Power Plants in Kansas

There are a total of 161 power plants in Kansas. The most common type of power plant in Kansas is Natural Gas with a total of 58 locations. Wind generates the most power in Kansas with 8238.1 total Megawatts.
SourceTotal LocationsTotal Megawatts
Natural Gas584019.4

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Map of Power Plants in Kansas

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Source: US Energy Information Administration - 2024

List of All Power Plant Locations in Kansas

Plant NameOperatorPower SourceMegawattsCity/TownZIP Code
Alexander Wind Farm LLC
SRIV Partnership LLCwind50.7Alexander67513
Today's Power, Inc.solar1.0Emporia66801
City of Anthony - (KS)natural gas11.1Anthony67003
Arkalon Ethanol LLC
Arkalon Ethanol LLCnatural gas3.0Liberal67901
City of Ashland - (KS)petroleum4.9Ashland67831
Augusta Electric Plant No 1
City of Augusta - (KS)natural gas11.5Augusta67010
Augusta Electric Plant No 2
City of Augusta - (KS)natural gas20.1Augusta67010
BPU Solar Farm
MC Power Companies Incsolar1.0Kansas City66104
Baldwin City Plant No 1
City of Baldwin City- (KS)petroleum2.9Baldwin City66006
Baldwin City Plant No 2
City of Baldwin City- (KS)natural gas6.0Baldwin City66006
City of Belleville - (KS)natural gas14.3Belleville66935
City of Beloit - (KS)natural gas16.6Beloit67420
Beloit Solar LLC
PPM Solar LLCsolar2.0Beloit67420
Bird City
Midwest Energy Incpetroleum4.0Bird City67731
Bloom Wind
CP Bloom Wind LLCwind178.2Minneola67865
Bonanza BioEnergy LLC
Bonanza BioEnergy LLCnatural gas2.0Garden City67846
Buckeye Wind Energy Center
Invenergy Services LLCwind200.5Hays67601
Buffalo Dunes Wind Project
Buffalo Dunes Wind Project LLCwind249.8Satanta67870
City of Burlingame - (KS)natural gas3.6Burlingame66413
Burlington (KS)
City of Burlington - (KS)petroleum10.4Burlington66839
CML&P Generating Facility No. 2
City of Coffeyville - (KS)natural gas56.1Coffeyville67337
Caney River Wind Project
Caney River Wind Projectwind200.0Howard67349
Cedar Bluff Wind, LLC
Cedar Bluff Wind, LLCwind198.6Brownwell67521
Central Plains Wind Farm
Evergy Kansas Central, Incwind99.0Marienthal67863
Chanute 2
City of Chanutenatural gas46.0Chanute66720
Chanute 3
City of Chanutenatural gas32.1Chanute66720
Cheney Solar
Today's Power, Inc.solar1.0Cheney67025
Cimarron Bend III
Enel Kansas, LLCwind198.8Minneola67865
Cimarron Bend Wind Project I, LLC
Cimarron Bend Wind Project I, LLCwind200.0Minneola67831
Cimarron Bend Wind Project II, LLC
Cimarron Bend Wind Project II, LLCwind200.0Minneola67831
Cimarron River
Sunflower Electric Power Corpnatural gas67.3Liberal67901
Cimarron Wind Energy LLC
Cimarron Wind Energy LLCwind165.6Cimmaron67384
Cimarron Windpower II
Duke Energy Renewables Serviceswind131.0Cimarron20069
City of Pratt Solar
Kenyon Energy KS Solar 1 LLCsolar6.0Pratt67124
Clay Center
City of Clay Center - (KS)natural gas29.7Clay Center67432
Sunflower Electric Power Corpnatural gas78.1Clifton66937
Cloud County Wind Farm
Cloud County Windfarm, LLCwind201.0Concordia66901
City of Coffeyville - (KS)natural gas41.0Coffeyville67337
Midwest Energy Incnatural gas13.0Colby67701
Colby City of
City of Colby - (KS)petroleum14.7Colby67701
Corvias - Fort Riley II
Onyx Asset Services Groupsolar1.3Fort Riley66442
DeGraff Butler Electric
Today's Power, Inc.solar1.0Burns66861
Diamond Vista Wind Project, LLC
Enel Green Power Diamond Vista Wind Project, LLCwind299.3Tampa67483
East 12th Street
City of Winfield - (KS)natural gas27.4Winfield67156
East Fork Wind Project, LLC
Engie North Americawind195.8Colby67701
East Kansas Agri-Energy, LLC
East Kansas Agri-Energy, LLCother0.8Garnett66032
El Dorado Refinery
Frontier El Dorado Refinery LLCnatural gas32.0El Dorado67042
Elk River Wind
Avangrid Renewables LLCwind150.0Beaumont67072
City of Ellinwood - (KS)natural gas7.2Ellinwood67526
Emporia Energy Center
Evergy Kansas Central, Incnatural gas653.5Emporia66801
Ensign Wind LLC
NextEra Energy Resources Ensign Windwind98.9Montezuma67867
City of Erie - (KS)petroleum3.9Erie66733
Erie Energy Center
City of Erie - (KS)petroleum20.0Erie66733
Flat Ridge 2 Wind Energy LLC
