Power Plants in California

There are a total of 1677 power plants in California. The most common type of power plant in California is Solar with a total of 766 locations. Natural Gas generates the most power in California with 37891.6 total Megawatts.
SourceTotal LocationsTotal Megawatts
Natural Gas32837891.6
Pumped Storage73658.8

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Map of Power Plants in California

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Source: US Energy Information Administration - 2024

List of All Power Plant Locations in California

Plant NameOperatorPower SourceMegawattsCity/TownZIP Code
20333 Normandie PV, LLC
20333 Normandie PV, LLCsolar2.6Torrance90501
20701 Plummer PV, LLC
Valta Energysolar1.5Chatsworth91311
2081 Terzian Solar Project
Solarenewal LLCsolar1.2Reedley93654
2097 Helton Solar Project
Solarenewal LLCsolar1.5Merced95348
2127 Harris Solar Project
Solarenewal LLCsolar1.3Live Oak95953
2555 E Olympic Bl
Los Angeles Department of Water & Powersolar1.0Los Angeles90023
85 A
Wind Wall 1 LLCwind21.3Tehachapi93561
85 B
Wind Wall 1 LLCwind25.2Tehachapi93561
8500 Balboa PV, LLC
8500 Balboa PV, LLCsolar3.2Northridge91406
9150 Hermosa Solar GM
Valta Energysolar1.3 0
A G Wishon
Pacific Gas & Electric Co.hydroelectric20.0North Fork93643
ABEC #2 dba West-Star Dairy
ABEC #2 LLCbiomass1.0Buttonwillow93206
ABEC #3 dba Lakeview Dairy
ABEC #3 LLCbiomass1.0Bakersfield93311
ABEC #4 dba CE&S Dairy
ABEC #4 LLCbiomass1.0Bakersfield93311
ABEC Bidart-Old River LLC
ABEC Bidart-Old River LLCbiomass1.8Bakersfield93311
AES Alamitos Energy Center
AES Alamitos Energy, LLCnatural gas603.0Long Beach90803
AES Alamitos LLC
AES Alamitos LLCnatural gas1152.0Long Beach90803
AES ES Alamitos, LLCbatteries100.0Long Beach90803
AES Huntington Beach Energy Project
AES Huntington Beach Energy, LLCnatural gas630.0Huntington Beach92646
AES Huntington Beach LLC
AES Huntington Beach LLCnatural gas225.8Huntington Beach92646
AES Redondo Beach LLC
AES Redondo Beach LLCnatural gas830.0Redondo Beach90277
AGT000 Stevens Creek Fuel Cell
2016 ESA Project Company, LLCnatural gas2.2Santa Clara95051
AP North Lake I, LP
AP North Lake I, LPsolar20.0Hemet92545
APP Prune A-D
Bloom Energynatural gas4.0Cupertino95014
Perpetual Energy Systemssolar1.2Cloverdale95427
AT&T - Gardena
Bloom Energynatural gas1.0Gardena90247
AT&T - Hawthorne
Bloom Energynatural gas1.0Hawthorne90250
AT&T - Hayward
Bloom Energynatural gas1.0Hayward94544
AT&T - Redwood City
Bloom Energynatural gas1.0Redwood City94063
AT&T - San Diego Trade Street
Bloom Energynatural gas1.0San Diego92121
AT&T Anaheim
Bloom Energynatural gas1.3Anaheim92805
AT&T Holger
Bloom Energynatural gas1.3San Jose95134
AT&T San Diego
Bloom Energynatural gas1.0San Diego92121
ATT Kelvin
Bloom Energynatural gas1.0Irvine92614
ATT North Watney
Bloom Energynatural gas2.0Fairfield94533
ATT Van Nyus
Bloom Energynatural gas1.0Van Nuys91405
ATT Ventura Blvd
Bloom Energynatural gas1.0Sherman Oaks91403
AV Solar Ranch One
AV Solar Ranch 1 LLCsolar241.5Lancaster93536
AVS Lancaster 1
Tesla Inc.solar3.7Lancaster93535
Abel Road Bioenergy
ACC Renewable Resourcesbiomass3.0Williams95987
Acorn I Energy Storage LLC
Acorn I Energy Storage LLCbatteries2.0Thousand Oaks91320
Adapture CA2, LLC
Adapture Renewables, Inc.solar1.5Orland95963
Adelanto Solar II, LLC
Adelanto Solar II, LLCsolar7.0Adelanto92301
Adelanto Solar Project
Los Angeles Department of Water & Powersolar6.8Adelanto92301
Adelanto Solar, LLC
Adelanto Solar, LLCsolar20.0Adelanto92301
Adera Solar
AES Distributed Energysolar19.0Chowchilla94105
Adobe San Jose
Bloom Energynatural gas1.2San Jose95113
Adobe Solar
Southern Power Cosolar20.0Arvin93203
Aera San Ardo Cogen Facility
Aera Energy LLC-San Ardonatural gas5.6San Ardo93450
Aerojet I
Altus Power America Management, LLCsolar3.0Rancho Cordova95670
Aerojet II
Altus Power America Management, LLCsolar2.2Rancho Cordova95670
PCS Energy, LLC solar1.1Van Nuys91406
Agnews Power Plant
OLS Energy-Agnews Inc.natural gas31.7San Jose95134
Agua Mansa Power Plant
E I Colton LLCnatural gas40.0Colton92324
Aidlin Geothermal Power Plant
Geysers Power Co LLCgeothermal18.0Middletown95425
Northern California Power Agnynatural gas49.8Alameda94501
California Dept. of Water Resourceshydroelectric17.0Pearblossom93553
Alamo Solar
Onward Energysolar20.0Oro Grande92368
Algonquin Power Sanger LLC
Algonquin Power Sanger LLCnatural gas61.5Sanger93657
Algonquin SKIC 10 Solar, LLC
Algonquin Power Cosolar10.0Taft93268
Algonquin SKIC20 Solar LLC
Algonquin Power Cosolar20.0Taft93268
Hybrid-Electric Building Technologies West Los Angeles 1, LLCbatteries1.5Irvine92612
Almond Power Plant
Turlock Irrigation Districtnatural gas199.5Modesto95358
Alpaugh 50
Consolidated Edison Development Inc.solar50.0Alpaugh93201
Alpaugh North
Consolidated Edison Development Inc.solar20.0Alpaugh93201
Alpine Solar
Alpine Solarsolar66.0Lancaster93536
Alta Powerhouse
Pacific Gas & Electric Co.hydroelectric1.0Alta95701
Alta Wind Energy Center I
Alta Wind Energy Center Iwind150.0Mojave93501
Alta Wind Energy Center II
Alta Wind Energy Center IIwind150.0Mojave93501
Alta Wind Energy Center III
Alta Wind Energy Center IIIwind150.0Mojave93501
Alta Wind Energy Center IV
Alta Wind Energy Center IVwind102.0Mojave93501
Alta Wind Energy Center V
Alta Wind Energy Center Vwind168.0Mojave93501
Alta Wind VIII
Nextera Energy Resourceswind150.0Mojave93501
Alta Wind X
Alta Wind X, LLCwind138.0Mojave93501
Alta Wind XI
Alta Wind XI, LLCwind90.0Mojave93501
AltaGas Ripon Energy Inc.
AltaGas Ripon Energy Inc.natural gas46.1Ripon95366
Altamont Gas Recovery
WM Renewable Energy LLCbiomass5.8Livermore94550
Alticor Inc - Solar Project
MN8 Energy LLCsolar1.1Buena Park90621
Amazon - Patterson PV
AES Distributed Energysolar2.5Patterson95363
Amazon - Stockton - Roof (SCK1) - (CA)
Forefront Power, LLCsolar2.6Stockton95215
Amazon PSP1
Greenbacker Renewable Energy Corporationsolar3.8Beaumont92223
Amazon San Bernardino
Bloom Energynatural gas1.0San Bernardino92408
Amedee Geothermal Venture I
Amedee Gethrm Venture I LPgeothermal2.2Amedee96127
Ameresco Butte County
Ameresco Butte County LLCbiomass2.0Paradise95954
Ameresco Chiquita Canyon
AMERESCO Chiquita Canyon LLCbiomass8.0Castaic91384
Ameresco Forward
Ameresco Forward, LLCbiomass4.2Manteca95336
Ameresco Johnson Canyon
Ameresco Johnson Canyon LLCbiomass1.4Gonzales93926
Ameresco Keller Canyon
AMERESCO Keller Canyon LLCbiomass3.6Bay Point94565
Ameresco Ox Mountain
AMERESCO Ox Mountain Energy LLCbiomass10.8Half Moon Bay94019
Ameresco San Joaquin
Ameresco San Joaquin, LLCbiomass4.2Linden95326
Ameresco Santa Cruz Energy
AMERESCO Santa Cruz Energy LLCbiomass3.0Watsonville95076
Ameresco Vasco Road
Ameresco Vasco Road, LLCbiomass4.2Livermore95336
American Canyon Solar
RP Napa Solar 1, LLCsolar3.0American Canyon94503
American Kings Solar, LLC
MN8 Energy LLCsolar128.0Lemoore93245
Ampersand Chowchilla Biomass LLC
Ampersand Chowchilla Biomass LLCbiomass10.5Chowchilla93610
Anaheim Solar Energy Plant
Anaheim Public Utilitiessolar2.0Anaheim92802
Utica Water & Power Authorityhydroelectric0.7Angels Camp95222
Anheuser Busch - Fairfield
Bloom Energynatural gas2.6Fairfield94534
Anheuser-Busch #2
Foundation HA Energy Generation, LLCwind1.6Fairfield94533
Antelope Big Sky Ranch
AES Distributed Energysolar19.0Lancaster93536
Antelope DSR 1
AES Distributed Energysolar48.0Lancaster93534
Antelope DSR 2
AES Distributed Energysolar5.0Lancaster93534
Antelope DSR 3
AES Distributed Energysolar20.0Lancaster93536
Antelope Expansion 1B
AES Distributed Energysolar17.0Lancaster93535
Antelope Expansion 2
AES Distributed Energysolar105.0Lancaster93536
Antelope Expansion 3A
AES Distributed Energysolar15.0Lancaster93536
Antelope Expansion 3B
AES Distributed Energysolar5.0Lancaster93536
Apple Campus 2 Fuel Cell
Apple, Incbiomass4.0Cupertino95014
Apple Campus 2 PV
Apple, Incsolar12.4Cupertino95014
Aquamarine Westside LLCsolar250.0Lemoore93266
Argus Cogen Plant
Searles Valley Minerals Operations Inc.coal57.0Trona93562
Arlington Energy Center II
Arlington Energy Center IIbatteries232.0Blythe92225
Arlington Energy Center III
Arlington Energy Center IIIsolar241.0Blythe92225
Arrache 4006
CD US Solar MT 2 LLCsolar2.0Palmdale93552
Arrache 4013
CD US Solar MT 2 LLCsolar1.5Palmdale93552
Arrache 8083
CD US Solar MT 2 LLCsolar4.0Palmdale93552
Aspiration G
AES Distributed Energysolar9.0Cantua Creek93608
Atascadero State Hospital
Ecoplexus, Incsolar1.1Atascadero93422
Athos Solar Project
SE Athos I, LLCsolar250.0Desert Center92239
Atwell Island
SPS Atwell Island LLCsolar20.2Alpaugh93201
Atwell Island West Solar
Consolidated Edison Development Inc.solar20.0Alpaugh93219
Avenal Park
Avenal Solar Holdings LLCsolar6.0Avenal93204
Axium Modesto Solar
Axium US Solar Holdings LLCsolar25.0Modesto95356
City of Pasadena - (CA)hydroelectric2.0Azusa91702
B Braun Medical
B Braun Medical Incnatural gas5.7Irvine92614
Distributed Solar Development, LLCsolar1.3Big Bear92314
BP Carson Refinery
Tesoro Carson Refineryother8.0Carson90810
Badger Creek Limited
WCAC Operating Companynatural gas46.0Bakersfield93308
Hybrid-Electric Building Technologies West Los Angeles 1, LLCbatteries1.2Lake Forest92630
Baker Creek Hydroelectric
Baker Station Associates, LPhydroelectric0.0Bridgeville95526
Bakersfield 111
Bakersfield 111 LLCsolar1.4Bakersfield93307
Bakersfield College Solar 01
Kern Community College Districtsolar1.1Bakersfield93301
Bakersfield Industrial PV 1
AES Distributed Energysolar1.0Bakersfield93307
Bakersfield PV 1
AES Distributed Energysolar5.3Bakersfield93307
Balch 1
Pacific Gas & Electric Co.hydroelectric34.0Balch Camp93649
Balch 2
Pacific Gas & Electric Co.hydroelectric105.0Balch Camp93649
Barre Peaker
Southern California Edison Conatural gas49.0Stanton90680
Bayshore Solar A, LLC
AES Distributed Energysolar20.0Lancaster93534
Bayshore Solar B, LLC
AES Distributed Energysolar20.0Lancaster93534
Bayshore Solar C, LLC
AES Distributed Energysolar20.0Lancaster93534
Beacon BESS 1
Los Angeles Department of Water & Powerbatteries20.0Cantil95319
Beacon Solar Plant Site 2
CD Global Solar Holdings, LLCsolar47.3Cantil93519
Beacon Solar Plant Site 5
CD Global Solar Holdings, LLCsolar37.8Cantil93519
Bear Creek
Central Rivers Power US, LLChydroelectric3.0Shingletown96088
Bear Creek Solar
Ecos Energy LLCsolar1.5Lodi95240
Bear Mountain Limited
WCAC Operating Companynatural gas46.0Bakersfield93306
Bear Valley
City of Escondido - (CA)hydroelectric1.4Escondido92027
Bear Valley Power Plant
Bear Valley Electric Servicenatural gas8.4Big Bear Lake92315
Oakdale&South San Joaquin Irrigation D.hydroelectric11.0None95364
Beckton Dickenson - San Jose
Bloom Energynatural gas1.0San Jose95131
Pacific Gas & Electric Co.hydroelectric125.0Belden95915
Perpetual Energy Systemssolar1.4Saint Helena94574
Berry Cogen
Berry Petroleum Conatural gas35.0Taft93268
Berry Cogen Tanne Hills 18
Berry Petroleum Conatural gas16.0Maricopa93252
Berry NMW Cogens
Berry Petroleum Conatural gas11.4Bakersfield93311
Berry Placerita Cogen
Shadow Wolf Energynatural gas40.0Santa Clarita91321
Bidwell Ditch Project
Mega Renewableshydroelectric1.8Hat Creek96040
Big Bear
Los Palos Street Operating, LLCsolar5.5Los Angeles90023
Big Creek 1
Southern California Edison Cohydroelectric88.4Big Creek93605
Big Creek 2
Southern California Edison Cohydroelectric66.6Auberry93605
Big Creek 2A
Southern California Edison Cohydroelectric100.0Auberry93605
Big Creek 3
Southern California Edison Cohydroelectric173.5Auberry93602
Big Creek 4
Southern California Edison Cohydroelectric100.0North Fork93643
Big Creek 8
Southern California Edison Cohydroelectric70.8Auberry93605
Big Creek Water Works
Big Creek Water Works Ltdhydroelectric4.8Hyampom96046
Big Pine Creek
Los Angeles Department of Water & Powerhydroelectric3.0Big Pine93513
Big Valley Power LLC
Big Valley Power (BVP) LLCbiomass8.7Bieber96009
BigBeau Solar, LLC
Big Beau Solar, LLC solar168.0Rosamond93560
Vista Solar, Inc.solar2.4Hercules94547
Biola University Hybrid
Biola Universitynatural gas4.3La Mirada90639
Bishop Creek 2
Southern California Edison Cohydroelectric7.3Bishop93514
Bishop Creek 3
Southern California Edison Cohydroelectric8.4Bishop93514
Bishop Creek 4
Southern California Edison Cohydroelectric8.2Bishop93514
Bishop Creek 5
Southern California Edison Cohydroelectric3.8Bishop93514
Bishop Creek 6
Southern California Edison Cohydroelectric1.6Bishop93514
Black Butte
City of Santa Clara - (CA)hydroelectric6.1Orland95963
Blacksand Generating Facility
Bridge Energy LLCnatural gas5.8Brea92821
Blackwell Solar Park
Consolidated Edison Development Inc.solar20.0Lost Hills93249
Blue Lake Power LLC
Blue Lake Power LLCbiomass11.5Blue Lake95525
Blue Shld Of Cal- El Dorado Hlls Mtr B
Tesla Inc.solar2.1El Dorado Hills95762
Blue Skies Solar, LLC
Blue Skies Solar, LLCsolar1.0Arvin93203
Blythe Energy Inc
AltaGas Blythe Operations Incnatural gas514.0Blythe92225
Blythe Mesa Solar II
Blythe Mesa Solar II, LLCsolar335.6Blythe92225
Blythe Solar 110, LLC
Blythe Solar 110, LLCsolar172.8Blythe92225
Blythe Solar II, LLC
Blythe Solar II, LLCsolar246.2Blythe92225
Blythe Solar III, LLC Hybrid
Blythe Solar III, LLCsolar251.8Blythe92225
Blythe Solar IV, LLC
Blythe Solar IV, LLCsolar137.4Blythe92225
Bodega Avenue Solar LLC
Bodega Avenue Solar LLCsolar2.0Petaluma94952
