Map of Population Change for Counties in North Dakota - 2000 to 2019

North Dakota Population Change Map

< -15%
-15% to -5%
-5% to 0%
0% to 5%
5% to 15%
> 15%

List of Counties in North Dakota With Population Percentage Change

Map KeyNamePopulation Change
Adams County-5.73%
Barnes County-6.25%
Benson County2.52%
Billings County15.63%
Bottineau County-2.34%
Bowman County-4.2%
Burke County6.95%
Burleigh County14.97%
Cass County17.67%
Cavalier County-6.14%
Dickey County-8.56%
Divide County8.52%
Dunn County20.07%
Eddy County-4.29%
Emmons County-9.53%
Foster County-4.14%
Golden Valley County4.6%
Grand Forks County3.73%
Grant County-5.28%
Griggs County-8.47%
Hettinger County0.88%
Kidder County1.81%
LaMoure County-2.3%
Logan County-7.57%
Mchenry County6.09%
Mcintosh County-12.49%
Mckenzie County57.67%
Mclean County5.16%
Mercer County-2.89%
Morton County12.41%
Mountrail County27.24%
Nelson County-8.58%
Oliver County5.77%
Pembina County-9%
Pierce County-9.61%
Ramsey County0.59%
Ransom County-4.58%
Renville County-6.15%
Richland County-0.89%
Rolette County1.69%
Sargent County1.77%
Sheridan County-0.46%
Sioux County1.82%
Slope County3.07%
Stark County23.15%
Steele County-4.5%
Stutsman County-1.91%
Towner County-2.6%
Traill County-1.06%
Walsh County-4.49%
Ward County8.82%
Wells County-9.73%
Williams County40.41%