Power Plants in Indiana

There are a total of 195 power plants in Indiana. The most common type of power plant in Indiana is Solar with a total of 91 locations. Coal generates the most power in Indiana with 14249.9 total Megawatts.
SourceTotal LocationsTotal Megawatts
Natural Gas377784.6

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Map of Power Plants in Indiana

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Source: US Energy Information Administration - 2024

List of All Power Plant Locations in Indiana

Plant NameOperatorPower SourceMegawattsCity/TownZIP Code
A B Brown
Southern Indiana Gas & Elec Cocoal645.0Mount Vernon47620
AES Petersburg
Indianapolis Power & Light Cocoal1488.0Petersburg47567
Indiana Municipal Power Agencynatural gas140.0Anderson46011
Anderson 3
Indiana Municipal Power Agencysolar8.7Anderson46013
Anderson 4
Indiana Municipal Power Agencysolar7.8Anderson46013
Anderson 5
Indiana Municipal Power Agencysolar3.0Anderson46017
Anderson 6
Indiana Municipal Power Agencysolar6.8Anderson46011
ArcelorMittal Burns Harbor
Cleveland-Cliffs Burns Harbor LLCother174.7Burns Harbor46304
Bellflower Solar 1
Lightsource Renewable Energy Asset Management, LLCsolar152.5Lewisville47352
Marion Solar LLCsolar3.8Indianapolis46221
Benton County Wind Farm
Orion Energy Group LLCwind130.5Earl Park47942
BioTown Ag
Bio Town Biogas, LLCbiomass6.0Reynolds47980
Bitter Ridge Wind Farm, LLC
Bitter Ridge Wind Farm, LLCwind130.0Redkey47373
Bluff Point Wind Facility
Bluff Point Wind, LLCwind119.7Portland47371
Bos Dairy, LLC
Bos Dairy, LLCnatural gas0.9Fair Oaks47943
Indiana Municipal Power Agencysolar6.8Bremen46506
Bunge North America East LLC
Bunge North America East LLCnatural gas2.2Decatur46733
CC Perry K
Citizens Thermal Energynatural gas6.4Indianapolis46225
Camp Atterbury Microgrid Hybrid
Duke Energy Indiana, LLCbatteries7.0Edinburgh46124
Caterpillar Incnatural gas11.2Lafayette47905
Duke Energy Indiana, LLCcoal1089.0Cayuga47928
Centerville Solar Park
Indiana Municipal Power Agencysolar1.1Centerville47330
Clifty Creek
Indiana-Kentucky Electric Corpcoal1173.0Madison47250
Columbia City Solar Park
Indiana Municipal Power Agencysolar4.3Columbia City46725
Covanta Indianapolis Energy
Covanta Indianapolis Incbiomass5.0Indianapolis46221
Crane Battery Energy Storage System
Duke Energy Indiana, LLCbatteries5.0Burns City47522
Crane Solar Facility
Duke Energy Indiana, LLCsolar17.0Crane47522
Crawfordsville 2 Solar Park
Indiana Municipal Power Agencysolar7.9Crawfordsville47933
Crawfordsville 3 Solar Park
Indiana Municipal Power Agencysolar4.8Crawfordsville47993
Crawfordsville 5 Solar Park
Indiana Municipal Power Agencysolar9.8Crawfordsville47993
Crawfordsville Power Plant
Crawfordsville Energy LLCpetroleum0.9Crawfordsville47933
Crawfordsville Solar Park 4
Indiana Municipal Power Agencysolar2.3Crawfordsville47933
Decatur Co. Solar RES (IN)
Hoosier Energy R E C, Incsolar1.1Greensburg47240
Deer Creek PV
Indiana Michigan Power Cosolar2.5Marion46953
Deercroft I & II LFGTE
Wabash Valley Power Assn, Incnatural gas6.4Michigan City46360
Duke Building 129
Concord New Energysolar3.4Indianapolis46268
Duke Building 87
Concord New Energysolar2.7Indianapolis46268
Duke Building 98
Concord New Energysolar2.7Indianapolis46268
Eagle Valley (IN)
Indianapolis Power & Light Conatural gas644.0Martinsville46151
Earthmovers LFGTE
Wabash Valley Power Assn, Incbiomass4.8Elkhart46517
East Chicago
Altus Power America Management, LLCsolar2.0East Chicago46312
Duke Energy Indiana, LLCcoal595.0Edwardsport47500
Indiana Michigan Power Cohydroelectric1.4Elkhart46516
Ellettsville Solar RES
Hoosier Energy R E C, Incsolar1.1Ellettsville47429