Bolthouse S&P and Rowen Farms Solar
MMA WBF Power LPsolar1.2Palmdale93591
Borden Solar Farm
41MB 8me, LLCsolar50.0Madera9363
Borrego Springs Energy Storage
SDGE Batteriesbatteries1.5Borrego Springs92004
Bottle Rock Power
Mayacma Geothermalgeothermal9.0Cobb95426
Bowerman Power LFG, LLC
Bowerman Power LFG, LLCbiomass23.8Irvine92602
Nevada Irrigation Districthydroelectric3.6Nevada City95604
Box Canyon Dam
Siskiyou Power Authorityhydroelectric5.0Mount Shasta96067
Brea Expansion Plant
Brea Power IIbiomass37.2Brea92821
Broadridge Cogen
Broadridge Customer Communicationsnatural gas5.0El Dorado Hills95762
Broadway 2 - UC Riverside
MN8 Energy LLCsolar3.0Riverside92507
Broadway 3 - UC Merced 1
MN8 Energy LLCsolar1.0Merced95343
Broadway 3 - UCSB Lot 38
MN8 Energy LLCsolar1.0Santa Barbara93106
Broadway 4 - Target Shafter
MN8 Energy LLCsolar1.6Shafter93263
Brookfield Tehachapi 1
Coram California Development, L.P.wind102.0Mojave93501
Bucks Creek
Pacific Gas & Electric Co.hydroelectric65.0Storrie95980
Buena Vista Energy LLC
Leeward Asset Management, LLCwind38.0Byron94514
Buidling L
Golden Springs Development Company LLCsolar1.0Santa Fe Springs90670
Building F
Golden Springs Development Company LLCsolar1.3Santa Fe Springs90670
Building G
Golden Springs Development Company LLCsolar1.2Santa Fe Springs90670
Burney Creek
Snow Mountain Hydro LLChydroelectric3.0Burney96013
Burney Forest Products
Burney Forest Products, A Joint Venturebiomass31.0Burney96013
Butt Valley
Pacific Gas & Electric Co.hydroelectric41.0Belden95956
Butte College Main Campus Solar
Butte-Glenn Community College Districtsolar3.6Oroville95965
Byron Highway Solar
RPCA Solar 3, LLCsolar5.0Byron94514
C P Kelco San Diego Plant
CPKelco U S Incnatural gas27.8San Diego92113
C&H Sugar Plant
C&H Sugar Company Incother10.0Crockett94525
CA - Fresno County - Juvenile Hall
Forefront Power, LLCsolar2.8Fresno93725
CA Dept of Public Health at Richmond
California PV Energy LLCsolar2.2Richmond94804
CA Flats Solar 130, LLC
California Flats Solar 130, LLCsolar130.0Shandon93461
CA Flats Solar 150, LLC
Arevon Energy, Inc.solar150.0Shandon93461
CA Institute for Women
Ecoplexus, Incsolar1.0Chino91708
CA-DGS-California Men's Colony
Forefront Power, LLCsolar2.2San Luis Obispo93409
CA-Ventura Co CCD-Oxnard College Canopy
Forefront Power, LLCsolar1.5Ventura93033
CBS Studio Center
Crestmark Banknatural gas2.4Los Angeles91604
CBS Television City
Televison City Studios, LLC.solar2.8Los Angeles9036
CCCSD Wastewater Treatment Plnt
Central Contra Costa Sanitary Districtnatural gas3.0Martinez94553
CD4geothermal29.6Mammoth Lakes93546
CDCR (CA) - Corcoran State Prison
SunE Corcoran SP Owner, LLCsolar5.0Corcoran93212
CDCR (CA) - Pleasant Valley State Prison
Team-Solar, Inc.solar1.2Coalinga93210
CDCR (CA) - Solano State Prison
SunE Solano SP Owner, LLCsolar1.1Vacaville95687
CDCR (CA) - Wasco State Prison
SunE Wasco SP Owner, LLCsolar1.5Wasco93280
CE Leathers
CalEnergy Operating Corporationgeothermal42.0Calipatria92233
CE Turbo LLC
CalEnergy Operating Corporationgeothermal10.0Calipatria92233
CED Avenal
Consolidated Edison Development Inc.solar15.8Avenal93204
CED Ducor 1
Consolidated Edison Development Inc.solar20.0Ducor93218
CED Ducor 2
Consolidated Edison Development Inc.solar20.0Ducor93218
CED Ducor 3
Consolidated Edison Development Inc.solar15.0Ducor93218
CED Ducor 4
Consolidated Edison Development Inc.solar20.0Ducor93218
CES Placerita Power Plant
CES Placerita Incnatural gas69.0Santa Clarita91321
CFW Solar X LLC - Vaughn
Valta Energysolar1.6San Fernando91340
CID Solar (CA)
DG California Solar LLCsolar2.0Corcoran93212
CID Solar, LLC
Onward Energysolar20.0Corcoran93212
CSD 2 - Heritage High
CleanCapital Holdingssolar1.3Brentwood94513
CSD 2- Freedom High
CleanCapital Holdingssolar1.1Oakley95037
CSP Los Angeles
Ecoplexus, Incsolar2.3Lancaster93536
CST001 McCarthy Fuel Cell
2016 ESA Project Company, LLCnatural gas1.2Milpitas95035
CSU Fresno Solar Project
MMA Fresno Power LPsolar1.0Fresno93740
CSU Long Beach
Hybrid-Electric Building Technologies West Los Angeles 1, LLCbatteries2.5Long Beach90815
CSU Long Beach Lots 7 & 14
MN8 Energy LLCsolar3.3Long Beach90840
CSU Northridge Plant
California State University, Northridgesolar0.4Northridge91330
CSU San Jose State University
SkyHigh 2 Solarsolar1.7San Jose95192
CSUCI Site Authority
CSUCI Site Authoritynatural gas28.3Camarillo93012
CSUF Nutwood Solar
MN8 Energy LLCsolar1.9Fullerton92831
CSUF State College
MN8 Energy LLCsolar1.0Fullerton92831
CSUF Trigeneration
California State University at Fullertonnatural gas8.6Fullerton92831
CTV Power Purchase Contract Trust
Nextera Energy Resourceswind4.6Tehachapi93501
Cabazon Wind Partners
Shell Wind Energy Inc.wind41.0Cabazon56011
Cal Flats BESS
Arevon Energy, Inc.batteries60.0San Miguel93451
Cal State Univ San Bernardino FC01
Southern California Edison Conatural gas1.4San Bernardino93106
CalCity Solar 1
CalCity Solar 1, LLCsolar3.0California City93505
CalPeak Power Border Peaker Plant
CalPeak Power, LLCnatural gas48.0San Diego92154
CalPeak Power Enterprise Peaker Plant
CalPeak Power, LLCnatural gas48.0Escondido92029
CalPeak Power Panoche Peaker Plant
CalPeak Power, LLCnatural gas48.0Firebaugh93622
CalPeak Power Vaca Dixon Peaker Plant
CalPeak Power, LLCnatural gas48.0Vacaville95688
CalRenew-1 LLCsolar5.0Mendota93640
CalTech - Pasadena
Bloom Energynatural gas1.0Pasadena91106
CalTech - Pasadena (PPA)
Bloom Energy 2009 PPAnatural gas1.0Pasadena91106
CalTech - Pasadena Wilson Ave
Bloom Energynatural gas1.0Pasadena91106
Calabasas Gas to Energy Facility
Los Angeles County Sanitationbiomass6.6Agoura91301
Calibrant Bakersfield LLC
Bay4 Energy Services, LLCsolar1.3Bakersfield93301
California City
MN8 Energy LLCsolar1.9California City93505
California Institute of Technology
California Institute-Technologynatural gas11.1Pasadena91125
California PV Energy at ISD WWTP
California PV Energy LLCsolar1.0Oakley94561
California State Univ at Channel Islands
SkyHigh 2 Solarsolar3.7Camarillo93446
California Valley Solar Ranch
Clearway Energy Operating LLCsolar249.8California Valley93453
Calipatria Solar Farm
Southern Power Cosolar20.0Calipatria92243
Calipatria State Prison
Ecoplexus, Incsolar6.0Calipatria92233
Calistoga Power Plant
Geysers Power Co LLCgeothermal100.0Middletown95461
Caltech Central
Bloom Energy 2009 PPAnatural gas1.1Pasadena91106
East Bay Municipal Util Disthydroelectric10.5Clements & Wallace95227
Cameron Ridge LLC
Terra-Gen Operating Co-Windwind59.6Mojave93501
Sacramento Municipal Util Disthydroelectric155.9Camino95726
Camp Far West
Sacramento Municipal Util Disthydroelectric7.2Lincoln95692
Campo Verde Solar
Southern Power Cosolar139.0El Centro92249
Canal Energy S23, LLC
Canal Energy S23, LLCsolar4.1Hanford93230
Cantua Solar Station
Pacific Gas & Electric Co.solar20.0TBD93608
Canyon Crest Academy
SDGE Batteriesbatteries1.0San Diego92130
Canyon Power Plant
City of Anaheim - (CA)natural gas194.8Anaheim92806
Caribou 1
Pacific Gas & Electric Co.hydroelectric75.0Belden95956
Caribou 2
Pacific Gas & Electric Co.hydroelectric120.0Belden95956
Carlsbad Energy Center
NRG California Peaker Operations LLCnatural gas527.5Carlsbad92008
Carson Cogeneration
Carson Cogeneration Conatural gas49.3Carson90746
Carson Ice-Gen Project
Sacramento Municipal Util Distnatural gas109.0Sacramento95758
Cascade Solar
Cascade Solar LLCsolar18.5Joshua Tree92252
Los Angeles Department of Water & Powerpumped storage1674.5Castaic91384
Castaic Lake Phase II
MN8 Energy LLCsolar3.5Santa Clara91350
Castle Rock Vineyards
Castle Rock Coolingsolar1.0Delano93215
Castor Solar
ZGlobal Incsolar1.5Dustin Acres93268
Catalina Express
USPS LA Solar FiT A & Bsolar1.0San Pedro90731
Catalina Solar 2, LLC
Onward Energysolar18.0Rosamond93560
Catalina Solar LLC
EDF Renewable Asset Holdings, Inc.solar110.0Rosamond93560
Center Hybrid
Southern California Edison Conatural gas57.0Norwalk90650
Centerville PH
Pacific Gas & Electric Co.hydroelectric6.4Chico95927
Centinela Solar Energy
Arevon Energy, Inc.solar170.0Calexico92231
Centinela State Prison
Ecoplexus, Incsolar6.0Sacramento92251
Central 40
Central 40, LLCsolar40.0Newman95360
Central Antelope Dry Ranch B LLC
Central Antelope Dry Ranch B, LLCsolar3.0Lancaster93536
Central Antelope Dry Ranch C
AES Distributed Energysolar17.0Lancaster93536
Central CA Fuel Cell 1
Central CA Fuel Cell 1natural gas2.8Tulare93274
Central Utilities Plant LAX 2
LAX Airportnatural gas8.4Los Angeles90045
Central Valley Ag Power
Central Valley Ag Power LLCbiomass1.5Oakdale95361
Century Generating Facility
Colton Power LPnatural gas38.0Colton92324
Chaffey College Rancho Cucamonga Campus
Chaffey Community College Districtsolar4.0Rancho Cucamonga91737
Chalk Cliff Limited
WCAC Operating Companynatural gas46.0Bakersfield93308
Chambers 4 - Eastvale DCA2
MN8 Energy LLCsolar1.5Eastvale91752
Chambers 4 - Eastvale LGB3
MN8 Energy LLCsolar2.4Eastvale92880
Chambers 4 - Redland LGB4
MN8 Energy LLCsolar1.9Redlands92374
Chambers 4 - Rialto LGB8
MN8 Energy LLCsolar2.2Rialto92376
Chambers 4 - Riverside LGB6
MN8 Energy LLCsolar2.4Riverside92508
Chambers 4 - Sacramento SMF1
MN8 Energy LLCsolar2.7Sacramento95835
Chambers 4 - San Bernardino SNA7
MN8 Energy LLCsolar2.0San Bernardino92408
Chaparral Springs
Leeward Asset Management, LLCsolar102.0Rosamond93560
Chevron - Lost Hills Hybrid
MN8 Energy LLCsolar30.0Lost Hills93249
Chicago Park
Nevada Irrigation Districthydroelectric44.0Colfax95713
Childrens Hospital
DTE San Diego COGEN Inc.petroleum11.3San Diego92123
Chili Bar
Sacramento Municipal Util Disthydroelectric7.0Placerville95667
Chowchilla II
California Power Holdings LLCnatural gas49.6Chowchilla93610
Chuckawalla Solar
Altus Power America Management, LLCsolar4.0Blythe92225
Chuckawalla Valley State Prison
SunE CPA CDC1 LLCsolar0.9Blythe92225
Chula Vista Energy Center
Wellhead Services, Incnatural gas37.2Chula Vista91911
Citizen B
AES Distributed Energysolar5.0Mendota93640
Citizens Imperial Solar
Citizens Enterprises Corporationsolar30.0Calipatria92233
City of Hayward WWTP
City of Haywardsolar2.7Hayward94545
City of Madera WWTP
SunE GIL1, LLCsolar1.0Madera93637
City of Palo Alto
City of Palo Altonatural gas4.4Palo Alta94303
City of Soledad Water Reclamation
Foundation HA Energy Generation, LLCwind1.0Soledad93960
City of Tulare Water Facility
City of Tulare Water Pollution Controlsolar8.8Tulare93274
Civic Center
Los Angeles Countynatural gas23.6Los Angeles90012
Clear Lake Hydro Project
Yolo County Flood Control WCDhydroelectric2.4Clearlake95422
Clearwater Power Plant
City of Riverside - (CA)natural gas28.0Corona92880
Cloverdale Solar Center
Adapture Renewables, Inc.solar1.0Cloverdale95425
Cloverdale Solar I
Altus Power America Management, LLCsolar1.5Cloverdale95425
Clovis East High School
Tesla Inc.solar1.0Clovis93611
Clovis High School
Tesla Inc.solar1.0Clovis93611
Clovis North High School
Tesla Inc.solar1.0Fresno93720
Imperial Irrigation Districtnatural gas73.9Coachella92236
Coachella Hills Wind
Coachella Wind Holdings, LLCwind61.2Palm Springs92258
Coalinga 25D Cogen
Chevron USA Incnatural gas10.8Coalinga93210
Coalinga 6C Cogen
Chevron USA Incnatural gas5.4Coalinga93210
Coalinga Cogeneration
Coalinga Cogeneration Conatural gas36.0Coalinga93210
Coalinga Cogeneration Facility
Aera Energy LLC-Coalinganatural gas6.4Coalinga93210
Cold Canyon 1
Toro Energy of California SLObiomass1.5San Luis Obispo93401
Coleman PH
Pacific Gas & Electric Co.hydroelectric13.0Anderson96022
Yuba County Water Agencyhydroelectric352.4Dobbins95935
Colgreen North Shore Solar Farm
Sunpin Holdings, LLCsolar74.8Mecca92254
Collierville Powerhouse
Northern California Power Agnyhydroelectric253.0Murphys92547
Collins Pine Project
Collins Pine Cobiomass5.0Chester96020
Colon PV
Los Angeles Department of Water & Powersolar0.9Wilmington90044
Colton Solar One, LLC
Colton Solar One, LLCsolar2.5San Bernardino92418
Colton Solar Two, LLC
Colton Solar Two, LLCsolar1.0Colton92324
Columbia Solar Energy, LLC
Columbia Solar Energy LLCsolar19.2Pittsburg94565
Colusa Generating Station
Pacific Gas & Electric Co.natural gas640.0Maxwell95955
Combie South
Nevada Irrigation Districthydroelectric1.5Auburn95722
Combustion Turbine Project No 2
Northern California Power Agnynatural gas49.3Lodi95242
Comcast - Universal City
Bloom Energynatural gas1.0Universal City91608
Community Solar 1
Community Solar Isolar5.7Brawley92227
Control Gorge
Los Angeles Department of Water & Powerhydroelectric37.5Bishop93514
Copco 1
Coram Energy LLC
Nextera Energy Resourceswind3.0Tehachapi93501
Coram Energy LLC (ECT)
Nextera Energy Resourceswind7.5Tehachapi93501
Coram Tehachapi
Nextera Energy Resourceswind6.5Tehachapi93501
Terraform Arcadiasolar1.1Corcoran93212
Corcoran Solar
Consolidated Edison Development Inc.solar20.0Corcoran93212
Corcoran Solar 2
Consolidated Edison Development Inc.solar19.8Corcoran93201
Corcoran Solar 3
Consolidated Edison Development Inc.solar20.0Corcoran93212
CoreSite Real Estate 1656 McCarthy, L.P.
CoreSite Real Estate 1656 McCarthy, L.P.petroleum5.0Milpitas95035
CoreSite Real Estate 2901 Coronado, L.P.
CoreSite Real Estate 2901 Coronado, L.P.petroleum10.0Santa Clara95054
CoreSite Real Estate 2972 Stender, L.P.
CoreSite Real Estate 2972 Stender, L.P.petroleum12.0Santa Clara95054
CoreSite Real Estate 3032 Coronado, L.P.
