Map of Population Change for Counties in Nevada - 2010 to 2020

Nevada Population Change Map

< -15%
-15% to -5%
-5% to 0%
0% to 5%
5% to 15%
> 15%

List of Counties in Nevada With Population Percentage Change

Map KeyNamePopulation Change
Carson City County6.1%
Churchill County2.6%
Clark County16.1%
Douglas County5.3%
Elko County10%
Esmeralda County-6.9%
Eureka County-6.6%
Humboldt County4.6%
Lander County-0.7%
Lincoln County-15.8%
Lyon County14%
Mineral County-4.6%
Nye County17.4%
Pershing County-1.5%
Storey County2.3%
Washoe County15.4%
White Pine County-9.5%