Evonik Industries AG
Evonik Degussa Corporationpetroleum1.2Lafayette47909
Expander Turbine
ArcelorMittal USA Incother18.8East Chicago46312
F B Culley
Southern Indiana Gas & Elec Cocoal360.0Newburgh47630
Fowler Ridge IV Wind Farm LLC
Pattern Operators LPwind150.0Fowler47944
Fowler Ridge Wind Farm LLC
AE Power Services LLCwind600.3Fowler47944
Gary Works
United States Steel-Garyother161.0Gary46402
Gas City 2
Indiana Municipal Power Agencysolar1.8Gas City46933
Gas City Solar Park
Indiana Municipal Power Agencysolar2.5Gas City46933
Indianapolis Power & Light Conatural gas316.4Indianapolis46268
Duke Energy Indiana, LLCcoal3132.0Owensville47665
Green Cow Power
Green Cow Power LLCbiomass4.3Goshen46526
Greenfield Solar Park
Indiana Municipal Power Agencysolar2.8Greenfield46140
Altus Power America Management, LLCsolar2.0Griffith46319
Harding Street
Indianapolis Power & Light Conatural gas966.0Indianapolis46217
Headwaters Wind Farm II LLC
EDP Renewables North America LLCwind200.0Losanville47354
Headwaters Wind Farm LLC
Headwaters Wind Farm LLCwind200.0Winchester47394
Heat Recovery Coke Facility
Cokenergy Incother88.0East Chicago46312
Hendricks Regional Health
Hendricks Regional Healthpetroleum4.3Danville46122
Henry County
Duke Energy Indiana, LLCnatural gas126.0New Castle47362
Henryville Solar RES
Hoosier Energy R E C, Incsolar1.1Underwood47177
Herrema Dairy
Herrema Dairy, LLCnatural gas0.8Fair Oaks47943
Hidden View Dairy, LLC
Hidden View Dairy, LLCnatural gas0.9Rensselaer47978
Hobart Solar, LLC
AES Distributed Energysolar1.0Hobart46342
Hoosier Wind Project LLC
EDF Renewable Asset Holdings, Inc.wind106.0Goodland47948
Hurricane Creek Lift Station
Johnson County Rural E M Cpetroleum2.0Greenwood46143
IMPA Anderson Solar Park
Indiana Municipal Power Agencysolar5.0Anderson46011
IMPA Anderson Solar Park 2
Indiana Municipal Power Agencysolar8.1Anderson46011
IMPA Crawfordsville Solar Park
Indiana Municipal Power Agencysolar3.0Crawfordsville47933
IMPA Frankton Solar Park
Indiana Municipal Power Agencysolar1.0Frankton46044
IMPA Huntingburg Solar Park
Indiana Municipal Power Agencysolar2.0Huntingburg47542
IMPA Pendleton Solar Park
Indiana Municipal Power Agencysolar2.0Pendleton46064
IMPA Peru Solar Park
Indiana Municipal Power Agencysolar3.0Peru46970
IMPA Rensselaer Solar Park
Indiana Municipal Power Agencysolar1.0Rensselaer47978
IMPA Richmond Solar Park
Indiana Municipal Power Agencysolar1.0Richmond47374
IMPA Tell City Solar Park
Indiana Municipal Power Agencysolar1.1Tell City47586
IMPA Washington Solar Park
Indiana Municipal Power Agencysolar4.0Washington47501
IND Community Solar Farm 1st Phase
Terraform Arcadiasolar10.0Indianapolis46231
IND Solar Farm (Phase IIA)
Terraform Arcadiasolar7.5Indianapolis46241
Terraform Arcadiasolar2.5Indianapolis46241
Indiana Crossroads Wind Farm LLC
Indiana Crossroads Wind Farms LLCwind302.4Chalmers47929
Indiana Harbor E 5 AC Station
Northlake Energyother90.0East Chicago46312
Indiana Harbor West
Cleveland Cliffsnatural gas74.2East Chicago46312
Indianapolis Motor Speedway Solar PV
Blue Renewable Energy IMS, LLCsolar9.0Indianapolis46222
Indy Grocers
Terraform Arcadiasolar1.0Indianapolis46241
Indy Solar I, LLC
Onward Energysolar10.0Indianapolis46259
Indy Solar II, LLC
Onward Energysolar10.0Indianapolis46259
Indy Solar III, LLC
Onward Energysolar8.6Indianapolis46259
Jackson Co. Solar RES
Hoosier Energy R E C, Incsolar1.1Columbus47201
Jay County LFGTE
Wabash Valley Power Assn, Incbiomass3.2Portland47371
Johnson Co. Solar RES
Hoosier Energy R E C, Incsolar1.1Trafalgar46181
Jordan Creek Wind Farm, LLC
Jordan Creek Wind Farm, LLCwind398.6Judyville47993