CoreSite Real Estate 3032 Coronado, L.P.petroleum39.0Santa Clara95054
CoreSite Real Estate 55 S. Market Street
CoreSite Real Estate 55 S. Market Street, LLCpetroleum8.0San Jose95113
Metropolitan Water District of S CAhydroelectric2.8Corona91720
Coronal Lost Hills
Arevon Energy, Inc.solar20.0Lost Hills93249
Coronus Adelanto West 1
Clean Focus Yield, LLCsolar1.5Adelanto92301
Coronus Adelanto West 2
Clean Focus Yield, LLCsolar1.5Adelanto92301
Coso Battery Storage
Arevon Asset Managementbatteries60.0Little Lake93542
Coso Energy Developers
Coso Operating Co LLCgeothermal67.8Inyokern93527
Coso Finance Partners
Coso Operating Co LLCgeothermal81.2Inyokern93527
Coso Power Developers
Coso Operating Co LLCgeothermal80.3Inyokern93527
Sacramento Municipal Util Distnatural gas545.0Herald95638
Los Angeles Department of Water & Powerhydroelectric2.4Lone Pine93545
Cottonwood Solar, LLC (City of Corcoran)
Onward Energysolar12.0Corcoran93212
Cottonwood Solar, LLC (Goose Lake)
Onward Energysolar12.0Lost Hills93249
Cottonwood Solar, LLC Cottonwood Carport
Onward Energysolar1.0Novato94945
County of San Diego COC Hybrid
Solar Star California LXXVIII, LLCsolar2.2San Diego92123
County of San Diego SBRC
MN8 Energy LLCsolar1.3Chula Vista91910
Covanta Delano Energy
Clean Energy Systems Delanobiomass49.0Delano93215
Covanta Mendota
Clean Energy Systems Mendotabiomass25.0Mendota93640
Covanta Stanislaus Energy
Covanta Stanislaus Incbiomass19.9Crows Landing95313
Cove Hydroelectric
Snow Mountain Hydro LLChydroelectric5.0Burney96001
Cow Creek
Pacific Gas & Electric Co.hydroelectric1.8Millville96062
Coyote Creek
Metropolitan Water District of S CAhydroelectric3.1La Habra90631
Crafton Hills College Solar Farm
San Bernardino Comm College Distsolar1.3Yucaipa92399
Creed Energy Center
Creed Energy Center LLCnatural gas45.0Suisun94585
Pacific Gas & Electric Co.hydroelectric70.0Storrie95980
RE Crimson LLCbatteries350.0Blythe92225
Crockett Cogen Project
Crockett Cogenerationnatural gas247.4Crockett94525
Crown Cooling Facility
Five Crowns Incsolar1.0Brawley92227
Cuyama Solar, LLC
Cuyama Solar, LLCsolar40.0Cuyama93252
Cuyamaca Peak Energy Plant
San Diego Gas & Electric Conatural gas48.7El Cajon92020
Cymric 31X Cogen
Chevron USA Incnatural gas5.4McKittrick93251
Cymric 36W Cogen
Chevron USA Incnatural gas10.8McKittrick93251
Cymric 6Z Cogen
Chevron USA Incnatural gas5.4McKittrick93251
D'Arrigo Brothers - Phase 4
CalCom Energysolar2.2Salinas93908
Hybrid-Electric Building Technologies West Los Angeles 1, LLCbatteries1.0Santa Ana92704
DESI-1 Battery Energy Storage Facility
Southern California Edison Cobatteries2.4Orange92868
DESI-2 Battery Storage Facility
Southern California Edison Cobatteries1.4Sant Ana92704
DGS Central California Womens Facility
Forefront Power, LLCsolar2.0Chowchilla93610
DGS Central Utility Plant
State of CA DGS BPMnatural gas3.9Sacramento95811
DGS Valley State Prison
Forefront Power, LLCsolar2.3Chowchilla93610
DGS Wasco State Prison
Forefront Power, LLCsolar2.3Wasco93280
DSH (CA) - Coalinga State Hospital
Team-Solar, Inc.solar2.6Coalinga93210
Danell Bros Inc
Renewable Solar, Incsolar2.6Hanford93230
De Sabla
Pacific Gas & Electric Co.hydroelectric18.5Magalia95954
Deadwood Creek
Hydro Sierra Energy, LLChydroelectric1.9Dobbins95930
VS Dedeaux LLCsolar0.9Long Beach90058
Deer Creek 2
Greenbacker Renewable Energy Corporationsolar1.3Shingle Springs95682
Deer Creek PH
Pacific Gas & Electric Co.hydroelectric5.7Nevada City95959
Del Ranch Company
CalEnergy Operating Corporationgeothermal42.0Calipatria92233
Delano Energy Center
Wellhead Services, Incnatural gas60.5Delano93215
Delano Land 1
AES Distributed Energysolar1.0Delano93250
Delta Energy Center
Delta Energy Center LLCnatural gas769.1Pittsburg94565
Department of Justice
Ecoplexus, Incsolar2.4Sacramento95820
Depot Park Solar System
Depot Park Solar Farmsolar3.0Sacramento95828
Dept of General Services -FTB
California PV Energy 2, LLCsolar2.7Sacramento95827
Desert Green Solar Farm LLC
Invenergy Services LLCsolar6.3Boulevard91905
Desert Harvest II LLC
Desert Harvest II LLCsolar105.0Desert Center92239
Desert Harvest, LLC
Desert Harvest, LLCsolar80.0Desert Center92239
Desert Hot Springs Solar
Consolidated Edison Solutions Inc.solar2.2Desert Hot Springs92258
Desert Sunlight 250, LLC
NextEra Energy Desert Sunlight 250, LLCsolar249.7Desert Center92239
Desert Sunlight 300, LLC
NextEra Energy Desert Sunlight 300, LLCsolar313.7Desert Center92239
Desert View Power
Desert View Power Incbiomass47.0Mecca92254
Devil Canyon
California Dept. of Water Resourceshydroelectric262.0San Bernardino92407
Diablo Canyon
Pacific Gas & Electric Co.nuclear2240.0Avila Beach93424
Diablo Energy Storage
Diablo Energy Storage, LLCbatteries200.0Pittsburg94565
Diablo Winds LLC
Huntsman Windwind18.0Livermore94550
Diamond H Dairy Power
Madera DP 2, LLCbiomass2.0Chowchilla93610
Diamond Valley Lake
Metropolitan Water District of S CAhydroelectric29.7Winchester92596
Diamond Valley Solar Project
Diamond Valley Solar LLCsolar1.3Winchester92596
Difwind Farms Ltd VI
Terra-Gen Operating Co-Windwind25.3Mojave93501
Dillon Wind LLC
Avangrid Renewables LLCwind45.0North Palm Springs92258
Dinosaur Point
International Turbine Res Incwind17.0Los Banos93635
Dinuba Energy
Dinuba Energybiomass11.5Reedley93654
Dinuba Wastewater Treatment Plant
AES Distributed Energysolar1.0Dinuba93618
Dion R Holm
City & County of San Franciscohydroelectric156.8Groveland95321
DirecTV - Los Angeles
Bloom Energynatural gas1.0Los Angeles90066
Disney Prospect
Bloom Energynatural gas1.0Los Angeles90027
Dissigno Healdsburg FPV, LLC
Palmetto Power Management LLCsolar3.0Healdsburg95448
Division 1
Tesla Inc.solar1.5Lancaster93535
Division 2
Tesla Inc.solar1.0Lancaster93535
Division 3
Tesla Inc.solar1.0Lancaster93535
Dome Project
Sentinel Peak Resources California, LLCnatural gas5.0Fellows93224
Dominguez Plant
Eco Services Corp.other3.5Long Beach90810
Don Pedro
Turlock Irrigation Districthydroelectric203.2La Grange95329
Donaghy Sales Inc.solar1.1Stockton95215
Donald Von Raesfeld Power Plant
City of Santa Clara - (CA)natural gas147.8Santa Clara95054
Oakdale&South San Joaquin Irrigation D.hydroelectric72.0None95364
Dos Palos
Greenbacker Renewable Energy Corporationsolar1.0Dos Palos93620
Double C Generation Limited Partnership
WCAC Operating Companynatural gas46.0Bakersfield93308
Dover Dairy
Renewable Solar, Incsolar1.1Hanford93230
Hybrid-Electric Building Technologies West Los Angeles 1, LLCbatteries2.0Downey90242
Drew Solar LLC
Drew Solar LLCsolar100.0Calexico92231
Drews Generating Facility
Colton Power LPnatural gas38.0Colton92324
Drop 1
Imperial Irrigation Districthydroelectric3.8Holtville92250
Drop 2 (CA)
Imperial Irrigation Districthydroelectric9.8Holtville92250
Drop 3 (CA)
Imperial Irrigation Districthydroelectric8.9Holtville92250
Drop 4
Imperial Irrigation Districthydroelectric20.0Holtville92250
Drop 5
Imperial Irrigation Districthydroelectric3.8Calexico92231
Drum 1
Pacific Gas & Electric Co.hydroelectric54.0Alta95701
Drum 2
Pacific Gas & Electric Co.hydroelectric49.5Alta95701
Golden Springs Development Company LLCsolar2.0Jurupa Valley91752
Dutch Flat
Pacific Gas & Electric Co.hydroelectric22.0Alta95701
Dutch Flat 2
Nevada Irrigation Districthydroelectric27.3Dutch Flat95714
Dynegy Moss Landing Power Plant Hybrid
Dynegy -Moss Landing LLCnatural gas1420.0Moss Landing95039
Dynegy Oakland Power Plant
Dynegy Oakland, LLCpetroleum110.0Oakland94607
E F Oxnard Energy Facility
EF Oxnard, LLCnatural gas48.5Oxnard93030
E&B Resources
Terraform Arcadiasolar1.0Bakersfield93308
EAFB - North Base
CleanCapital Holdingssolar1.1Edwards Air Force Bas93524
EAFB - South Base
CleanCapital Holdingssolar1.1Edwards Air Force Bas93524
EDF Renewable Windfarm V Inc
EDF Renewable Asset Holdings, Inc.wind15.5Birds Landing94512
ELACC Photovoltaic Power Facility
MMA LA Power LPsolar0.8Los Angeles91754
EMWD - Moreno Valley RWRF
SkyHigh 2 Solarsolar2.4Moreno Valley92551
EMWD - Perris Valley RWRF
SkyHigh 2 Solarsolar3.4Perris92585
EMWD - San Jacinto RES BCT
SkyHigh 2 Solarsolar4.2San Jacinto92582
EMWD - San Jacinto RWRF NEM
SkyHigh 2 Solarsolar1.3San Jacinto92582
EMWD - Sun City RWRF
SkyHigh 2 Solarsolar1.5Menifee92584
EQX010 Great Oaks Fuel Cell
2016 ESA Project Company, LLCnatural gas2.4San Jose95119
EQX011 Duane Fuel Cell
2016 ESA Project Company, LLCnatural gas5.2Santa Clara95054
EQX015 Great Oaks Fuel Cell
2016 ESA Project Company, LLCnatural gas4.0San Jose95119
Madison Energy Holdings LLCsolar2.6Colton92324
Eagle Creek
ZGlobal Incsolar3.0Taft93268
East Highline
Imperial Irrigation Districthydroelectric1.0Holtville92250
East Portal Generator
Calleguas Mun Water Districthydroelectric1.2Chatsworth91311
East Winds Project
Terra-Gen Operating Co-Windwind3.0Palm Springs92262
Edom Hills Project 1 LLC
Edom Hills Project 1 LLCwind20.0Cathedral City92235
Edward C Hyatt
California Dept. of Water Resourceshydroelectric743.1Oroville95966
Edwards Air Force Base
CleanCapital Holdingssolar3.0Edwards93524
Edwards Sanborn E1A
Terra-Gen Operating Co-Hybridsolar293.3Mojave93501
Edwards Sanborn E1B
Terra-Gen Operating Co-Hybridsolar154.4Mojave93501
Edwards Sanborn E2
Terra-Gen Operating Co-Hybridsolar257.8Mojave93501
Edwards Sanborn E3
Terra-Gen Operating Co-Hybridsolar38.1Mojave93501
Edwards Sanborn E4
Terra-Gen Operating Co-Hybridsolar148.9Mojave93501
Edwards Sanborn E5
Terra-Gen Operating Co-Hybridsolar68.0Mojave93501
Edwards Sanborn S1
Terra-Gen Operating Co-Hybridsolar84.6Mojave93501
Edwards Sanborn S3
Terra-Gen Operating Co-Hybridsolar70.7Mojave93501
Edwards Sanborn S4
Terra-Gen Operating Co-Hybridsolar41.2Mojave93501
El Cajon Energy Center
Wellhead Services, Incnatural gas60.5El Cajon92020
El Cajon Energy Storage
San Diego Gas & Electric Cobatteries7.5El Cajon92020
El Centro Hybrid
Imperial Irrigation Districtnatural gas312.0El Centro92243
El Dorado
El Dorado Irrigation Districthydroelectric20.8Pollock Pines95667
El Dorado County
SkyHigh 2 Solarsolar1.5Placerville95667
El Dorado Solar, LLC
Greenbacker Renewable Energy Corporationsolar1.5El Dorado Hills95762
El Nido Facility
Merced Power LLCbiomass10.5El Nido95340
El Segundo Cogen
Chevron USA Inc-El Segundonatural gas171.6El Segundo90245
El Segundo Energy Center LLC
El Segundo Energy Center, LLCnatural gas510.0El Segundo90245
Pacific Gas & Electric Co.hydroelectric98.0Jackson95642
Elevation Solar C
AES Distributed Energysolar39.0Lancaster93536
Elk Hills Cogen
California Resources Elk Hills LLCnatural gas46.6Tupman93276
Elk Hills Power LLC
Elk Hills Power LLCnatural gas525.0Tupman93276
Elkhorn Battery Energy Storage System
Pacific Gas & Electric Co.batteries182.5Moss Landing95039
Ellwood Power, LLCnatural gas54.0Goleta93117
Elmore Company
CalEnergy Operating Corporationgeothermal49.0Calipatria92233
Encina Water Pollution Control
Encina Joint Powers Authoritybiomass3.2Carlsbad92011
Energy Center
University of Redlandsnatural gas0.9Redlands92373
Enerparc CA1 LLC
Enerparc CA 1, LLCsolar1.5Hollister95023
Enloe Medical - Chico
Bloom Energynatural gas1.7Chico95926
Equilon Los Angeles Refining
Tesoro Refining and Marketing Companyother44.3Wilmington90748
Equinix Caspian Dr. Fuel Cell
2016 ESA Project Company, LLCnatural gas4.8Sunnyvale94089
Equinix Douglas St. Fuel Cell
2016 ESA Project Company, LLCnatural gas2.0El Segundo90245
Equinix Great Oaks Blvd. Fuel Cell
2016 ESA Project Company, LLCnatural gas4.5San Jose95119
Equinix Lundy Ave. Fuel Cell
2016 ESA Project Company, LLCnatural gas3.8San Jose95131
Equinix Maple Ave. Fuel Cell
2016 ESA Project Company, LLCnatural gas2.0El Segundo90245
Equinix San Jose
Bloom Energynatural gas1.0San Jose95119
Escondido Energy Center
Wellhead Services, Incnatural gas54.0Escondido92029
Escondido Energy Storage
San Diego Gas & Electric Cobatteries30.0San Diego92029
Metropolitan Water District of S CAhydroelectric23.9Rancho Cucamonga91730
Merced Irrigation Districthydroelectric94.5Snelling95369
Exeter Solar
Altus Power America Management, LLCsolar3.5Exeter93221
Expressway Solar A
AES Distributed Energysolar2.0Victorville92394
Expressway Solar B
AES Distributed Energysolar2.0Victorville92394
Expressway Solar C2
AES Distributed Energysolar1.5Victorville92394
Extreme San Ignacio
Bloom Energynatural gas1.0San Jose95119
Extreme Via Del Oro
Bloom Energynatural gas1.2San Jose95119
ExxonMobil Santa Ynez Facility
Exxon Mobil Production Conatural gas49.1Goleta93117
Enfinity NorCal 1 FAA LLCsolar1.0Mather AFB95655
FLEX Gibraltar
Bloom Energynatural gas1.0Milpitas95035
FPL Energy Montezuma Winds LLC
FPL Energy Montezuma Windwind36.8Birds Landing94512
FRV SI Transport Solar LP
Longroad Energy Services LLCsolar1.0Sacramento95828
Family Tree Farmssolar1.0Reedley93654
Fairhaven Power
DG Fairhaven Power LLCbiomass16.0Samoa95564
Fall Creek
Fallbrook Energy Storage
San Diego Gas & Electric Cobatteries40.0Fallbrook92028
Arevon Energy, Inc.solar4.5Farmersville93233
Feather River Energy Center
Calpine Corp-Yuba Citynatural gas45.0Yuba City95993
Mike Woolf Farmingsolar1.0Firebaugh93622
Firestone Walker Brewery - Phase 1
SkyHigh 2 Solarsolar1.6Paso Robles93446
Five H Farms Solar Array
Maas Energy Workssolar1.1Merced95314
Five Points Solar Park
Five Points Solar Park, LLCsolar60.0Five Points93210
Five Points Solar Station
Pacific Gas & Electric Co.solar15.0Five Points96324
U S Bureau of Reclamationhydroelectric215.1Folsom95630
Folsom SP and CSP Sacramento
Ecoplexus, Incsolar1.3Represa95671
Southern California Edison Cohydroelectric3.0Rialto92336
Los Angeles Department of Water & Powerhydroelectric8.6Sylmar91342
Foothill Feeder
Metropolitan Water District of S CAhydroelectric7.1Castaic91384
Foothill Sanitary Landfill - Solar Array
Ameresco San Joaquin Solar LLCsolar3.5Linden95236
South Feather Water and Power Agencyhydroelectric37.5Forbestown95941
Forever 21 Retail, Inc.
