Population Change for Counties in Massachusetts - 2010 to 2020

of the 14 Counties in Massachusetts the fastest growing County is Nantucket County with 40.14% growth. The County lowest growth is Berkshire County with -1.67% growth.

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Massachusetts Population Change Map

< -15%
-15% to -5%
-5% to 0%
0% to 5%
5% to 15%
> 15%

List of Counties in Massachusetts With Population Percentage Change

Map KeyNamePopulation Change
Barnstable County6.07%
Berkshire County-1.67%
Bristol County5.64%
Dukes County24.58%
Essex County8.97%
Franklin County-0.48%
Hampden County0.5%
Hampshire County2.67%
Middlesex County8.58%
Nantucket County40.14%
Norfolk County8.22%
Plymouth County7.25%
Suffolk County10.51%
Worcester County7.96%

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