title 1 Status for Public Schools in West Virginia Counties

Map of West Virginia Counties with Percentage of Title 1 Schools

20% to 40%
40% to 60%
60% to 80%
80% to 100%

This map displays the percentage of public schools with title 1 status in each county in West Virginia. Title 1 is the largest federally funded educational program. The program provides supplemental funds to school districts to assist schools with the highest student concentrations of poverty to meet school educational goals. A title 1 school is a school receiving federal funds for Title 1 students. Not all schools that are eligible for Title 1 funds participate in the program. Title 1 data is from the NCES 2018 Public Elementary/Secondary School Universe Survey Data.

List of Counties in West Virginia With Public School Title 1 Status

Map KeyNameTotal Title 1 SchoolsPercentage of All Schools with Title 1 Status
Barbour County457.1%
Berkeley County1647.1%
Boone County535.7%
Braxton County675.0%
Brooke County880.0%
Cabell County827.6%
Calhoun County250.0%
Clay County6100.0%
Doddridge County125.0%
Fayette County1052.6%
Gilmer County150.0%
Grant County240.0%
Greenbrier County956.2%
Hampshire County646.1%
Hancock County562.5%
Hardy County466.7%
Harrison County828.6%
Jackson County861.5%
Jefferson County425.0%
Kanawha County2535.7%
Lewis County466.7%
Lincoln County787.5%
Logan County1161.1%
Marion County730.4%
Marshall County642.9%
Mason County541.7%
Mcdowell County763.6%
Mercer County1551.7%
Mineral County746.7%
Mingo County436.4%
Monongalia County736.8%
Monroe County240.0%
Morgan County342.9%
Nicholas County642.9%
Ohio County750.0%
Pendleton County250.0%
Pleasants County360.0%
Pocahontas County360.0%
Preston County880.0%
Putnam County521.7%
Raleigh County930.0%
Randolph County847.1%
Ritchie County466.7%
Roane County480.0%
Summers County360.0%
Taylor County350.0%
Tucker County250.0%
Tyler County250.0%
Upshur County770.0%
Wayne County738.9%
Webster County4100.0%
Wetzel County444.4%
Wirt County266.7%
Wood County1240.0%
Wyoming County1178.6%