Los Angeles Department of Water & Powersolar1.3Los Angeles90031
Forks of Butte Hydro Project
HYPOWER INChydroelectric14.5Magalia95954
Foundation AB
Foundation HA Energy Generation, LLCwind1.5Fairfield94534
Foundation CDCR LAC
Foundation CA Fund VIII Manager, LLCwind1.9Lancaster93536
Foundation California Training Facility
Foundation CA Fund IX Manager, LLCwind1.8Soledad93960
Foundation Cemex BMQ
Foundation CA Fund VI Manager LLCwind3.0Apple Valley92307
Foundation Cemex Madison
Foundation CA Fund V Manager, LLCwind1.0Madison95653
Foundation Cemex River Plant
Foundation CA Fund VI Manager LLCwind3.2Victorville92394
Foundation Dole Fresh Vegetables
Foundation CA Fund X Manager LLCwind5.6Soledad93960
Foundation IE
Foundation HA Energy Generation, LLCwind1.0Rancho Cucamonga91739
Foundation Mann Packing
Foundation CA Fund IX Manager, LLCwind1.8Gonzales93926
Foundation NWNA
Foundation CA Fund V Manager, LLCwind5.1Cabazon92230
Foundation RRM
Foundation CA Fund V Manager, LLCwind2.0Cabazon92230
Foundation ST
Foundation HA Energy Generation, LLCwind2.0Tracy95377
Foundation SaIinas Valley State Prison
Foundation CA Fund IX Manager, LLCwind1.8Soledad93960
Foundation Scheid Vineyards
Foundation CA Fund VIII Manager, LLCwind1.9Greenfield93927
Foundation Superior Farms
Foundation CA Fund VI Manager LLCwind1.0Dixon95620
Foundation Wal-Mart Red Bluff
Foundation CA Fund VI Manager LLCwind1.0Red Bluff96080
Francisco St. Solar
AES Distributed Energysolar1.0Torrance90501
Frankenheimer Power Plant
Turlock Irrigation Districthydroelectric4.0Oakdale95361
Franklin (CA)
Los Angeles Department of Water & Powerhydroelectric2.0Beverley Hills90210
Franklin Templeton San Mateo
Bloom Energynatural gas1.0San Mateo94403
Freeway Springs
Golden Springs Development Company LLCsolar2.0Santa Fe Springs90670
Fremont - Kato Rd
Tesla Inc.solar1.4Fremont94538
Fremont CA AutoFactory
Tesla Inc.solar0.3Fremont94538
French Meadows
Placer County Water Agencyhydroelectric16.0Foresthill95631
Fresno Bullard High School Hybrid
Forefront Power, LLCsolar1.6Fresno93704
Fresno Cogen Partners
Wellhead Services, Incnatural gas76.8San Joaquin93660
Fresno Hoover High School Hybrid
Forefront Power, LLCsolar1.4Fresno93710
Fresno Solar
Wellhead Services, Incsolar3.0San Joaquin93660
Fresno Sunnyside High School Hybrid
Forefront Power, LLCsolar1.9Fresno93727
Friant Hydro Facility
Friant Power Authorityhydroelectric39.4Friant93626
Frontier HS Solar Project
MN8 Energy LLCsolar1.4Bakersfield93314
Frontier Solar LLC
Frontier Solar, LLCsolar20.0Newman95360
G2 Energy Hay Rd
G2 Energy LLCbiomass1.5Vacaville95667
G2 Energy Ostrom Road LLC
G2 Energy LLCbiomass3.3Wheatland95692
GEN005 Antibody Fuel Cell
2016 ESA Project Company, LLCnatural gas2.5Oceanside92056
GPS Cabazon Wind LLC
Huntsman Windwind38.9North Palm Springs92230
Gap Pacific Distribution Center
MN8 Energy LLCsolar1.2Fresno93727
Garnet Solar Generation Station I LLC
Garnet Solar Generation Station I LLCsolar4.0Palm Springs92262
Garnet Wind Energy Center
Terra-Gen Operating Co-Windwind6.5North Palm Springs92258
Gas Utilization Facility
City of San Diegobiomass5.6San Diego92106
Gaskell West 1 Solar Facility
Southern Power Cosolar20.0Lancaster93536
Gates Solar Station
Pacific Gas & Electric Co.solar20.0Huron93234
Gateway Energy Storage System
Gateway Energy Storage, LLCbatteries250.0San Diego92154
Gateway Generating Station
Pacific Gas & Electric Co.natural gas563.4Antioch94509
Gavilan Community College Solar Project
Gavilan District College Solar Projectsolar1.7Gilroy95020
Genentech Vacaville Meter #1
Tesla Inc.solar6.1Vacaville95688
Genentech-Oceanside Hybrid
Tesla Inc.solar6.5Oceanside92056
Genesis Solar Energy Project
Genesis Solar LLCsolar250.0Blythe92225
Geo East Mesa II
Ormat Nevada Incgeothermal14.4Holtville92250
Geothermal 1
Northern California Power Agnygeothermal51.0Middletown95461
Geothermal 2
Northern California Power Agnygeothermal65.0Middletown95461
Geysers Unit 5-20
Geysers Power Co LLCgeothermal644.0Middletown95461
City of Santa Clara - (CA)natural gas49.6Santa Clara95054
Pacific Gas & Electric Co.solar10.0TBD93608
Giffen Solar Park
Giffen Solar Park, LLCsolar20.0Cantua Creek93210
Gilead Foster City Solar Project
Gilead Sciences Inc. Foster Citysolar1.5Foster City94404
Gilead Oceanside Solar Project
Gilead Sciences Inc.solar2.1Oceanside92056
Gilead Sciences La Verne Rooftop Solar
Gilead Sciences, Inc. - La Vernesolar2.7La Verne91750
Gilroy Peaking Energy Center
Calpine Gilroy Cogen LPnatural gas135.0Gilroy95020
Gilroy Power Plant
Calpine Gilroy Cogen LPnatural gas115.0Gilroy95020
Glass House Camarillo Cultivation
Glass House Camarillo Cultivationnatural gas13.2Camarillo93012
City of Pasadena - (CA)natural gas222.4Pasadena91105
Glendale Battery Energy Storage System
City of Glendale - (CA)batteries2.0Glendale91201
Goal Line LP
Goal Line LPnatural gas49.4Escondido92025
Golden Acorn Casino
Foundation HA Energy Generation, LLCwind1.0Campo91906
Golden Field Solar III, LLC
Golden Field Solar III, LLCsolar192.0Rosamond93560
Golden Fields Solar I, LLC
MN8 Energy LLCsolar54.0Rosamond93560
Golden Hills North Wind Energy Center
Golden Hills Interconnection Wind, LLCwind46.0Livermore94551
Golden Hills Wind
Golden Hills Wind, LLCwind85.9Livermore94550
Golden Springs Building C-1
Golden Springs Development Company LLCsolar1.2Santa Fe Springs90670
Golden Springs Building D
Golden Springs Development Company LLCsolar1.3Santa Fe Springs90670
Google Moffett Park Solar Project
Google, Inc.solar2.3Sunnyvale94089
Goose Haven Energy Center
Goose Haven Energy Centernatural gas45.0Suisun94585
Gosselin Hydro Plant
Humboldt Bay Mun Water Disthydroelectric0.4Ruth95526
Graniterock Quarry
CalCom Energysolar4.4Aromas95004
Grapeland Hybrid
Southern California Edison Conatural gas56.0Rancho Cucamonga91730
Grassland 1&2 Solar Project
Yolo County ofsolar2.5Davis95618
Grassland 3&4 Solar Project
Yolo County ofsolar2.5Davis95618
City of Glendale - (CA)natural gas256.0Glendale91201
Great Valley Solar Portfolio Holdings, LLC
Consolidated Edison Development Inc.solar202.5Cantua Creek93608
Green Acres Solar Facility 1
SIT Renewables, Inc.solar2.8Elk Grove95757
Green Acres Solar Facility 2
SIT Renewables, Inc.solar0.9Elk Grove95757
Green Beanworks B PV
AES Distributed Energysolar3.0Lancaster93535
Green Beanworks C PV
AES Distributed Energysolar3.0Palmdale93591
Green Beanworks D PV
AES Distributed Energysolar3.0Palmdale93550
Green Power I
FPL Energy Green Powerwind16.5North Palm Springs92258
Greenleaf 1
Calpine Greenleaf Holding, Inc.natural gas60.0Yuba City95993
Greenleaf 2 Power Plant
Greenleaf Energy LLCnatural gas49.5Yuba City95993
Gridley Main
Altus Power America Management, LLCsolar1.0Gridley95948
Gridley Main Two
Altus Power America Management, LLCsolar2.5Gridley95948
City of Santa Clara - (CA)hydroelectric17.7N/A95971
Grossmont HS Solar Project
MN8 Energy LLCsolar1.3El Cajon92020
Grossmont Hospital
Sharp Grossmont Hospitalnatural gas4.2La Mesa91942
Guadalupe Solar Farm
County of Santa Clara (CA)solar1.7San Jose95136
Guernsey Solar Station
Pacific Gas & Electric Co.solar20.0Hanford93230
H. Gonzales
City of Vernonnatural gas10.8Vernon90058
HEBT Irvine 1
Electrodesbatteries5.5Santa Ana92795
HEBT Irvine 2
Electrodesbatteries1.0Lake Forest92610
HL Power
HL Power Companybiomass30.0Wendel96136
HL Solar
HL Solar LLCsolar7.6Wendel96136
Pacific Gas & Electric Co.hydroelectric144.0Balch Camp93649
Los Angeles Department of Water & Powerhydroelectric5.0Olancha93549
Pacific Gas & Electric Co.hydroelectric11.0Auburn95603
Hamilton Branch
Pacific Gas & Electric Co.hydroelectric4.8Peninsula Village96137
Hanford 1 and 2
Arevon Energy, Inc.solar3.0Hanford93230
Hanford Energy Park Peaker
MRP San Joaquin Energy LLC.natural gas91.8Hanford93230
Los Angeles Department of Water & Powernatural gas422.0Wilmington90744
Harbor Cogen
Harbor Cogeneration Co.natural gas101.7Wilmington90744
Hat Creek 1
Pacific Gas & Electric Co.hydroelectric8.5Burney96013
Hat Creek 2
Pacific Gas & Electric Co.hydroelectric8.5Burney96013
Hatchet Creek Project
Mega Renewableshydroelectric6.8Montgomery Creek96065
Hatchet Ridge Wind Project
Pattern Operators LPwind101.2Burney96013
Los Angeles Department of Water & Powernatural gas1599.2Long Beach90803
EIF Haypress LLChydroelectric10.0Sierra City96125
Hayworth Solar
AES Distributed Energysolar26.0Edison93307
Heber Geothermal
ORCAL Geothermal, Incgeothermal54.3Heber92249
Heber Solar
Axium US Solar Holdings LLCsolar10.0Heber92249
Hecate Energy Beacon Solar 1
AES Distributed Energysolar51.0Cantil93519
Hecate Energy Beacon Solar 3
AES Distributed Energysolar51.0Cantil93519
Hecate Energy Beacon Solar 4
AES Distributed Energysolar47.0Cantil93519
Hecate Energy Johanna Facility
Hecate Energy Johanna Facility LLCbatteries20.0Santa Ana92705
Heliocentric LLCsolar1.3Palmdale93550
Hellyer Solar Farm
County of Santa Clara (CA)solar2.2San Jose95111
Helms Pumped Storage
Pacific Gas & Electric Co.pumped storage1212.0Shaver Lake93664
Helzel & Schwarzhoff 86
Wind Stream Operations LLCwind2.4Tehachapi93561
Henrietta D Energy Storage LLC
Convergent Energy and Power LPbatteries10.0Lemoore93245
Henrietta Peaker
MRP San Joaquin Energy LLC.natural gas92.4Lemoore93245
Henrietta Solar Project
Southern Power Cosolar100.0Lemoore19177
Henry Miller RD
Henry Miller Reclamation Districtsolar1.5Dos Palos93620
SunEdison LLCsolar1.5Hesperia92392
Turlock Irrigation Districthydroelectric1.0Hickman95323
High Desert Power Plant
MRP Generation Holdings, LLCnatural gas942.6Victorville92394
High Sierra Cogeneration Plant
Plumas Sierra Rural Electric Coopnatural gas5.0Susanville96130
High Sierra Limited
WCAC Operating Companynatural gas46.0Bakersfield93308
High Winds LLC
FPLE High Winds, LLCwind162.0Birds Landing94512
Hoag Hospital Cogen Plant
Hoag Memorial Presbyterian Hospitalnatural gas3.6Newport Beach92658
Hollister Solar LLC
Hollister Solar LLCsolar1.5Hollister95023
Honda Torrance
Bloom Energynatural gas1.0Torrance90501
CD US Solar MT 2 LLCsolar1.5Lancaster93536
Hudson - High Desert Hybrid
MN8 Energy LLCsolar150.0Victorville92394
Humboldt Bay
Pacific Gas & Electric Co.natural gas163.4Eureka95503
Humboldt Sawmill Company
Mendocino Forest Productsbiomass33.5Scotia95565
Huron Solar Station
Pacific Gas & Electric Co.solar20.0Huron93234
Hyperion Treatment Plant CHP Plant
Constellation New Energy Inc.biomass22.0Playa del Rey90293
Greenbacker Renewable Energy Corporationsolar4.3Highland92346
Greenbacker Renewable Energy Corporationsolar2.6Bloomington92316
Greenbacker Renewable Energy Corporationsolar2.5San Bernardino92408
IKEA Tejon 345
IKEA Property Incsolar1.5Lebec93243
IOS II LLCsolar3.7Fontana92335
ISH Solar Hospital Downey
SunEdison LLCsolar1.1Downey90242
ISH Solar Hospital SDMC
SunEdison LLCsolar1.1San Diego92120
IVC Solar
ZGlobal Incsolar3.0Imperial92251
Illumina Way SD
Bloom Energynatural gas3.5San Diego92122
Imperial Solar Energy Center South
CSOLAR IV South LLCsolar128.9Calexico92231
Imperial Solar Energy Center West
CSOLAR IV West LLCsolar148.7Seeley92273
Imperial Valley Solar Co (IVSC) 2, LLC
Onward Energysolar20.0Niland92257
Imperial Valley Solar Company 1 LLC
Imperial Irrigation Districtsolar23.0Niland92257
Imperial Valley Solar, LLC
Imperial Valley Solar, LLCsolar199.9Calexico92231
Improvement Dst No. 4
Kern County Water Agencysolar1.1Bakersfield93308
Indian Valley Dam Hydro Project
Yolo County Flood Control WCDhydroelectric2.7Clearlake Oaks95423
Indigo Energy Facility
Diamond Generating Corporationnatural gas142.5North Palm Springs92258
Industry MetroLink PV 1
City of Industrysolar1.5Industry91744
Industry Solar Power Generation Station 1 LLC
AES Distributed Energysolar1.5Adelanto92301
Pacific Gas & Electric Co.hydroelectric8.0Manton96059
Intel Folsom
Tesla Inc.solar1.0Folsom95630
Intel Folsom Phase 2
Tesla Inc.solar1.0Folsom95360
Intel Folsom Phase 3
Tesla Inc.solar5.2Folsom95630
Intel Santa Clara
Bloom Energynatural gas1.0Santa Clara95054
Iron Gate
Ironwood Solar LLC
Altus Power America Management, LLCsolar4.0Blythe92225
Irwindale Brew Yard, LLC
Irwindale Brew Yard, LLCnatural gas9.6Irwindale91706
Isabella Hydro Project
Isabella Partnershydroelectric11.8Lake Isabella93240
Ivanhoe Solar
Altus Power America Management, LLCsolar3.5Visalia93292
Ivanpah 1
NRG Energy Servicessolar126.0Nipton92364
Ivanpah 2
NRG Energy Servicessolar133.4Nipton92364
Ivanpah 3
NRG Energy Servicessolar133.4Nipton92364
J S Eastwood
Southern California Edison Copumped storage199.8Shaver Lake93664
J&A-Santa Maria II LLC
J&A-Santa Maria II LLCbiomass1.4Santa Maria93454
J.R. Simplot Company
J.R. Simplot Companyother3.2Lathrop95330
JSR000 N Mathilda Fuel Cell
2016 ESA Project Company, LLCnatural gas1.1Sunnyvale94089
Jacumba Solar Farm
AEP Renewablessolar20.0Jacumba91934
James B Black
Pacific Gas & Electric Co.hydroelectric172.0Big Bend96065
Java Solar, LLC
Java Solar, LLCsolar13.5Lemoore93245
Sacramento Municipal Util Disthydroelectric156.2Camino95725
Johanna Energy Center, LLC
Johanna Energy Center, LLCbatteries20.0Santa Ana92705
John L. Featherstone Plant
Hudson Ranch Power I LLCgeothermal49.9Calipatria92233
Jones Fork
Sacramento Municipal Util Disthydroelectric10.0Fresh Pond95725
Judge F Carr
U S Bureau of Reclamationhydroelectric177.4French Gulch96003
Juniper Networks Sunnyvale
Bloom Energynatural gas1.0Sunnyvale94089
KSR028 Merced Fuel Cell
2016 ESA Project Company, LLCnatural gas2.0San Leandro94577
KSR053 Cantara Fuel Cell
2016 ESA Project Company, LLCnatural gas1.6Panorama City91402
Kaiser - Harbor City
Bloom Energynatural gas2.1Harbor City90710
Kaiser - LA
Bloom Energynatural gas4.5Los Angeles90027
Kaiser - Woodland Hills
Bloom Energynatural gas3.1Woodland Hills91367
Kaiser Deer Valley Rd. Fuel Cell
2016 ESA Project Company, LLCnatural gas1.4Antioch94531
Kaiser Downey
Bloom Energy 2009 PPAnatural gas1.0Downey90242
Kaiser East La Palma Ave. Fuel Cell
2016 ESA Project Company, LLCnatural gas2.2Anaheim92806
Kaiser Napa Valley Corporate Dr Fuel Cell
2016 ESA Project Company, LLCnatural gas4.8Napa94558
Kaiser Ontario
Bloom Energy 2009 PPAnatural gas1.0Ontario91761
Kaiser Owens Dr. Fuel Cell
2016 ESA Project Company, LLCnatural gas1.0Pleasanton94588
Karen Avenue Wind Farm
San Gorgonio Farms Incwind11.7North Palm Springs92258
Kaweah 1
Southern California Edison Cohydroelectric2.3Three Rivers93271
Kaweah 2
Southern California Edison Cohydroelectric1.8Three Rivers93271
Kaweah 3
Southern California Edison Cohydroelectric4.5Three Rivers93271
Kaweah Delta District Hospital
Kaweah Delta Hospitalnatural gas3.5Visalia93291
Kearny Mesa Storage LLC
Kearny Mesa Storage LLCbatteries1.0San Diego92123
Kearny North Energy Storage
San Diego Gas & Electric Cobatteries10.0San Diego92123
Kearny South Energy Storage
San Diego Gas & Electric Cobatteries10.0San Diego92123
Kekawaka Power House
Eagle Creek Renewable Energy, LLChydroelectric4.9Mirinda95495
Kellogg's - San Jose
Bloom Energynatural gas1.0San Jose95116
Kelly Ridge
South Feather Water and Power Agencyhydroelectric10.0Oroville95965
Pacific Gas & Electric Co.hydroelectric25.2Auberry93602
Kerckhoff 2
Pacific Gas & Electric Co.hydroelectric155.0Auberry93602
Kern Canyon
Kern and Tule Hydro LLChydroelectric11.5Bakersfield93301
Kern Front Limited
WCAC Operating Companynatural gas46.0Bakersfield93308
Kern Oil & Refining Co
Kern Oil & Refining Conatural gas4.9Bakersfield93307
Kern River 1
Southern California Edison Cohydroelectric26.4Bakersfield93301
Kern River 3
Southern California Edison Cohydroelectric40.2Kernville93238
Kern River Cogeneration
Kern River Cogeneration Conatural gas288.0Bakersfield93380
Kern River Eastridge Cogen
