Population Change for Counties in Oklahoma - 2010 to 2020

of the 77 Counties in Oklahoma the fastest growing County is Canadian County with 33.64% growth. The County lowest growth is Blaine County with -26.86% growth.

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Oklahoma Population Change Map

< -15%
-15% to -5%
-5% to 0%
0% to 5%
5% to 15%
> 15%

List of Counties in Oklahoma With Population Percentage Change

Map KeyNamePopulation Change
Adair County-14.05%
Alfalfa County1.01%
Atoka County-0.27%
Beaver County-10.42%
Beckham County1.32%
Blaine County-26.86%
Bryan County8.61%
Caddo County-8.97%
Canadian County33.64%
Carter County0.94%
Cherokee County0.19%
Choctaw County-6.58%
Cimarron County-7.23%
Cleveland County15.55%
Coal County-11.12%
Comanche County-2.4%
Cotton County-10.75%
Craig County-6.13%
Creek County2.55%
Custer County3.8%
Delaware County-2.63%
Dewey County-6.78%
Ellis County-9.68%
Garfield County3.74%
Garvin County-6.96%
Grady County4.51%
Grant County-7.91%
Greer County-11.99%
Harmon County-14.85%
Harper County-11.21%
Haskell County-9.46%
Hughes County-4.54%
Jackson County-6.28%
Jefferson County-17.54%
Johnston County-6.25%
Kay County-6.15%
Kingfisher County1%
Kiowa County-9.92%
Latimer County-15.33%
Le Flore County-4.48%
Lincoln County-2.38%
Logan County18.42%
Love County7.67%
Major County3.39%
Marshall County-3.33%
Mayes County-5.36%
Mcclain County20.74%
Mccurtain County-7.05%
Mcintosh County-6.47%
Murray County3.08%
Muskogee County-6.55%
Noble County-5.51%
Nowata County-11.54%
Okfuskee County-7.23%
Oklahoma County10.81%
Okmulgee County-8.39%
Osage County-3.48%
Ottawa County-4.91%
Pawnee County-6.18%
Payne County5.55%
Pittsburg County-4.5%
Pontotoc County1.53%
Pottawatomie County4.34%
Pushmataha County-6.57%
Roger Mills County-5.62%
Rogers County9.59%
Seminole County-7.56%
Sequoyah County-7.34%
Stephens County-4.88%
Texas County3.6%
Tillman County-12.81%
Tulsa County10.92%
Wagoner County10.8%
Washington County2.9%
Washita County-6.06%
Woods County-2.86%
Woodward County1.94%

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