Kokomo Solar 1, LLC
Kokomo Solar 1, LLCsolar5.4Kokomo46901
Lanesville Solar RES
Hoosier Energy R E C, Incsolar1.1Lanesville47136
Lawrence County Station
Hoosier Energy R E C, Incnatural gas262.8Mitchell47446
Lawrenceburg Power, LLC
Lawrenceburg Power, LLCnatural gas1190.0Lawrenceburg47025
Lenape II
Lenape Solar II, LLCsolar4.0Indianapolis46219
Liberty I & II LFGTE
Wabash Valley Power Assn, Incbiomass12.8Monticello47960
Lilly Technical Center
Eli Lilly and Companypetroleum6.0Indianapolis46221
Lincoln Solar
Ecos Energy LLCsolar1.5Merrillville46410
Indiana Municipal Power Agencysolar5.4Linton47441
Logansport Solar
Alchemy Renewable Energysolar16.0Logansport46947
M. G. Emmett J. Bean Federal Center
U.S. General Services Administrationsolar1.5Indianapolis46249
Marion Solar LNG
Marion Solar LLCsolar1.5Indianapolis46268
Duke Energy Indiana, LLChydroelectric53.7Florence47020
Maywood Photovoltaic Project
Hanwha Q CELLS USAsolar8.0Indianapolis46241
McDonald Solar Farm, LLC
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar5.2West Terre Haute47885
Meadow Lake Wind Farm II LLC
Meadow Lake Wind Farm II LLCwind102.3Lafayette49707
Meadow Lake Wind Farm III LLC
Meadow Lake Wind Farm III LLCwind103.5Lafayette49707
Meadow Lake Wind Farm IV
Meadow Lake Wind Farm IV LLCwind105.7Lafayette49707
Meadow Lake Wind Farm LLC
Meadow Lake Wind Farm LLCwind199.7Lafayette49707
Meadow Lake Wind Farm V LLC
Meadow Lake Wind Farm V LLCwind100.0Chalmers47929
Meadow Lake Wind Farm VI LLC
Meadow Lake Wind Farm VI LLCwind200.4Remington47997
Hallador Power Company, LLCcoal977.0Sullivan47882
Michigan City
Northern Indiana Pub Serv Cocoal455.0Michigan City46360
Middlebury Solar
Ecos Energy LLCsolar1.5Middlebury46540
Montpelier Electric Generating Station
Kimura Power LLCnatural gas233.1Poneto46781
Munster Landfill Gas-to-Energy
Town of Munsterbiomass1.1Munster46321
Nabb Battery Energy Storage System
Duke Energy Indiana, LLCbatteries5.0Nabb47147
New Castle Solar RES
Hoosier Energy R E C, Incsolar1.1New Castle47362
New Haven Solar RES
Hoosier Energy R E C, Incsolar1.1Dale47523
Duke Energy Indiana, LLCnatural gas264.0Noblesville46060
Norway (IN)
Northern Indiana Pub Serv Cohydroelectric4.0Monticello47960
Notre Dame Hydro
University of Notre Damehydroelectric2.5South Bend46617
Oak Hill Solar Array
Southern Indiana Gas & Elec Cosolar2.0Evansville47711
Oak Ridge LFGTE
Wabash Valley Power Assn, Incbiomass3.2Logansport46947
Northern Indiana Pub Serv Cohydroelectric6.0Monticello47960
Indiana Michigan Power Cosolar5.0New Carlisle46552
Osprey Point RES
Hoosier Energy R E C, Incother12.0Sullivan47882
POET Biorefining - North Manchester, LLC
POET Biorefining - North Manchester, LLCnatural gas3.9North Manchester46962
POET Biorefining - Portland
POET Biorefining - Portlandnatural gas3.5Portland47371
POET Biorefining - Shelbyville
POET Biorefing- Shelbyvillenatural gas5.5Shelbyville46176
POET Biorefining- Alexandria, LLC
POET Biorefining - Alexandria, LLC.natural gas3.6Alexandria46001
Pastime Farm, LLC
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar5.2Brazil47834
Peru (IN)
City of Peru - (IN)petroleum1.8Peru46970
Peru 2
Indiana Municipal Power Agencysolar9.5Peru46970
Peru 3
Indiana Municipal Power Agencysolar2.9Peru46970
Portage Solar
Ecos Energy LLCsolar1.5Valparaiso46385
Portside Energy
Portside Energy Corpnatural gas53.0Portage46368
Prairie View I & II LFGTE
Wabash Valley Power Assn, Incbiomass6.4Wyatt46595
Primary Products Ingredients Americas, LLC d/b/a Primientnatural gas57.2Lafayette47905
Purdue CHP
Duke Energy Indiana, LLCnatural gas13.5West Lafayette47906
Purdue University
Purdue Universitynatural gas39.6West Lafayette47907