Chevron USA Incnatural gas41.6Bakersfield93308
U S Bureau of Reclamationhydroelectric117.0Redding96003
Kettering Solar 1
Tesla Inc.solar1.0Lancaster93534
Kettering Solar 2
Tesla Inc.solar1.0Lancaster93534
Kettleman Solar -Centaurus
EE Kettleman California LLCsolar20.0Kettleman City93239
Kettleman Solar Project
Ecos Energy LLCsolar1.0Lodi95220
Keysight - Santa Rosa
Bloom Energynatural gas4.5Santa Rosa95403
Kiefer Landfill
Sacramento County of Dpt Wastebiomass8.4Sloughhouse95683
Pacific Gas & Electric Co.hydroelectric1.6Whitmore96096
Kilroy Solar
Nautilus Solar Solutionssolar1.1San Diego92130
King City Peaking
Calpine Corp-King Citynatural gas44.0King City93930
King City Power Plant
Calpine King City Cogen LLCnatural gas111.0King City93930
Kingbird A Solar LLC
Arevon Energy, Inc.solar20.0Rosamond93560
Kingbird B Solar, LLC
Arevon Energy, Inc.solar20.0Rosamond93560
Kings Beach
Liberty Utilities (CalPeco Electric) LLCpetroleum12.0Kings Beach96143
Kings River PH
Pacific Gas & Electric Co.hydroelectric52.0Balch Camp93649
Kings River Syphon
Orange Cove Irrigation Districthydroelectric0.8Sanger93657
Kingsburg Cogen
KES Kingsburg LPnatural gas33.8Kingsburg93631
Kingsburg Solar
Altus Power America Management, LLCsolar3.7Kingsburg93631
Kohls San Bernardino Solar Facility
Longroad Energy Services LLCsolar0.9San Bernardino92408
Kroger La Habra
Ralph's Grocery Companysolar1.2La Habra90631
Kumeyaay Wind
Leeward Asset Management, LLCwind50.0Campo91906
Kyocera International Inc.(San Diego)
natural gas3.8San Diego92123
L-8 Solar Project
L-8 Solar Project LLCsolar1.3Palmdale93550
Hybrid-Electric Building Technologies West Los Angeles 1, LLCbatteries1.0Irvine92618
La Grange
Turlock Irrigation Districthydroelectric4.3La Grange95329
La Joya Del Sol
CVI CleanCapital Solar 1 LLCsolar1.5Fresno93706
La Paloma Generating Plant
CXA La Paloma LLCnatural gas1010.0McKittrick93251
Lafayette 2 - Internal Services Dept
MN8 Energy LLCsolar1.9Los Angeles90063
Lafayette 2 - MLK Jr. Hospital (MLK)
MN8 Energy LLCsolar1.7Los Angeles90059
Laguna Water Reclamation Facility
City of Santa Rosabiomass4.4Santa Rosa95407
Lake Elsinore Canopies - Lakeside HS
Standard Solarsolar1.0Lake Elsinore92530
Lake Herman
Greenbacker Renewable Energy Corporationsolar5.0Benicia94510
Lake Hodges Hydroelectric Facility
San Diego County Water Authpumped storage42.0Escondido92029
Lake Mathews
Metropolitan Water District of S CAhydroelectric4.9Riverside92503
Lake Mendocino
City of Ukiah - (CA)hydroelectric3.5Ukiah95482
Lake One
City of Burbank Water and Powernatural gas48.0Burbank91502
Lambie Energy Center
Gilroy Energy Center LLCnatural gas45.0Suisun94585
Clean Focus Yield, LLCsolar3.0Lancaster93535
Lancaster Area Battery
AES Distributed Energybatteries127.0Lancaster93536
Lancaster Baptist Church
Tesla Inc.solar1.0Lancaster93535
Lancaster Dry Farm Ranch B
AES Distributed Energysolar5.0Lancaster93536
Lancaster Little Rock
AES Distributed Energysolar5.0Landers93536
Lancaster Solar 1
PsomasFMG Lancaster Solar Crest, LLCsolar1.5Lancaster93535
Lancaster Solar 2
PsomasFMG Lancaster Solar Crest, LLCsolar1.5Lancaster93535
Lancaster WAD B
AES Distributed Energysolar3.0Lancaster93536
Laredo Detention Facility - Solar 2, 3
County of Kernsolar5.1Bakersfield93308
Larkspur Energy Facility
Diamond Generating Corporationnatural gas91.6San Diego92154
Las Virgenes
Greenbacker Renewable Energy Corporationsolar3.0Calabasas91302
Las Virgenes Municipal Water District
Tesla Inc.solar1.0Calabasas91302
Lavio Solar
Lavio Solar, LLCsolar1.0Petaluma94954
LeConte Energy Storage
LeConte Energy Storage, LLCbatteries125.0Calexico92231
Lemoore 1
AES Distributed Energysolar1.5Lemoore93245
Liberty HS Solar Project
MN8 Energy LLCsolar1.2Bakersfield93312
Life Technologies - Fremont
Bloom Energynatural gas1.3Fremont94538
Life Technologies - Pleasanton
Bloom Energynatural gas1.0Pleasanton94566
Life Technologies Carlsbad
Bloom Energynatural gas1.0Carlsbad92008
Lime Saddle
Pacific Gas & Electric Co.hydroelectric2.0Oroville95965
Lincoln Landfill
Energy 2001 Incbiomass4.8Lincoln95648
Lincoln WWTF Hybrid
Lincoln Solar Star, LLCsolar3.8Lincoln95648
Lindberg FIeld Solar
Lindberg Field Solar I LLCsolar2.7San Diego92101
Lindberg Field Solar 2
Lindberg Field Solar 2, LLCsolar1.9San Diego92101
Linde Wilmington
Linde Incnatural gas27.0Wilmington90744
Lindsay Solar
Altus Power America Management, LLCsolar4.0Lindsay93247
Little Bear 3
Longroad Energy Services LLCsolar20.0Mendota93640
Little Bear 4
Longroad Energy Services LLCsolar50.0Mendota93640
Little Bear 5
Longroad Energy Services LLCsolar50.0Mendota93640
Little Bear Solar 1, LLC
Longroad Energy Services LLCsolar40.0Mendota93640
Little Rock Pham Solar
Terraform Arcadiasolar3.0Palmdale93591
Live Oak Limited
WCAC Operating Companynatural gas46.0Bakersfield93308
Northern California Power Agnynatural gas25.2Lodi95240
Lodi Energy Center
Northern California Power Agnynatural gas257.0Lodi95242
Loma Linda University Cogen
Loma Linda Universitynatural gas12.3Loma Linda92350
Lone Valley Solar Park I LLC
Lone Valley Solar Park I LLCsolar10.0Lucerne Valley92356
Lone Valley Solar Park II LLC
Lone Valley Solar Park II LLCsolar20.0Lucerne Valley92356
Long Beach Convention Center
Hybrid-Electric Building Technologies West Los Angeles 1, LLCbatteries1.5Long Beach90802
Long Beach Generation LLC
Long Beach Generation LLCnatural gas260.0Long Beach90802
Longboat Solar, LLC
Duke Energy Renewables Servicessolar20.0Barstow92311
Loon Lake
Sacramento Municipal Util Disthydroelectric74.1Fresh Pond95726
Los Angeles Harbor College
Los Angeles Community College Districtsolar2.2Wilmington90744
Los Angeles Refinery Wilmington
Phillips 66 - Los Angelesother50.0Wilmington90744
Los Esteros Critical Energy Center
Los Esteros Critical Energy Facility LLCnatural gas306.1San Jose95134
Los Medanos Energy Center
Los Medanos Energy Center LLCnatural gas567.0Pittsburg94565
Lost Creek I
Snow Mountain Hydro LLChydroelectric1.1Burney96016
Lost Hills Cogeneration Plant
AERA Energy LLCnatural gas5.4Lost Hills93251
Lost Hills/Blackwell
Southern Power Cosolar32.0Lost Hills93249
Lower Tule River
Southern California Edison Cohydroelectric2.6Springdale93265
Tulare Solar Center, LLCsolar55.8Richgrove93261
Luna Storage
AES Distributed Energybatteries100.0Lancaster93536
Southern California Edison Cohydroelectric3.0Lee Vining93541
MCAGCC Cogen Plant
DOD USMC Marine Air Ground Combatnatural gas16.2Twentynine Palms92278
MM Lopez Energy
MM Lopez Energy LLCbiomass2.7Lake View Terrace91342
MM San Diego-Miramar
MM San Diego Energy-Miramarbiomass6.4San Diego92111
MM Tulare Energy
MM Tulare Energy LLCbiomass1.6Visalia93292
MM West Covina
MM West Covina Energy LLCbiomass5.4West Covina91791
MM Yolo Power
Yolo County Community Services Departmentbiomass3.3Woodland95776
CD US Solar MT 2 LLCsolar1.5Lancaster93535
Maclay Solar Project
Los Angeles Department of Water & Powersolar1.8Sylmar91342
Madelyn Solar, LLC
CD US Solar PO 3, LLCsolar1.0Silver Lake92342
Madera 1 PV
ZGlobal Incsolar1.5Madera93638
Madera Community Hospital
CleanCapital Holdingssolar1.0Madera93637
Magnolia Power Project
City of Burbank Water and Powernatural gas301.0Burbank91502
Malaga Power LLC
CalPeak Power, LLCnatural gas96.0Fresno93725
City of Vernonnatural gas139.0Vernon90058
Malech Solar Farm
County of Santa Clara (CA)solar3.1San Jose95138
Mammoth G1
Ormat Nevada Incgeothermal6.6Mammoth lakes93546
Mammoth G2
Ormat Nevada Incgeothermal9.9Mammoth Lakes93546
Mammoth G3
Ormat Nevada Incgeothermal9.9Mammoth Lakes93546
Mammoth Pool
Southern California Edison Cohydroelectric190.0North Fork93643
Manteca Land PV
AES Distributed Energysolar1.0Manteca95336
Manzana Wind LLC
Avangrid Renewables LLCwind189.0Rosamond93560
Marathon Bay Area Cogen
Tesoro Marketing & Refining Co. LLC (Martinez)natural gas103.5Martinez94553
Mariani Packing Vacaville Solar
SunE U6 Holdings LLCsolar0.9Vacaville95688
Maricopa West Solar PV, LLC
Onward Energysolar20.0Taft93268
Marin Clean Energy Solar One
AES Distributed Energysolar10.5Richmond94801
Marina Landfill Gas
Monterey Regional Waste Mgmtbiomass4.9Marina93933
Marina South
USPS LA Solar FiT A & Bsolar1.0San Pedro90731
Mariposa Energy Project
Diamond Generating Corporationnatural gas199.6Byron94514
Marsh Landing Generating Station
Marsh Landing LLCnatural gas765.2Antioch94509
Martinez Refining
Martinez Refining Conatural gas100.0Martinez94553
Martinez Sulfuric Acid Regeneration Plt
Eco Services Corp.other4.0Martinez94553
Maverick Solar 4, LLC
Maverick Solar 4, LLCsolar100.0Desert Center92239
Maverick Solar 6, LLC
Maverick Solar 6, LLCsolar150.0Desert Center92239
Maverick Solar 7, LLC
Maverick Solar 7, LLCsolar132.0Desert Center92239
Maverick Solar, LLC
Maverick Solar, LLCsolar125.0Desert Center92239
Bloom Energynatural gas1.0San Jose95134
McClellan (CA)
Sacramento Municipal Util Distnatural gas77.0Sacramento95652
Modesto Irrigation Districtnatural gas107.0Modesto95354
McCoy Solar Energy Project Hybrid
McCoy Solar, LLCsolar500.6Blythe92225
McGrath Peaker
Southern California Edison Conatural gas49.0Oxnard93035
McKittrick Cogen
Chevron USA Incnatural gas9.6McKittrick93251
McKittrick Limited
WCAC Operating Companynatural gas46.0Bakersfield93251
Merced Irrigation Districthydroelectric9.0Snelling95369
Medline Ind. Phase 2 Tracy
Merced 1 PV
ZGlobal Incsolar3.0Los Banos93635
Merced Falls
Merced Irrigation Districthydroelectric3.5Snelling95369
Merced Solar LLC
Merced Solar LLCsolar1.5Merced95341
Meridian Vineyards
CVI CleanCapital Solar 1 LLCsolar1.1Paso Robles93446
Mesa Wind Power LLC
Brookfield Renewable Trading and Marketing LPwind29.9North Palm Springs92258
Mesquite Lake Energy Park Plant 2
Mesquite Lake Energy Parkbiomass15.5Imperial92251
Metcalf Energy Center
Calpine Corp - Metcalf Energy Centernatural gas546.1San Jose95013
Metro Support Services Center Solar
Metropolitan Transportation Authoritysolar1.2Los Angeles90012
Micro Santa Clara
Bloom Energynatural gas2.0San Jose95131
Mid-Set Cogeneration
Mid Set Cogeneration Conatural gas36.0Fellows93224
Middle Fork
Placer County Water Agencyhydroelectric132.0Foresthill95631
Middle Gorge
Los Angeles Department of Water & Powerhydroelectric37.5Bishop93514
Midway Peaking LLC
CalPeak Power, LLCnatural gas111.2Firebaugh93622
Midway Solar Farm 1
83WI 8ME, LLCsolar50.0Calipatria92233
Midway Solar Farm II
Dominion Renewable Energysolar30.0Calipatria92233
Midway Solar Farm III
Greenbacker Renewable Energy Corporationsolar20.0Calipatria92233
Midway Sunset Cogen
Midway-Sunset Cogeneration Conatural gas219.0Fellows93224
Mill Creek 3
Southern California Edison Cohydroelectric3.0Mill Creek96061
Mira Loma
Costco Wholesalesolar3.0Mira Loma91752
Mira Loma Energy Storage Facility
Southern California Edison Cobatteries20.0Ontario91761
Mira Loma Peaker
Southern California Edison Conatural gas49.0Ontario91761
Miramar Energy Facility
San Diego Gas & Electric Conatural gas94.0San Diego92121
Mission College Blvd. Fuel Cell
2016 ESA Project Company, LLCnatural gas5.0Santa Clara95054
Mission Solar LLC
Mission Solar LLCsolar1.5Merced95341
Mitchell Solar, LLC
CD US Solar PO 3, LLCsolar1.5Silver Lake92342
City & County of San Franciscohydroelectric100.0Moccasin95347
Moccasin Low Head Hydro Project
City & County of San Franciscohydroelectric2.9Moccasin95347
Mojave 16/17/18
Terra-Gen Operating Co-Windwind88.5Mojave93501
Mojave 3/4/5
Terra-Gen Operating Co-Windwind67.0Mojave93501
Mojave Siphon
California Dept. of Water Resourceshydroelectric32.4Hesperia92345
Mojave Solar Project
Mojave Solar LLCsolar275.0Hinkley92347
Monterey One Water
Monterey One Waterbiomass1.8Marina93933
Monterey Regional Water Pollution Control Agency
Tesla Inc.solar1.0Marina93933
Montezuma Wind II
NextEra Energy Montezuma Wind II, LLCwind78.2Birds Landing94512
Montgomery Creek Hydro
Central Rivers Power US, LLChydroelectric2.6Montgomery Creek96065
Monticello Dam
Solano Irrigation Districthydroelectric11.5Winters95694
Moonlight Packing - Phase 2
CalCom Energysolar1.4Reedley93654
Morelos del Sol
Southern Power Cosolar15.0Lost Hills93249
Morgan Lancaster 1
Terraform Arcadiasolar1.5Lancaster93535
Mount Signal Solar Farm II
Imperial Valley Solar 2, LLCsolar153.5Calexico92231
Mount Signal Solar Farm V
Imperial Valley Solar 3, LLCsolar252.3Calexico92231
Mountain View III
Avangrid Renewables LLCwind22.4North Palm Springs92258
Mountain View IV
AES Distributed Energywind49.0North Palm Springs92258
Mountainview Generating Station
Southern California Edison Conatural gas1018.0Redlands92374
Mt Poso Cogeneration
Mt Poso Cogeneration Cobiomass42.4Bakersfield93308
Muck Valley Hydroelectric
Brookfield Renewable Trading and Marketing LPhydroelectric29.9NA96068
Municipal Cogen Plant
Palm Springs City ofnatural gas1.2Palm Springs92263
Munro Valley Solar
Ecos Energy LLCsolar4.0Olancha93549
Utica Water & Power Authorityhydroelectric1.7Murphys95247
Mustang Hills LLC
Longroad Energy Services 2wind150.0Mojave93501
Mustang Two
RE Mustang Two LLCsolar150.0Lemoore93245
NLP Granger
Heelstone Energy Holdings, LLCsolar3.0Valley Center92082
Nacimiento Hydro Project
Monterey Cnty Water Res Agencyhydroelectric4.0Bradley93426
Narrows 2
Yuba County Water Agencyhydroelectric55.0Browns Valley95918
Narrows PH
Yuba County Water Agencyhydroelectric12.0Grass Valley95945
National Raisin
National Raisinsolar2.5Fowler93625
Navajo Solar Power Generation Station 1 LLC
AES Distributed Energysolar1.5Apple Valley92307
Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake
MN8 Energy LLCsolar11.1Ridgecrest93555
Naval Hospital Medical Center
Department of the Navynatural gas4.4San Diego92134
Nelson Creek
Nelson Creek Power Inchydroelectric0.5Big Bend96011
New Hogan Power Plant
Modesto Irrigation Districthydroelectric2.8Valley Springs95252
New Melones
U S Bureau of Reclamationhydroelectric382.0Jamestown95376
New-Indy Ontario Mill
New-Indy Ontario LLCnatural gas29.4Ontario91761
Newberry Solar 1 LLC
Newberry Solar 1 LLCsolar1.5Newberry Springs92365
Pacific Gas & Electric Co.hydroelectric11.5Auburn95603
NextEra Westside PV
Westside Solar, LLCsolar20.0Five Points93624
Niagara Bottling - Rialto
SkyHigh 2 Solarsolar4.2Rialto92376
Niagara Bottling Stockton
Nickel 1 Solar Facility
Altus Power America Management, LLCsolar1.5Lost Hills93249
Nicolis Solar PV Plant
Arevon Energy, Inc.solar19.0Delano93215
Niland Gas Turbine Plant
Imperial Irrigation Districtnatural gas86.4Niland92257
U S Bureau of Reclamationhydroelectric16.6Folsom95630
Nordhoff Place
Los Angeles Department of Water & Powersolar1.0Chatsworth91311
North Bay Solar 1
AES Distributed Energysolar1.0Fairfield94534
North Brawley Geothermal Plant
Ormat Nevada Incgeothermal53.5Brawley92250
North City - Landfill Gas Engine North
City of San Diegobiomass1.4San Diego92121
North City - Landfill Gas Engines South
City of San Diegobiomass3.6San Diego92121
North Hollywood
Los Angeles Department of Water & Powerhydroelectric6.1Los Angeles91605
North Kern State Prison Phase II
SunE P11L Holdings, LLCsolar4.0Delano93215
North Lancaster Ranch
AES Distributed Energysolar18.0Lancaster93536
North Midway Cogen
Chevron USA Incnatural gas9.0McKittrick93251
North Palm Springs 1A
Greenbacker Renewable Energy Corporationsolar2.4Palm Springs92240
North Palm Springs 4A
Greenbacker Renewable Energy Corporationsolar4.0Palm Springs92240
North Rosamond Solar LLC
North Rosamond Solar, LLCsolar151.1Rosamond93560
North Sky River Energy LLC
North Sky River Energy LLCwind162.0Weldon93283
North Star Solar
Southern Power Cosolar60.0Mendota93640
Nove Power Plant
Nove Investments I LLCbiomass3.0Richmond94801
CD US Solar MT 2 LLCsolar1.0Apple Valley92307
