East Missoula Montana Map and Data

East Missoula Montana Boundary Map

East Missoula Montana Profile

Place NameEast Missoula
Place TypeCensus Designated Place
ZIP Code(s)59802
CountyMissoula County
Area Code(s)406
TimezoneMountain Daylight Time (MDT)
Population (2022)2,311
Population Growth Rate (2010-19)14.28%
Majority EthnicityWhite 94.84%
Metro/Micro Stats AreaMissoula, MT
US Congressional District(s)Montana At-Large
State House Districts92
State Senate Districts46

East Missoula Race/Ethnicity Data

Race/EthnicyPercentage of Population (2021)
African American0%
Native American0%
Hawaiin/Pacific Islander3.48%

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