R M Schahfer
Northern Indiana Pub Serv Cocoal877.0Wheatfield46392
Randolph Eastern School Wind Turbine
Performance Serviceswind1.0Union City47390
Rensselaer City Light Plant
City of Rensselaer - (IN)natural gas21.1Rensselaer47978
Rensselaer Solar Site 2
Indiana Municipal Power Agencysolar3.8Rensselaer47978
Indiana Municipal Power Agencynatural gas68.0Centerville47330
Richmond 5
Indiana Municipal Power Agencysolar9.0Peru46970
Richmond Solar Park 3
Indiana Municipal Power Agencysolar6.5Richmond47374
Richmond Solar Park 4
Indiana Municipal Power Agencysolar7.1Richmond47374
Richmond Solar Site 2
Indiana Municipal Power Agencysolar7.4Richmond47374
Riverstart Solar Park LLC
Riverstart Solar Park LLCsolar200.0Modoc47358
Indiana Michigan Power Cocoal2600.0Rockport47635
Rockville Solar I LLC
Greenbacker Renewable Energy Corporationsolar2.8Indianapolis46231
Rockville Solar II, LLC
Greenbacker Renewable Energy Corporationsolar2.7Indianapolis46214
Rosewater Wind Farm
Rosewater Wind Farm LLCwind102.0Chalmers47929
SABIC Innovative Plastics Mt. Vernon
SABIC IP Mt. Vernon, LLCnatural gas78.6Mount Vernon47620
Sagamore Plant Cogeneration
Tate & Lyle Ingredients Americas Incnatural gas7.4Lafayette47904
Scotland Solar RES
Hoosier Energy R E C, Incsolar1.1Newberry47449
Scottsburg Solar Park
Indiana Municipal Power Agencysolar7.1Scottsburg47374
Sheridan School Corporation Solar
Johnson Melloh Solutionssolar0.8Sheridan46069
Spring Mill Solar RES
Hoosier Energy R E C, Incsolar1.1Mitchell47446
St Joseph Energy Center
St Joseph Energy Center LLCnatural gas745.0New Carlisle46552
St. Joseph Solar
Indiana Michigan Power Cosolar20.0Granger46530
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar4.0Brazil47834
Sugar Creek Power
Northern Indiana Pub Serv Conatural gas549.0West Terre Haute47885
Sullivan Solar, LLC
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar5.2Sullivan47882
Tell City Solar Park
Indiana Municipal Power Agencysolar3.2Tell City47586
Tippecanoe Solar Power Plant
Duke Energy Indiana, LLCsolar1.6West Lafayette47906
Tipton Solar Park
Indiana Municipal Power Agencysolar5.3Tipton46072
Troy Solar
Southern Indiana Gas & Elec Cosolar50.4Troy47588
Twin Branch
Indiana Michigan Power Cohydroelectric4.0Mishawaka46500
Twin Branch PV
Indiana Michigan Power Cosolar2.6Mishawaka46545
Twin Bridges LFGTE
Wabash Valley Power Assn, Incbiomass12.8Danville46122
Union City Wind Turbine
Performance Serviceswind1.0Union City47390
University of Notre Dame
University of Notre Damenatural gas39.4Notre Dame46556
Valparaiso Solar, LLC
AES Distributed Energysolar1.0Valparaiso46383
Veolia ES Blackfoot Landfill Facility
Southern Indiana Gas & Elec Cobiomass2.2Winslow47598
Vermillion Energy Facility
Duke Energy Ohio Incnatural gas576.0Cayuga47928
Volkman Road Solar Array Hybrid
Southern Indiana Gas & Elec Cosolar3.0Evansville47725
Wabash Valley Power IGCC
Wabash Valley Power Assn, Incnatural gas154.0Terre Haute47885
Indiana Municipal Power Agencysolar1.1Walkerton46574
AGC Division of APGI Inccoal759.2Newburgh47630
Waterloo Solar, LLC
AES Distributed Energysolar1.0Waterloo46342
Wheatland Generating Facility
Duke Energy Indiana, LLCnatural gas442.0Wheatland47597
Whitewater Valley
City of Richmond - (IN)coal99.7RICHMOND47375
Whiting Clean Energy
BP Alternative Energynatural gas513.0Whiting46394
Whiting Refinery
BP PLCother88.6Whiting46394
Wildcat Wind Farm I, LLC
RWE Renewables Americas, LLCwind200.0Elwood46036
Worthington Generation LLC
Hoosier Energy R E C, Incnatural gas166.0Worthington47471
Zimmerman Energy
Landfill Energy Systemsbiomass7.1Argos46501
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