Hybrid-Electric Building Technologies West Los Angeles 1, LLCbatteries4.9Fountain Valley92708
OK Produce Fresno Carport
OK Producesolar2.0Fresno93721
OLS Energy Chino
OLS Energy-Chinonatural gas29.0Chino91710
U S Bureau of Reclamationpumped storage14.4Los Banos95376
Oak Creek Energy Systems I
Terra-Gen Operating Co-Windwind34.5Mojave93501
Oak Flat
Pacific Gas & Electric Co.hydroelectric1.3Belden95956
Oakley Solar Project
Oakley Solar Project LLCsolar1.5Oakley94561
Oasis Alta
Terra-Gen Operating Co-Windwind14.4Mojave93501
Oasis Wind
Terra-Gen Operating Co-Windwind60.3Mojave93501
Occidental College Solar Project
Occidental Collegesolar1.0Los Angeles90041
Ocotillo Express LLC
Pattern Operators LPwind265.4Ocotillo92259
City of Burbank Water and Powernatural gas99.0Burbank91502
Olive View Medical Center
Los Angeles Countynatural gas5.4Sylmar91342
Olsen Power Partnershydroelectric4.8Whitmore96096
Oltmans SCE at Champagne
California PV Energy LLCsolar1.0Ontario91761
Oltmans SCE at Jurupa
California PV Energy LLCsolar1.5Ontario91761
One Market Plaza
Paramount Group Incnatural gas1.5San Francisco94109
One Ten Partners PV
One Ten Partners, LLCsolar2.0Palmdale93591
Orange Coast College PH2 Solar Project
Solar Star Coastal Pirate, LLCsolar5.1Costa Mesa92626
Orange County Energy Storage 2
Convergent Energy and Power LPbatteries9.0Santa Ana92605
Orange County Energy Storage 3
Convergent Energy and Power LPbatteries6.0Santa Ana92605
Orange Grove Peaking Facility
Orange Grove Energy LPnatural gas98.2Pala92059
Orion Solar I
Orion Solar I LLCsolar12.0Arvin93203
Orion Solar II
Orion Solar II, LLCsolar8.0Arvin93203
Ormesa I
Ormat Nevada Incgeothermal17.6Holtville92250
Ormesa II
Ormat Nevada Incgeothermal16.0Holtville92250
Ormesa III
Ormat Nevada Incgeothermal30.4Holtville92250
Ormond Beach
Ormond Beach Power, LLCnatural gas1491.0Oxnard93033
Oro Loma
Consolidated Edison Development Inc.solar20.0Oro Loma93622
Oroville Cogeneration LP
Oroville Cogeneration LPnatural gas7.7Oroville95965
Ortega Highway Energy Storage
SDGE Batteriesbatteries2.0San Juan Capistrano92675
Otay Mesa Generating Project
Otay Mesa Energy Center LLCnatural gas571.0San Diego92154
Otoe Solar Power Generation Station 1 LLC
AES Distributed Energysolar1.5Apple Valley92307
Owens Valley Solar Project 11
Los Angeles Department of Water & Powersolar1.0Olancha93549
Oxbow (CA)
Placer County Water Agencyhydroelectric6.0Foresthill95631
Procter&Gamble Paper Products Co-Oxnardnatural gas70.9Oxnard93030
Oxnard Paper Mill
New-Indy, Oxnard LLCnatural gas29.0Oxnard93033
Oxnard Wastewater Treatment Plant
Oxnard City ofbiomass1.2Oxnard93033
P Plant
Qualcomm Incorporatednatural gas8.0San Diego92121
PE Berkeley
Berkeley Cogeneration Facilitynatural gas24.0Berkeley94720
PFMG Solar Grossmont Helix LLC
PFMG Solar Grossmont Helix LLCsolar1.2La Mesa91942
POM Beverage Solar
Wonderful Renewable Energy, LLC.solar1.7Del Rey93616
POM Juice Solar
Wonderful Renewable Energy, LLC.solar1.5Fresno93616
POM Plant 1
Wonderful Renewable Energy, LLC.solar2.2Del Rey93616
POM Plant 2
Wonderful Renewable Energy, LLC.solar1.3Del Rey93616
PPA Grand
esVolta LPbatteries2.0Irvine92606
PRC-Desoto Intl/PPG Aerospace
PRC-Desoto Intl Corp./PPGpetroleum1.5Mojave93501
Plumas Sierra Rural Electric Coopsolar2.4Herlong96113
PVN Milliken, LLC
PVN Milliken, LLCsolar3.0Ontario91761
Pacific Cruise Ship Terminals Berth 93
City of Los Angeles Harbor Departmentsolar1.0San Pedro90731
Pacific Ethanol Madera Solar Array
Seaboard Energy California, LLCsolar3.9Madera93638
Pacific Union College BESS
ENGIE Storage Services NA LLCbatteries1.0Angwin94508
Pacific Wind LLC
EDF Renewable Asset Holdings, Inc.wind140.0Rosamond93560
Pacific-Ultrapower Chinese Station
IHI Power Services Corpbiomass18.0Jamestown95327
Painted Hills Wind Park
Painted Hills Wind Holdings, LLCwind46.8Whitewater92282
Pala Energy Storage Yard
SDGE Batteriesbatteries1.0Pala92059
Palo Verde College
Scale Sustainable I, LLCsolar1.0Blythe92225
Palomar Energy
San Diego Gas & Electric Conatural gas581.4Escondido92029
Panoche Energy Center
Panoche Energy Center, LLCnatural gas388.0Firebaugh93662
Panoche Peaker
Wellhead Services, Incnatural gas56.7Firebaugh93622
Panoche Valley Solar Farm
Consolidated Edison Development Inc.solar140.0Paicines95053
Paramount Refinery
Paramount Petroleum Corporationnatural gas6.5Paramount90723
East Bay Municipal Util Disthydroelectric27.7Valley Springs95252
Park Meridian #1
Altus Power America Management, LLCsolar1.5Riverside92518
Merced Irrigation Districthydroelectric2.7Snelling95344
Parker Dam
U S Bureau of Reclamationhydroelectric120.0Parker92267
Parnassus Central Utility Plant
University of California-San Francisconatural gas12.5San Francisco94143
Pastoria Energy Facility, LLC
Calpine Corp - Pastoria Energy Centernatural gas780.0Lebec93243
Pebbly Beach Generating Station Hybrid
Southern California Edison Copetroleum12.7Avalon90704
Metropolitan Water District of S CAhydroelectric7.9Perris92555
Phelan Pinon Hills CSD Solar
Phelan Pinon Hills Community Services Districtsolar1.1Adelanto92301
Phillips 66 Rodeo Refinery
Phillips 66 Companyother45.6Rodeo94572
Pacific Gas & Electric Co.hydroelectric2.0Sonora95370
Pierce College
Los Angeles Community College Districtsolar1.9Wilmington90744
Pilot Knob
Imperial Irrigation Districthydroelectric0.0Winterhaven92283
Pine Flat
Kings River Conservation Disthydroelectric165.0Piedra93649
Pine Tree Solar Project
Los Angeles Department of Water & Powersolar8.5Owenyo93518
Pine Tree Wind Power Project
Los Angeles Department of Water & Powerwind135.0Cantil93519
Pinyon Pine I
Pinyon Pines Wind I, LLCwind168.0Mojave93501
Pinyon Pine II
Pinyon Pines Wind II, LLCwind132.0Mojave93501
Pio Pico Energy Center
Pio Pico Energy Center LLCnatural gas318.0San Diego92154
Pit 1
Pacific Gas & Electric Co.hydroelectric61.0Burney96013
Pit 3
Pacific Gas & Electric Co.hydroelectric69.9Burney96013
Pit 4
Pacific Gas & Electric Co.hydroelectric95.0Big Bend96011
Pit 5
Pacific Gas & Electric Co.hydroelectric160.0Big Bend96011
Pit 6
Pacific Gas & Electric Co.hydroelectric80.0Montgomery Creek96065
Pit 7
Pacific Gas & Electric Co.hydroelectric113.0Montgomery Creek96065
Pixar - Emeryville
Bloom Energynatural gas1.0Emeryville94608
Plant No 1 Orange County
Orange County Sanitation Distbiomass7.2Fountain Valley92708
Plant No 2 Orange County
Orange County Sanitation Distbiomass14.4Huntington Beach92646
Pleasant Valley Hydro
Los Angeles Department of Water & Powerhydroelectric2.7Bishop93514
Pleasanton - Amador Valley High School
Westbound Solar LLCsolar1.1Pleasanton94566
Pacific Gas & Electric Co.hydroelectric120.0Storrie95980
Point Wind
Terra-Gen Operating Co-Windwind64.5Tehachapi93561
Ponderosa Bailey Creek
Snow Mountain Hydro LLChydroelectric1.1Manton96059
Southern California Edison Cohydroelectric11.3Lee Vining93541
Port of LA Solar FiT Project
Los Angeles Department of Water & Powersolar1.1San Pedro90731
Southern California Edison Cohydroelectric10.8Lakeshore93634
Portal Ridge Solar B, LLC
Portal Ridge Solar, LLCsolar20.0Lancaster93536
Portal Ridge Solar C, LLC
Portal Ridge Solar, LLCsolar11.4Lancaster93536
Porterville 6 and 7
Arevon Energy, Inc.solar3.0Porterville93257
Porterville Solar
Altus Power America Management, LLCsolar3.5Porterville93257
Potrero Hills Energy Producers
Potrero Hills Energy Producers, LLCbiomass8.0Suisun City94585
Potter Valley
Pacific Gas & Electric Co.hydroelectric9.2Potter Valley95469
Power Generation Station (PGS) 2
East Bay Municipal Util Distbiomass3.8Oakland94607
Powhatan Solar Power Generation Station 1 LLC
AES Distributed Energysolar1.5Apple Valley92307
Prairie Street Operating, LLCsolar1.8Chatsworth91311
Preferred Freezer San Leandro
EnterSolarsolar2.0San Leandro94577
Prologis L.P
Puente Hills Energy Recovery
Los Angeles County Sanitationbiomass45.0Whittier90601
Pumpjack Solar I
Duke Energy Renewables Servicessolar20.0McKittrick93251
Putah Creek Solar Farm
Solvida Energy Group/Blue Oak Energysolar2.0Winters95694
Putah Creek Solar Farm North
Putah Creek Solar Farms LLCsolar2.9Winters95694
Q Plant
Qualcomm Incorporatednatural gas4.0San Diego92121
Quinto Solar PV Project
Arevon Energy, Inc.solar105.1Gustine95322
R C Kirkwood
City & County of San Franciscohydroelectric115.5Groveland95321
R E Badger Filtration Plant
Santa Fe Irrigation Districthydroelectric1.0Rancho Santa Fe92067
RCWD PV Project
MN8 Energy LLCsolar3.9Murrieta92562
RE Adams East, LLC
Onward Energysolar19.0Fresno93668
RE Astoria
RE Astoria LLCsolar100.0Rosamond93560
RE Astoria 2
RE Astoria 2 LLCsolar75.0Rosamond93560
RE Barren Ridge 1
RE Barren Ridge 1, LLCsolar60.0Mojave93501
RE Bruceville 1 LLC
MN8 Energy LLCsolar5.0Elk Grove95757
RE Bruceville 2 LLC
MN8 Energy LLCsolar5.0Elk Grove95757
RE Bruceville 3 LLC
MN8 Energy LLCsolar5.0Elk Grove95757
RE Camelot LLC
Onward Energysolar45.0Mojave93501
RE Columbia 3 LLC
MN8 Energy LLCsolar10.0Mojave95301
RE Columbia Two, LLC
Onward Energysolar15.0Mojave93501
RE Dillard 1 LLC
MN8 Energy LLCsolar3.0Sloughhouse95693
RE Dillard 2 LLC
MN8 Energy LLCsolar3.0Sloughhouse95693
RE Dillard 3 LLC
MN8 Energy LLCsolar3.0Sloughhouse95693
RE Dillard 4 LLC
MN8 Energy LLCsolar0.4Sloughhouse95693
RE Garland
Southern Power Cosolar268.0Rosamond93560
RE Garland A
Southern Power Cosolar20.0Rosamond93560
RE Gaskell West 2 LLC
RE Gaskell West LLCsolar45.0Rosamond93560
RE Gaskell West 3 LLC
RE Gaskell West LLCsolar20.0Rosamond93560
RE Gaskell West 4 LLC
RE Gaskell West LLCsolar20.0Rosamond93560
RE Gaskell West 5 LLC
RE Gaskell West LLCsolar20.0Rosamond93560
RE Kammerer 1 LLC
MN8 Energy LLCsolar5.0Elk Grove95757
RE Kammerer 2 LLC
MN8 Energy LLCsolar5.0Elk Grove95757
RE Kammerer 3 LLC
MN8 Energy LLCsolar5.0Elk Grove95757
RE Kansas Solar, LLC
Onward Energysolar20.0Lemoore93245
RE Kansas South LLC
RE Kansas South LLCsolar20.0Lemoore93245
RE Kent South, LLC
Onward Energysolar20.0Lemoore93245
RE McKenzie 1 LLC
MN8 Energy LLCsolar5.0Galt95632
RE McKenzie 2 LLC
MN8 Energy LLCsolar5.0Galt95632
RE McKenzie 3 LLC
MN8 Energy LLCsolar5.0Galt95632
RE McKenzie 4 LLC
MN8 Energy LLCsolar5.0Galt95632
RE McKenzie 5 LLC
MN8 Energy LLCsolar5.0Galt95632
RE McKenzie 6 LLC
MN8 Energy LLCsolar5.0Galt95632
RE Mustang LLC
MN8 Energy LLCsolar175.0Lemoore93245
RE Old River One, LLC
Onward Energysolar20.0Bakersfield93313
RE Rio Grande Solar LLC
MN8 Energy LLCsolar5.0Mojave95301
RE Rosamond One LLC
MN8 Energy LLCsolar20.0Rosamond93560
RE Rosamond Two LLC
MN8 Energy LLCsolar20.0Rosamond93560
RE Tranquillity
Southern Power Cosolar272.0Cantua Creek93608
RE Victor Phelan Solar One LLC
MN8 Energy LLCsolar20.0Adelanto92301
RE-VFO LLCsolar1.0Visalia93291
RPUWD Scheuer Well Solar Project
MN8 Energy LLCsolar3.0San Bernardino92408
Rabbitbrush Solar, LLC
Leeward Asset Management, LLCsolar120.0Rosamond93560
Radiance Solar 4
Greenbacker Renewable Energy Corporationsolar1.5Lancaster93536
Radiance Solar 5
Greenbacker Renewable Energy Corporationsolar1.5Lancaster93536
Placer County Water Agencyhydroelectric86.0Foresthill95631
Ramona 1
MN8 Energy LLCsolar2.0Ramona92065
Ramona 2
MN8 Energy LLCsolar5.0Ramona92065
Ramona Solar Energy
San Diego Gas & Electric Cosolar3.7Ramona92065
Rancho Cordova Medical Offices
KP Rancho Cordova Medical Offices Solar, LLCsolar1.0Rancho Cordova95670
Rancho Cucamonga Dist #1
Altus Power America Management, LLCsolar1.8Rancho Cucamonga91730
Rancho Seco Solar II, LLC
Rancho Seco Solar II, LLCsolar160.0Twin Cities95638
Rancho Seco Solar, LLC
Rancho Seco Solar, LLCsolar10.8Herald95638
Ratkovich Alhambra
Bloom Energynatural gas1.0Alhambra91803
Red Bluff
California Power Holdings LLCnatural gas44.8Red Bluff96080
Red Mountain
Metropolitan Water District of S CAhydroelectric5.9Fallbrook92028
Redcrest Solar Farm
AES Distributed Energysolar16.0Edison93307
Redding Power
City of Redding - (CA)natural gas171.0Redding96001
Redlands Community Hospital
Bloom Energynatural gas1.1Redlands92373
Redwood 4 Solar Farm
54 KR 8me LLCsolar20.0Edison93307
Redwood Coast Airport Microgrid
Redwood Coast Energy Authoritysolar3.6McKinleyville95519
Reedley Community College Solar
Forefront Power, LLCsolar2.6Reedley93654
Regional Wastewater Control Facility
City of Stockton MUDbiomass4.0Stockton95206
Regulus Solar Project
Regulus Solar, LLCsolar60.0Bakersfield93307
Renew Solar ABC Sacramento LLC
Greenbacker Renewable Energy Corporationsolar1.7Sacramento95834
Rialto - High School
Onyx Asset Services Groupsolar0.9Rialto10169
Richard J Donovan Correctional Facility
California Dept of Correctionsnatural gas2.2San Diego92179
Richmond Cogen
Chevron Products Company-Richmondnatural gas148.3Richmond94802
Terra-Gen Operating Co-Windwind46.9Mojave93501
Ridgetop Energy LLC
Terra-Gen Operating Co-Windwind29.0Mojave93501
Rio Bravo Fresno
Rio Bravo Fresnobiomass24.3Fresno93725
Rio Bravo Hydro Project
Olcese Water Districthydroelectric13.4Bakersfield93302
Rio Bravo Rocklin
Rio Bravo Rocklinbiomass24.4Lincoln95648
Rio Bravo Solar 1 LLC
Duke Energy Renewables Servicessolar19.5McKittrick93251
Rio Bravo Solar II LLC
Duke Energy Renewables Servicessolar19.5McKittrick93251
Rio Hondo
Metropolitan Water District of S CAhydroelectric1.9South Gate90280
Ripon Generation Station
Modesto Irrigation Districtnatural gas100.0Ripon95366
Rising Tree Wind Farm
Rising Tree Wind Farm LLCwind79.2Mojave93501
Rising Tree Wind Farm II
Rising Tree Wind Farm II LLCwind19.8Mojave93501
Rising Tree Wind Farm III
Rising Tree Wind Farm III LLCwind99.0Mojave93501
Riverside Energy Resource Center
City of Riverside - (CA)natural gas196.0Riverside92504
Riverside RWQCP Fuel Cell
Riverside Fuel Cell, LLCbiomass1.4Riverside92504
Riverview Energy Center
Gilroy Energy Center for Riverviewnatural gas46.1Antioch94509
Roaring Creek Water Power
Shasta Hydroelectric Inchydroelectric2.0Montgomery Creek96065
Robbs Peak
Sacramento Municipal Util Disthydroelectric25.5Fresh Pond95726
Robert O Schulz Solar Farm
South San Joaquin Irr Districtsolar1.3Oakdale95361
Rock Creek
Pacific Gas & Electric Co.hydroelectric126.0Storrie95980
Rock Creek LP
Hydroland Omega LLChydroelectric3.0Placerville95667
Imperial Irrigation Districtnatural gas42.3Brawley92227
Rodeo Solar C2
AES Distributed Energysolar1.5Lancaster93536
Rodeo Solar D2
AES Distributed Energysolar1.5Lancaster93536
Roll Delano
Bloom Energynatural gas1.2Delano93215
Roll Delano 2
Bloom Energynatural gas1.6Delano93215
Roll Lost Hills
Bloom Energynatural gas1.0Lost Hills93249
Nevada Irrigation Districthydroelectric12.1Colfax95713
Roseburg Forest Products Biomass
Roseburg Forest Productsbiomass9.0Weed96094
Roseville Energy Park
City of Roseville - (CA)natural gas212.2Roseville95678
Roseville Power Plant #2
City of Roseville - (CA)natural gas42.4Rocklin95765
Rudy Solar, LLC
CD US Solar PO 3, LLCsolar1.5Silver Lake92342
Rush Creek
Southern California Edison Cohydroelectric11.4June lake93529
Russell City Energy Center
Russell City Energy Company LLCnatural gas615.0Hayward94545
CD US Solar MT 2 LLCsolar4.0Palmdale93551
SB Water Reclamation Fuel Cell
San Bernardino Fuel Cell, LLCbiomass1.4San Bernardino92408
SC 1 Data Center, Phase 2
Xeres Ventures LLCpetroleum99.6Santa Clara95050
SCA Cogen 2
Sacramento Municipal Util Distnatural gas176.6Sacramento95824
SCC - San Jose
Bloom Energynatural gas1.0San Jose95110
SCCCD - Clovis Community College
Forefront Power, LLCsolar1.2Fresno93720
SCCCD - Fresno Community College
Forefront Power, LLCsolar2.2Fresno93741
SCDA Solar 1
SCDA Solar 1, LLCsolar7.0Sacramento95837
SCE-Snowline-Duncan Road (North)
SunEdison LLCsolar1.5Phelan92371
SCE-Snowline-Duncan Road (South)
SunEdison LLCsolar1.0Phelan92371
SCE-Snowline-White Rd (Central)
SunEdison LLCsolar1.5Phelan92371
