Dunbar West Virginia Map and Data

Dunbar West Virginia Boundary Map

Dunbar West Virginia Profile

Place NameDunbar
Place TypeCity
ZIP Code(s)25064
CountyKanawha County
Area Code(s)304,681
TimezoneEastern Daylight Time (EDT)
Population (2022)7,864
Population Growth Rate (2010-19)-5.40%
Majority EthnicityWhite 77.72%
Metro/Micro Stats AreaCharleston, WV
US Congressional District(s)West Virginia 2nd
House of Delegates Districts35
State Senate Districts8

Dunbar Race/Ethnicity Data

Race/EthnicyPercentage of Population (2021)
African American16.31%
Native American2.24%
Hawaiin/Pacific Islander2.54%

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