SCE-Snowline-White Road (North)
SunEdison LLCsolar1.5Phelan92371
SCE-Snowline-White Road (South)
SunEdison LLCsolar1.5Phelan92371
SCU000 El Camino Real Fuel Cell
2016 ESA Project Company, LLCnatural gas1.5Santa Clara95053
SDCCD - Miramar
CleanCapital Holdingssolar1.1San Diego92126
SDCWA - Twin Oaks
CleanCapital Holdingssolar1.1San Marcos92069
SE Athos II, LLC
SE Athos II, LLCsolar200.0Desert Center92239
Terra-Gen Operating Co-Solarsolar88.0Hinkley92347
CVI CleanCapital Solar 1 LLCsolar2.0Palmdale93550
AES Distributed Energysolar2.0Palmdale93591
CVI CleanCapital Solar 1 LLCsolar2.0Twentynine Palms92277
Duke Energy Renewables Servicessolar11.8Twentynine Palms92277
SEPV Imperial Dixieland East
AES Distributed Energysolar1.9Imperial92251
SEPV Imperial Dixieland West
AES Distributed Energysolar2.9Imperial92251
SEPV Mojave West
AES Distributed Energysolar20.0Mojave93501
SEPV Palmdale East
AES Distributed Energysolar9.0Palmdale93591
SEPV Sierra
SEPV Sierra, LLCbatteries10.8Lancaster93534
SEPV9 Power Plant
Duke Energy Renewables Servicessolar8.5Twentynine Palms92277
SF Southeast Cogen Plant
City & County of San Franciscobiomass1.9San Francisco94124
SFDK Solar
AES Distributed Energysolar6.3Vallejo94589
San Jose/Santa Clara Water P Cnatural gas12.8San Jose95134
SMUD at Fleshman
Sacramento PV Energy, LLCsolar2.9Galt95632
SMUD at Grundman
Sacramento PV Energy, LLCsolar18.0Elk Grove95757
SMUD at Lawrence
Sacramento PV Energy, LLCsolar1.0Elk Grove95757
SMUD at Van Conett
Sacramento PV Energy, LLCsolar2.9Galt95632
Hybrid-Electric Building Technologies West Los Angeles 1, LLCbatteries1.3Irvine92618
SPA Cogen 3
Sacramento Municipal Util Distnatural gas178.0Sacramento95824
SPI Anderson 2
Sierra Pacific Industriesbiomass27.2Anderson96007
SRI International Cogen Project
IPT SRI Cogeneration Incnatural gas5.6Menlo Park94025
SSI West Riverside Landfill LLC
Standard Solarsolar2.5Riverside92501
Sacramento (SMUD)
Terraform Arcadiasolar1.5Sacramento95816
Sacramento Fairbain Water Treatment Plant
Tesla Inc.solar1.0Sacramento95826
Sacramento Point West Medical Offices
KP Sacramento Point West Medical Offices Solar, LLCsolar1.2Sacramento95815
Sacramento Regional County Sanitation PV
Tesla Inc.solar3.5Elk Grove95758
Sacramento Soleil LLC
EDF Renewable Asset Holdings, Inc.solar1.0Wilton95693
Sagebrush ESS
Terra-Gen Operating Co-BESS 2batteries80.0Mojave93501
Saint Agnes Medical Center
Saint Agnes Medical Centernatural gas5.4Fresno93720
Saint Johns Health Center
Saint John's Health Centernatural gas1.0Santa Monica90404
Salinas River Cogeneration
Salinas River Cogeneration Conatural gas33.0San Ardo93450
Salt Springs
Pacific Gas & Electric Co.hydroelectric44.0Pioneer95666
Salton Sea Power Gen Co - Unit 2
CalEnergy Operating Corporationgeothermal23.1Calipatria92233
Salton Sea Power Gen Co - Unit 3
CalEnergy Operating Corporationgeothermal50.0Calipatria92233
Salton Sea Power Gen Co - Unit 4
CalEnergy Operating Corporationgeothermal44.0Calipatria92233
Salton Sea Power Gen Co Unit 1
CalEnergy Operating Corporationgeothermal10.0Calipatria92233
Salton Sea Power LLC - Unit 5
CalEnergy Operating Corporationgeothermal46.0Calipatria92233
San Antonio Regional Hospital
San Antonio Regional Hospitalnatural gas2.7Upland91786
San Antonio West Solar Rooftop
SS San Antonio West LLCsolar1.5Chino91708
San Diego - EMDF at San Diego
California PV Energy 3, LLCsolar2.9San Diego92158
San Diego - NCRC at Vista
California PV Energy 3, LLCsolar1.8Vista92083
San Diego Community College
Bloom Energynatural gas1.0San Diego92111
San Diego International Airport BESS
ENGIE Storage Services NA LLCbatteries2.0San Diego92101
San Diego State University
San Diego State Universitynatural gas14.1San Diego92182
San Dimas
Metropolitan Water District of S CAhydroelectric9.9San Dimas91773
San Dimas Wash Generating Station
San Gabriel Valley Mun Wtr Dthydroelectric1.0San Dimas91773
San Fernando
Los Angeles Department of Water & Powerhydroelectric6.1Sylmar91342
San Francisquito 1
Los Angeles Department of Water & Powerhydroelectric77.0Saugus91390
San Francisquito 2
Los Angeles Department of Water & Powerhydroelectric44.9Saugus91390
San Gabriel Hydro Project
Los Angeles County-San Gabrielhydroelectric4.8Azusa91702
San Gorgonio Farms Wind Farm
San Gorgonio Farms Incwind31.0Whitewater92282
San Gorgonio Westwinds II LLC
Terra-Gen Operating Co-Windwind43.4North Palm Springs92258
San Gorgonio Windplant WPP1993
FPL Energy Operating Services, Inc.wind49.5North Palm Springs92258
San Joaquin 2
Pacific Gas & Electric Co.hydroelectric3.2North Fork93643
San Joaquin 3
Pacific Gas & Electric Co.hydroelectric4.2North Fork93643
San Joaquin Solar
GASNA 6P, LLCsolar20.0Helm93627
San Jose Cogeneration
San Jose State University Fclts Dev &Opsnatural gas5.6San Jose95192
San Manuel Central Plant Cogens
San Manuel Mission Band of Indiansnatural gas5.0Highland92346
San Pablo Raceway
AES Distributed Energysolar100.0Lancaster93535
Sanborn BESS 1
Terra-Gen Operating Co-BESSbatteries100.0Mojave93501
Sanborn BESS 2
Terra-Gen Operating Co-BESSbatteries100.0Mojave93501
Sand Bar Power Plant
Tri-Dam Power Authorityhydroelectric15.6Stanislaus Ntl. Fores95364
Sand Drag LLC
Avenal Solar Holdings LLCsolar19.0Avenal93204
Santa Ana 1
Southern California Edison Cohydroelectric3.2Highlands92346
Santa Ana 3
Southern California Edison Cohydroelectric3.1Highlands92346
Santa Ana Storage 2
Johanna Energy Center, LLCbatteries20.0Santa Ana92705
Santa Clara Cogen
City of Santa Clara - (CA)natural gas7.0Santa Clara95054
Santa Cruz Energy
Santa Cruz Energy LLCbiomass1.5Santa Cruz95060
Santa Fe Springs Rooftop Solar BLDG H
Golden Springs Development Company LLCsolar1.5Santa Fe Springs90670
Santa Fe Springs Rooftop Solar BLDG M
Golden Springs Development Company LLCsolar1.8Santa Fe Springs90670
Santa Felicia Dam
United Water Conservation Districthydroelectric1.3Piru93040
Santa Maria LFG Power Plant
J&A-Santa Maria LLCbiomass1.0Santa Maria93454
Santa Rita Jail Fuel Cell
SRJFC, LLCnatural gas1.4Dublin94568
Santa Rita Jail Hybrid
County of Alameda GSAbatteries4.9Dublin94568
Santa Rosa Junior College Petaluma Solar
Sonoma County Junior College Districtsolar1.1Petaluma94954
Sargent Canyon Cogeneration
Sargent Canyon Cogeneration Conatural gas30.0Bakersfield93450
Ventura Energy Storage, LLCbatteries100.0Oxnard93036
Los Angeles Department of Water & Powernatural gas778.3Playa del Rey90293
Scott Flat
Nevada Irrigation Districthydroelectric0.9Nevada City95959
SeaWorld Aquatica
Onyx Asset Services Groupsolar1.1Chula Vista91911
Sealed Air Madera Solar Project
Sealed Air Corporationsolar3.8Madera93627
Second Imperial Geothermal
ORCAL Geothermal, Incgeothermal52.1Heber92249
Sentinel Energy Center, LLC
Sentinel Energy Center LLCnatural gas800.0Desert Hot Springs92240
Sepulveda Canyon
Metropolitan Water District of S CAhydroelectric8.5Los Angeles90049
Seville 1
Duke Energy Renewables Servicessolar20.0Ocotillo Wells92004
Seville 2
Duke Energy Renewables Servicessolar30.0Ocotillo Wells92004
Shafter Solar LLC
Shafter Solar LLCsolar20.0Bakersfield93314
U S Bureau of Reclamationhydroelectric714.0Redding96003
Shasta Solar Farm
Ignite Solar Holdings LLCsolar3.0Fall River Mills96026
Shelter Creek Condominiums Solar
Vista Solar, Inc.solar2.4San Bruno94066
Shiloh I Wind Project
Avangrid Renewables LLCwind150.0Rio Vista94571
Shiloh III Wind Project LLC
EDF Renewable Asset Holdings, Inc.wind102.5Birds Landing94512
Shiloh IV Wind Project LLC
EDF Renewable Asset Holdings, Inc.wind102.5Birds Landing94512
Shiloh Wind Project 2 LLC
EDF Renewable Asset Holdings, Inc.wind150.0Birds Landing94512
Sierra Nevada Brewing Co Hybrid
Sierra Nevada Brewing Conatural gas3.6Chico95928
Sierra Pacific Burney Facility
Sierra Pacific Industriesbiomass18.9Burney96013
Sierra Pacific Chinese Camp
Sierra Pacific Industriessolar3.6Chinese Camp95309
Sierra Pacific Industries (2042-RD)
Sierra Pacific Industriessolar8.4Red Bluff96080
Sierra Pacific Lincoln Facility
Sierra Pacific Industriesbiomass17.5Lincoln95648
Sierra Pacific Quincy Facility
Sierra Pacific Industriesbiomass24.0Quincy95971
Sierra Pacific Sonora
Sierra Pacific Industriesbiomass6.0Standard95370
Sierra Solar Greenworks
AES Distributed Energysolar18.0Lancaster93536
Signal Hill West Unit
Signal Hill Petroleum, Incother5.7Signal Hill90755
Silicon Valley Clean Water
Silicon Valley Clean Waterbiomass2.2Redwood City94065
Silveira Ranch Road Solar
Silveira Ranch Road Solarsolar3.0Novato94945
Silverstrand Grid Energy Storage System
Silverstrand Grid, LLCbatteries11.0Camarillo93010
Siphon Drop Power Plant
Yuma County Water User's Associationhydroelectric4.4Winterhaven92283
Site 980 65
Madera-Chowchilla Power Authhydroelectric2.1Madera93637
Sky River Wind Energy Center
Sky River Wind LLCwind60.2Tehachapi93561
Slate Creek
Central Rivers Power US, LLChydroelectric4.0Lakehead96051
Slate Hybrid
MN8 Energy LLCsolar440.3Stratford93266
Sly Creek
South Feather Water and Power Agencyhydroelectric12.1Forbestown95941
Soboba Community Solar Project
Soboba Band of Luiseno Indianssolar1.7San Jacinto92583
Sol Orchard El Centro PV
Sol Orchard Imperial 1, LLCsolar20.0El Centro92243
Solano County Cogen Plant
Solano Countynatural gas2.8Fairfield94533
Solano Wind
Sacramento Municipal Util Distwind228.1Rio Vista94512
Solar Blythe 2
NRG Solar Blythe II LLCsolar20.0Blythe92225
Solar Blythe LLC
NRG Solar Blythesolar21.0Blythe92225
Solar Borrego I
NRG Solar Borrego Isolar26.0Borrego Springs92004
Solar Gen 2 Solar Facility
Southern Power Cosolar150.0Calipatria92243
Solar Oasis LLC
Solar Oasis, LLCsolar20.0Palmdale93550
Solar Photovoltaic Project #02
Southern California Edison Cosolar1.0Chino91710
Solar Photovoltaic Project #03
Southern California Edison Cosolar1.0Rialto92376
Solar Photovoltaic Project #05
Southern California Edison Cosolar2.5Redlands92374
Solar Photovoltaic Project #06
Southern California Edison Cosolar2.0Ontario91761
Solar Photovoltaic Project #07
Southern California Edison Cosolar2.5Redlands92374
Solar Photovoltaic Project #08
Southern California Edison Cosolar2.0Ontario91761
Solar Photovoltaic Project #09
Southern California Edison Cosolar1.0Ontario91761
Solar Photovoltaic Project #10
Southern California Edison Cosolar1.5Fontana92335
Solar Photovoltaic Project #11
Southern California Edison Cosolar3.5Redlands92374
Solar Photovoltaic Project #12
Southern California Edison Cosolar0.5Ontario91761
Solar Photovoltaic Project #13
Southern California Edison Cosolar3.5Redlands92374
Solar Photovoltaic Project #15
Southern California Edison Cosolar3.5Fontana92335
Solar Photovoltaic Project #16
Southern California Edison Cosolar1.5Redlands92374
Solar Photovoltaic Project #17
Southern California Edison Cosolar3.5Fontana92335
Solar Photovoltaic Project #18
Southern California Edison Cosolar1.5Fontana92335
Solar Photovoltaic Project #22
Southern California Edison Cosolar2.0Redlands92374
Solar Photovoltaic Project #23
Southern California Edison Cosolar2.5Fontana92335
Solar Photovoltaic Project #26
Southern California Edison Cosolar6.0Rialto92376
Solar Photovoltaic Project #27
Southern California Edison Cosolar2.0Rialto92376
Solar Photovoltaic Project #28
Southern California Edison Cosolar3.5San Bernardino92408
Solar Photovoltaic Project #32
Southern California Edison Cosolar1.5Ontario91761
Solar Photovoltaic Project #33
Southern California Edison Cosolar1.0Ontario91761
Solar Photovoltaic Project #42
Southern California Edison Cosolar5.0Tulare93257
Solar Photovoltaic Project #48
Southern California Edison Cosolar5.0Redlands92374
Solar Star 1
Solar Star California XIX, LLCsolar309.9Rosamond93560
Solar Star 2
Solar Star California XX, LLCsolar275.0Rosamond93560
Solar Star California II LLC
Solar Star California II LLCsolar2.0Sacramento95824
Solar Star California, XLI, LLC
MN8 Energy LLCsolar54.0Rosamond93560
Solar Star California, XLIV, LLC
MN8 Energy LLCsolar9.5Pearblossom93553
Solar Star Palo Alto I, LLC
DG 1 Acquisition Co., LLCsolar1.3Palo Alto94304
Solverde 1
AES Distributed Energysolar81.0Lancaster93534
Sonoma California Geothermal
Geysers Power Co LLCgeothermal50.0Middletown95461
Sonoma Central Landfill Phase I
County of Sonoma Dept of Trnspbiomass2.8Petaluma94952
Sonoma Central Landfill Phase II
County of Sonoma Dept of Trnspbiomass2.8Petaluma94952
Sonoma Central Landfill Phase III
County of Sonoma Dept of Trnspbiomass1.4Petaluma94952
Sonora 1
Greenbacker Renewable Energy Corporationsolar1.5Jamestown95327
Soscol Ferry Solar
Soscol Ferry Solarsolar2.0Napa94558
Pacific Gas & Electric Co.hydroelectric7.0Manton96059
South Belridge Cogeneration Facility
AERA Energy LLCnatural gas57.0McKittrick93251
Southeast Kern River Cogen
Chevron USA Incnatural gas26.8Bakersfield93308
Southeast Resource Recovery
SERRF Joint Powers Authoritybiomass28.0Long Beach90802
Spaulding 1
Pacific Gas & Electric Co.hydroelectric7.0Emigrant Gap95715
Spaulding 2
Pacific Gas & Electric Co.hydroelectric4.4Emigrant Gap95715
Spaulding 3
Pacific Gas & Electric Co.hydroelectric5.8Emigrant Gap95715
Spicer Meadow Project
Northern California Power Agnyhydroelectric5.5Murphys95247
Spreckels Sugar Company
Spreckels Sugar Companynatural gas8.9Brawley92227
Spring Creek
U S Bureau of Reclamationhydroelectric180.0Redding96003
Spring Gap
Pacific Gas & Electric Co.hydroelectric7.0Long Barn95335
Springbok 3 Solar Farm Hybrid
64KT 8me LLCsolar91.5Cantil93519
Springbok Solar Farm 1
62SK 8me, LLCsolar105.0Cantil93519
Springbok Solar Farm 2
63SU 8me, LLCsolar155.0Cantil93519
Springs Generating Station
City of Riverside - (CA)natural gas40.0Riverside92507
Springville Hydroelectric
Calleguas Mun Water Districthydroelectric1.0Camarillo93010
Stage Gulch Solar
Stage Gulch Solar, LLCsolar0.8Petaluma94954
U S Bureau of Reclamationhydroelectric3.6Truckee96161
Stanford Campus Solar
MN8 Energy LLCsolar3.3Stanford94305
Pacific Gas & Electric Co.hydroelectric91.0Vallecito95251
Stanton Energy Reliability Center Hybrid
Wellhead Services, Incnatural gas161.0Stanton90680
Staples La Mirada, CA
SunE WF3-ST Holdings, LLCsolar0.9La Mirada90638
Starbucks - Evolution Fresh
Bloom Energynatural gas1.0Rancho Cucamonga91730
Stateline Solar
Southern Power Cosolar300.0Nipton92364
Stenner Creek Solar
Stenner Creek Solar LLCsolar4.5San Luis Obispo93407
Still Water Power
Still Water Power LLCbiomass1.0Hanford93230
Stockton Biomass
DTE Stockton LLCbiomass45.0Stockton95203
Stony Gorge
City of Santa Clara - (CA)hydroelectric5.0Elk Creek95939
Strata Roof 1
Strata Manager, LLCsolar1.0Sacramento95834
Stroud Solar Station
Pacific Gas & Electric Co.solar20.0Helm93627
Summer North Solar
AES Distributed Energysolar6.5Lancaster93536
Summer Solar A2
AES Distributed Energysolar1.5Lancaster93536
Summer Solar B2
AES Distributed Energysolar1.5Lancaster93536
Summer Solar C2
AES Distributed Energysolar1.5Lancaster93536
Summer Solar D2
AES Distributed Energysolar1.0Lancaster93536
Summer Solar LLC
AES Distributed Energysolar19.0Lancaster93536
Summit Winds
Greenbacker Renewable Energy Corporationwind56.2Livermore94551
Sun City Project LLC
Avenal Solar Holdings LLCsolar20.0Avenal93204
Sun Harvest Solar NDP1
Altus Power America Management, LLCsolar1.5Dos Palos93620
Arizona Electric Pwr Coop Incsolar3.4Anza92539
SunE Rochester
SunE Solar XVI Lessor, LLCsolar1.0Rancho Cucamonga91730
SunE- E Philadelphia Ontario
SunEdison LLCsolar1.0Ontario91761
SunEdison Anheuser Busch Fairfield
SunE M5 Holdings LLCsolar0.9Fairfield94534
SunEdison Ironwood State Prison
SunE CPA CDC2 LLCsolar0.9Blythe92225
SunEdison Procter & Gamble Oxnard
SunE U6 Holdings LLCsolar0.8Oxnard95826
SunEdison Walgreens Moreno Valley
SunE WG113 Moreno Valley LLCsolar0.9Moreno Valley92551
SunEdison Walmart Apple Valley DC
SunE M5 Holdings LLCsolar0.9Apple Valley92307
SunSelect Produce (California) Incnatural gas6.6Tehachapi93561
Sunlight Storage
Sunlight Storage, LLCbatteries230.0Desert Center92239
Sunnyvale City of WPCP
Sunnyvale City of WPCPnatural gas1.6Sunnyvale94088
Sunray 2
Sunray Energy 2, LLCsolar20.0Daggett92327
Sunray 3
Sunray Energy 3 LLCsolar13.8Daggett92327
Sunrise Power LLC
Sunrise Power Co LLCnatural gas545.0Fellows93224
Sunset Reservoir North Basin
Duke Energy Renewables Servicessolar4.5San Francisco94121
Sunshine Gas Producers
Sunshine Gas Producers LLCbiomass20.0Sylmar91342
Sutter Energy Center
Calpine Corp-Sutternatural gas530.0Yuba City95993
Sycamore Cogeneration
Sycamore Cogeneration Conatural gas300.0Bakersfield93380
Sycamore Energy LLC
Sycamore Energy LLCbiomass5.2Santee92071
TA-Acacia, LLC
Onward Energysolar20.0Lancaster93536
TA-High Desert LLC
TA-High Desert LLCsolar20.0Lancaster93535
THUMS Long Beach Companynatural gas45.0Long Beach90802
TLR000 Hansen Fuel Cell
2016 ESA Project Company, LLCnatural gas3.0Salinas93901
TPC Windfarms LLC
Terra-Gen Operating Co-Windwind28.7Mojave93501
Taft 26C Cogen
Chevron USA Incnatural gas10.8Taft93224
Tahquitz High School
AES Distributed Energysolar1.0Hemet92545
Tajiguas Resource Recovery Project
MSB Investors, LLCbiomass2.2Goleta93117
Target Woodland Solar Project
MN8 Energy LLCsolar1.8Woodland95776
Taylor Farms
Foundation HA Energy Generation, LLCwind1.0Gonzales93926
Taylor Farms - Schilling Place
Bloom Energynatural gas1.0Salinas93901
Taylor Farms Salinas
Bloom Energynatural gas1.0Salinas93901
Tehachapi Wind Resource I
CalWind Resources Incwind8.7Tehachapi93581
Tehachapi Wind Resource II
CalWind Resources Incwind21.9Tehachapi93561
Teichert Materials-Teichert Vernalis
Foundation HA Energy Generation, LLCwind1.0San Joaquin95304
Metropolitan Water District of S CAhydroelectric2.8Corona91720
Temescal Canyon RV, LLC
Temescal Canyon RV, LLCsolar1.5Corona92881
Tequesquite Landfill Solar PV Project
Solar Star California XXXI, LLCsolar7.3Riverside92501
Terminus Hydroelectric Project
Eagle Creek Renewable Energy, LLChydroelectric20.0Lemon Cove93244
Terra Francesco
Altus Power America Management, LLCsolar1.5Ontario92824
Terra-Gen VG Wind LLC
Terra-Gen Operating Co-Windwind7.4Tehachapi93561
California Dept. of Water Resourcespumped storage115.1Oroville95966
Thermalito Diverson Dam
California Dept. of Water Resourceshydroelectric3.0Oroville95966
Thomas M Knott Cogen Facility
Sentinel Peak Resources California, LLCnatural gas1.2San Luis Obispo93401
Three Forks Water Power Project
Grizzly Mountain Ranchhydroelectric1.2Zenia95595
Tierra Buena Energy Storage
VESI 10 LLCbatteries5.0Yuba City95993
Tiger Creek
Pacific Gas & Electric Co.hydroelectric58.0Pioneer95666
Titan Solar 1 (CA)
Titan Solar 1, LLCsolar70.0Borrego Springs92004
Pacific Gas & Electric Co.hydroelectric1.5Magalia95954
Top Gun Energy Storage
San Diego Gas & Electric Cobatteries30.0San Diego92121
Topaz Solar Farm
Topaz Solar Farms LLCsolar585.9Santa Margarita93453
Torrance Refining Company, LLC
Torrance Refining Company, LLCother49.3Torrance90509
Total Energy Facilities
Los Angeles County Sanitationbiomass31.4Carson90745
Toyon Power Station
Toyon Landfill Gas Conversion, LLCbiomass0.9Los Angeles90027
Tracy 210
Costco Wholesalenatural gas2.6Tracy95377
Tracy Combined Cycle Power Plant
MRP San Joaquin Energy LLC.natural gas320.1Tracy95377
Tranquillity ID
Tranquillity Solar 1, LLCsolar1.3Tranquillity93668
Transamerica Pyramid
Transamerica Pyramid Properties LLCnatural gas1.0San Francisco94111
U S Bureau of Reclamationhydroelectric140.0Weaverville96003
Trona Solar III
Trona Solar III LLCsolar2.0Trona93592
Tropico Solar PV Plant
Arevon Energy, Inc.solar13.0Delano93215
Tulare 1 and 2
Arevon Energy, Inc.solar3.0Tulare93274
Tulare BioMAT Fuel Cell
Central CA Fuel Cell 2, LLCbiomass2.8Tulare93274
Tulare Success Power Project
Lower Tule River Irrgtn Disthydroelectric1.4Porterville93257
Tule River
Pacific Gas & Electric Co.hydroelectric6.4Springville93265
Tule Wind LLC
Avangrid Renewables LLCwind143.0Boulevard91905
Oakdale&South San Joaquin Irrigation D.hydroelectric25.5Jamestown95370
Turlock Lake
Turlock Irrigation Districthydroelectric3.3Hickman95323
UC Davis South Campus
Solar Star California XXXII, LLCsolar13.0Davis95616
UC Merced Solar Hybrid
MN8 Energy LLCsolar4.8Merced92350
UC Riverside Lots 30 & 32
MN8 Energy LLCsolar3.5Riverside92507
UC Santa Cruz Solar
Forefront Power, LLCsolar2.8Santa Cruz95064
UCI Facilities Management Central Plant
University of California Irvinenatural gas19.0Irvine92697
UCLA So Campus Cogen Project
University of California-LAnatural gas36.0Los Angeles90095
US Borax
U S Borax Incnatural gas39.0Boron93516
US GSA - Sacramento
Tesla Inc.solar1.1Sacramento95825
US-TOPCO (Soccer Center)
Tesla Inc.solar3.0Lancaster93535
ZGlobal Incsolar1.0El Centro92243
ZGlobal Incsolar1.0El Centro92243
USPS LA Solar FiT A & Bsolar7.4Los Angeles90052
Union Valley
Sacramento Municipal Util Disthydroelectric38.6Fresh Pond95725
Univ of Calif Santa Cruz Cogeneration
Santa Cruz Cogeneration Assocnatural gas4.4Santa Cruz95064
Univ of California San Diego Solar
University of California San Diegosolar1.2La Jolla92093
Univ of San Francisco Cogen
University of San Francisconatural gas1.4San Francisco94117
University of California San Diego Hybrid
University of California San Diegonatural gas32.5La Jolla92093
University of San Diego
Bloom Energy 2009 PPAnatural gas1.0San Diego92110
University of the Pacific
The Greater Light USA LLCsolar5.5Stockton95211
Upper Dawson
Turlock Irrigation Districthydroelectric5.5La Grange95329
Upper Gorge
Los Angeles Department of Water & Powerhydroelectric36.5Bishop93514
VA Sepulveda Ambulatory Care Center
VA Sepulveda Ambulatory Care Centersolar3.5North Hills91343
VESI Pomona
VESI Pomona Energy Storage, Inc.batteries20.0Pomona91768
Vaca Dixon Solar Station
Pacific Gas & Electric Co.solar2.0Vacaville95688
Janssen Pharmaceutical Cosolar1.0Vacaville95687
Vacaville Hospital
KP Vacaville Solar, LLCsolar1.4Vacaville95688
Valencia 1 Solar CA
ZGlobal Incsolar3.0Westmorland92281
Valencia 2
Greenbacker Renewable Energy Corporationsolar3.0Imperial92251
Valencia 3
Greenbacker Renewable Energy Corporationsolar3.0Imperial92251
Valentine Solar, LLC
EDF Renewable Asset Holdings, Inc.solar111.2Rosamond93560
Valero Refinery Cogeneration Unit 1
Valero Refining Co Californianatural gas45.4Benicia94510
Valero Wilmington Cogeneration Plant
Valero Wilmingtonnatural gas32.2Wilmington90744
Viridity Energy Solutions, Inc.batteries10.0Carpinteria93013
Vallecitos Water District
SSA Solar of CA 5, LLCsolar1.4San Marcos92069
Valley (CA)
Los Angeles Department of Water & Powernatural gas563.0Sun Valley91352
Valley Center
Heelstone Energy Holdings, LLCsolar2.3Valley Center92082
Valley Center 1
MN8 Energy LLCsolar2.5Valley Center92082
Valley Center 2
MN8 Energy LLCsolar5.0Valley Center92082
Valley Center 54
Terra-Gen Operating Co-BESS 2batteries54.0Valley Center92082
Valley Center 85
Terra-Gen Operating Co-BESS 2batteries85.0Valley Center92082
Valley Sanitary District WTP Solar
Tesla Inc.solar1.0Indio92201
Valley View
Metropolitan Water District of S CAhydroelectric4.1Yorba Linda92886
Van der Hoek Solar Array/ Dairy
Maas Energy Workssolar3.0Helm93627
Van der Kooi Dairy Solary Array
Maas Energy Workssolar1.5Riverdale93656
Vanadium Redox Flow Battery Plant
SDGE Batteriesbatteries2.0Bonita91902
Vandenberg Solar Project
MN8 Energy LLCsolar25.3Vandenberg Airforce B93437
Vasco Winds
Vasco Winds, LLCwind78.2Livermore94551
Vega Solar
Vega Solar, LLCsolar20.0Los Banos93635
Venable Solar 1
Venable Solar, LLCsolar1.5Blythe92225
Venable Solar 2
Venable Solar, LLCsolar1.5Blythe92225
Venice Hydro
Metropolitan Water District of S CAhydroelectric10.1Culver City90230
Ventura Solar
Ventura Solar LLCsolar2.9Fillmore93015
Bloom Energynatural gas1.0Torrance90501
City of Vernonpetroleum18.0Vernon90058
Verwey-Hanford Dairy Digester #1
Verwey-Hanford Dairy Digester #2
Hanford Renewable Energy LLCbiomass1.0Hanford93239
Verwey-Hanford Dairy Digester #3
Hanford Renewable Energy LLCbiomass1.0Hanford92329
Victor Dry Farm Ranch A
AES Distributed Energysolar5.0Victorville92392
Victor Dry Farm Ranch B
AES Distributed Energysolar5.0Victorville92392
Victor Mesa Linda B2
AES Distributed Energysolar1.6Victorville92392
Victor Mesa Linda C2
AES Distributed Energysolar1.6Victorville92392
Victor Mesa Linda D2
AES Distributed Energysolar1.6Victorville92392
Victor Mesa Linda E2
AES Distributed Energysolar1.6Victorville92392
Victor Valley CC CPV Solar
Victor Valley Community College Districtsolar1.0Victorville92395
Victory Garden (Tehachapi)
Wind Stream Operations LLCwind18.8Tehachapi93561
CD US Solar MT 2 LLCsolar1.5Lancaster93535
Vintner Solar
Ecos Energy LLCsolar1.5Templeton93465
Vista Energy Storage System
Vista Energy Storage, LLCbatteries40.0Vista90283
Vitro Flat Glass LLC
Vitro Flat Glass LLCpetroleum2.6Fresno93725
Volta 1
Pacific Gas & Electric Co.hydroelectric9.0Manton96059
Volta 2
Pacific Gas & Electric Co.hydroelectric0.9Manton96059
Voyager Wind I
Terra-Gen Operating Co-Windwind131.1Mojave93501
Voyager Wind II
Terra-Gen Operating Co-Windwind128.7Mojave93501
Voyager Wind III
Terra-Gen Operating Co-Windwind43.2Mojave93501
Voyager Wind IV
Terra-Gen Operating Co-Windwind21.6Mojave93501
Vulcan-BN Geothermal Power Company
CalEnergy Operating Corporationgeothermal38.0Calipatria92233
W E Warne
California Dept. of Water Resourceshydroelectric76.0Gorman93243
W Plant
Qualcomm Incorporatednatural gas4.0San Diego92121
W R Gianelli
California Dept. of Water Resourcespumped storage401.0Gustine95322
WWTP Power Generation Station
East Bay Municipal Util Distbiomass6.0Oakland94607
Wadham Energy LP
Wadham Energy Ltd Partnersbiomass26.5Williams95987
Wagner Wind LLC
Greenbacker Renewable Energy Corporationwind6.0Palm Springs92240
Walgreens Woodland Distribution Center
SunE WG45 Woodland LLCsolar0.9Woodland95776
Turlock Irrigation Districtnatural gas47.0Turlock95380
Walnut Creek Energy Park
Walnut Creek LLCnatural gas485.0Industry91744
Walnut Energy Center
Turlock Irrigation Districtnatural gas269.0Turlock95380
Walnut Unified School District Walnut HS Hybrid
Tesla Inc.solar2.3Walnut91789
Warm Springs Hydro Project
Sonoma County Water Agencyhydroelectric1.2Geyserville95441
Waste Mangement Redwood LFGTE
WM Renewable Energy LLCbiomass4.0Novato94948
Watkins Manufacturing Co.
Watkins Manufacturing Corporationnatural gas2.0San Diego92081
Watson Cogeneration
ARCO Products Co-Watsonnatural gas398.0Carson90749
Watts 3115
CD US Solar MT 2 LLCsolar2.0Adelanto92301
Welport Lease Project
Sentinel Peak Resources California, LLCnatural gas4.0McKittrick93251
West Gates Solar Station
Pacific Gas & Electric Co.solar10.0Huron93234
West Point PH
Pacific Gas & Electric Co.hydroelectric14.5Pioneer95666
West Valley High School Solar
AES Distributed Energysolar0.9Hemet92545
West Valley Mission CCD Solar Project
West Valley-Mission Community College Districtsolar3.4Saratoga95070
West Village Solar - Array 1Community Solar
CHF-Davis I, LLCsolar1.0Davis95616
West Village Solar - Array 2 Community Solar
CHF-Davis I, LLCsolar1.0Davis95616
Westend Facility
Searles Valley Minerals Operations Inc.natural gas15.0Trona93562
Western Antelope Blue Sky B
AES Distributed Energysolar19.0Lancaster93536
Western Antelope Blue Sky Ranch A
AES Distributed Energysolar19.0Lancaster93536
Western Antelope Dry Ranch
AES Distributed Energysolar10.0Lancaster93536
Western Power & Steam Inc
Western Power and Steam II LLCnatural gas19.6Bakersfield93308
Westlands Solar PV Farm
Westlands Solar Farms, LLCsolar18.0Huron93234
Westmont 300A
Westmont Solar, LLCsolar2.9San Pedro90731
Westmont 300B
Westmont Solar, LLCsolar2.3San Pedro90731
Westmont 301
Westmont Solar, LLCsolar1.8San Pedro90731
Westmont 400A
Westmont Solar, LLCsolar2.3Los Angeles90731
Westmont 400B
Westmont Solar, LLCsolar2.2Los Angeles90731
Westmont 401
Westmont Solar, LLCsolar2.0San Pedro90731
Westside Solar Power PV1
Westside Assets LLCsolar2.0Lemoore93245
Westside Solar Station
Pacific Gas & Electric Co.solar15.0Five Points96324
Weymouth Solar Plant
Metropolitan Water District of S CAsolar3.0La Verne91750
Wheelabrator Shasta
Shasta Sustainable Resource Management, Inc.biomass56.4Anderson96007
City of Redding - (CA)hydroelectric3.5Whiskeytown96001
White River Solar
Consolidated Edison Development Inc.solar20.0Alpaugh93201
White River Solar 2
Consolidated Edison Development Inc.solar19.8Alpaugh93201
White Rock/Slab Creek
Sacramento Municipal Util Disthydroelectric244.2Placerville95709
Whitethorn Solar LLC
Whitethorn Solar LLCsolar3.3Livermore94550
Whitewater Hill Wind Partners
Shell Wind Energy Inc.wind61.5North Palm Springs92258
Whitewater Hydro Plant
Desert Water Agencyhydroelectric1.3California92262
Whitney Point Solar
Whitney Point Solar, LLCsolar20.0Five Points93624
Whittier LFG Power Plant #1
J&A-Whittier LLCbiomass2.0Whittier90602
Wildcat I Energy Storage LLC
Wildcat I Energy Storage LLCbatteries3.0Palm Springs92264
Wildflower Solar 1
Lightsource Renewable Energy Asset Management, LLCsolar13.0Elverta95626
Wildwood Solar I, LLC
Duke Energy Renewables Servicessolar19.5Wasco93280
Wildwood Solar II
Duke Energy Renewables Servicessolar14.7Wasco93280
Willow Spring Solar, LLC
Willow Spring Solar LLCsolar107.9Rosamond93560
Wilmington Hydrogen Plant
Air Products & Chemicals Incother28.1Wilmington90744
Windhub Solar A LLC
EDP Renewables North America LLCsolar20.0Mojave93501
Windsor Floating Solar
CA ODEVI LLCsolar1.5Windsor95492
Windstar 1
Nextera Energy Resourceswind120.0Tehachapi93561
Pacific Gas & Electric Co.hydroelectric17.2Auburn95603
Wistaria Ranch Solar
Consolidated Edison Development Inc.solar100.0Calexico92231
Wister Solar
Wister Solarsolar20.0Niland92257
Wolfskill Energy Center
Gilroy Energy Center LLCnatural gas45.0Fairfield94534
Wonderful Firebaugh
Wonderful Renewable Energy, LLC.solar5.4Firebaugh93622
Wonderful Huller & Shellling
Wonderful Renewable Energy, LLC.solar1.5Lost Hills93249
Wonderful Kings
Wonderful Renewable Energy, LLC.solar3.2Lost Hills93249
Wonderful Lost Hills
Wonderful Renewable Energy, LLC.solar16.7Lost Hills93249
Wonderful Nursery
Wonderful Renewable Energy, LLC.solar2.3Wasco93280
Wonderful Orchards - Belridge
Wonderful Renewable Energy, LLC.solar5.0Lost Hills93249
Wonderful Orchards - New Columbia
Wonderful Renewable Energy, LLC.solar5.0Firebaugh93622
Wonderful Orchards - Westside
Wonderful Renewable Energy, LLC.solar5.0Lost Hills93250
Modesto Irrigation Districtnatural gas177.2Modesto95351
Woodland Biomass Power Ltd
DTE Energy Services-Woodlandbiomass25.0Woodland95776
South Feather Water and Power Agencyhydroelectric60.0Forbestown95941
Woodmere Solar Farm
AES Distributed Energysolar15.0Edison93307
Woodward Power Plant
Turlock Irrigation Districthydroelectric2.7Oakdale95361
Wright Solar Park
Wright Solar Park LLCsolar200.0Los Banos93635
Xebec 1
AES Distributed Energysolar1.9Sun Valley91352
Xilinx San Jose
Bloom Energynatural gas1.0San Jose95124
Yahoo! - HQ
Bloom Energynatural gas1.0Sunnyvale94089
Yolo County Solar Project
Yolo County ofsolar1.0Woodland95695
Yorba Linda
Metropolitan Water District of S CAhydroelectric5.1Yorba Linda92886
Yuba City Cogen Partners
Wellhead Services, Incnatural gas49.9Yuba City95993
Yuba City Energy Center
Calpine Corp-Yuba Citynatural gas45.0Yuba City95993
Wind Stream Operations LLCwind1.6Tehachapi93561
Zero Waste Energy Development Co LLC
Zero Waste Energy Development Company LLCbiomass1.6San Jose95134
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