AE Power Services LLCwind470.4Zenda67159
Flat Ridge 3
Flat Ridge 3 Wind Energy, LLCwind128.0Zenda67159
Flat Ridge Wind Energy LLC
AE Power Services LLCwind44.0Isabel67065
Flat Ridge Wind Farm
Evergy Kansas Central, Incwind50.0Nashville67112
Fort Dodge
Sunflower Electric Power Corpnatural gas148.8Dodge City67801
Fort Hays State University Wind Farm
Fort Hays State Universitywind4.0Hays67601
Garden City
Sunflower Electric Power Corpnatural gas221.3Garden City67846
Gardner Energy Center
City of Gardner - (KS)natural gas26.0Gardner66030
Garnett Municipal
City of Garnett - (KS)petroleum10.2Garnett66032
City of Girard - (KS)natural gas9.5Girard66743
City of Goodland - (KS)natural gas16.1Goodland67735
Goodman Energy Center
Midwest Energy Incnatural gas101.4Hays67601
Gordon Evans Energy Center
Evergy Kansas South, Incnatural gas296.7Colwich67030
Gray County Wind Energy
Gray County Wind Energy LLCwind112.2Montezuma67867
Great Bend - Sunflower
Sunflower Electric Power Corpnatural gas99.7Great Bend67530
Greensburg Wind Farm, LLCwind12.5Greensburg67054
City of Herington - (KS)petroleum1.5Herington67449
Hill City
City of Hill Citypetroleum6.2Hill City67642
City of Hoisington - (KS)natural gas7.1Hoisington67544
Sunflower Electric Power Corpcoal359.1Holcomb67851
City of Holton - (KS)petroleum19.4City of Holton66436
Hugoton 2
City of Hugoton - (KS)petroleum17.3Hugoton67951
Hutchinson Energy Center
Evergy Kansas Central, Incnatural gas239.3Hutchinson67501
City of Iola - (KS)petroleum30.3Iola66749
Irish Creek Wind
Irish Creek Wind, LLCwind300.6Frankfort66427
Iron Star Wind Project
Engie North Americawind297.6Dodge City67801
Ironwood Wind
Duke Energy Renewables Serviceswind167.9Spearville67876
Jameson Energy Center
Kansas Municipal Energy Agencynatural gas27.0Garden City67846
Jayhawk Wind Energy Center
Invenergy Services LLCwind197.4Hepler66746
Jeffrey Energy Center
Evergy Kansas Central, Inccoal2008.0St. Mary's66536
City of Jetmorepetroleum2.5Jetmore67854
City of Johnson - (KS)petroleum6.0Johnson67855
Johnson Corner Solar 1
Lightsource Renewable Energy Asset Management, LLCsolar20.0Johnson City67855
Kansas Ethanol, LLC
Kansas Ethanol, LLCnatural gas11.9Lyons67554
Kansas River Project
Bowersock Mills & Power Cohydroelectric7.0Lawrence66044
City of Kansas City - (KS)natural gas140.3Kansas City66105
Kingman Municipal Power and Light Plant
City of Kingman - (KS)natural gas18.0Kingman67068
Kingman Wind
Kingman Wind Energy, LLCwind200.0Cunningham67035
La Crosse
City of La Crosse - (KS)petroleum5.5La Crosse67548
La Cygne
Evergy Metrocoal1426.0La Cygne66040
City of Larned - (KS)petroleum16.0Larned67550
Lawrence Energy Center
Evergy Kansas Central, Inccoal485.3Lawrence66049
City of Lincoln Center - (KS)petroleum7.6Lincoln67455
Marshall Wind Farm
BHE Renewables, LLCwind72.0Frankfort66427
McPherson 2
City of McPherson - (KS)natural gas154.0McPherson67460
McPherson 3
City of McPherson - (KS)natural gas80.2McPherson67460
City of Meade - (KS)natural gas6.6Meade67864
Midwest Energy Community Solar Array
Midwest Energy Incsolar1.2Colby67701
Minneapolis City of
City of Minneapolis - (KS)natural gas8.0Minneapolis67467
Mulvane 2
City of Mulvane - (KS)petroleum8.6Mulvane67110
Nearman Creek
City of Kansas City - (KS)coal319.0Kansas66104
Neosho Ridge Wind Energy Center
Empire District Electric Cowind294.4Near Galesburg66740
Ninnescah Wind Energy, LLC
Ninnescah Wind Energy LLCwind208.3Cunningham67035
Oak Grove Power Producers
Cube District Energy, LLCbiomass3.4Arcadia66711
Oberlin (KS)
City of Oberlin - (KS)petroleum5.2Oberlin67749
Osage City
City of Osage City - (KS)natural gas10.1Osage City66523
Evergy Metronatural gas75.4Miami66071
Osawatomie City of
City of Osawatomie - (KS)petroleum5.6Osawatomie66064
Osawatomie Power Plant North Sub
City of Osawatomie - (KS)petroleum6.0Osawatomie66064
Osawatomie Power Plant South Sub
City of Osawatomie - (KS)petroleum6.0Osawatomie66064
City of Osborne - (KS)petroleum4.6Osborne67473
City of Ottawa - (KS)natural gas18.0Ottawa66067
Oxford (KS)
City of Oxford - (KS)petroleum4.8Oxford67119
Post Rock Wind Power Project, LLC
Pattern Operators LPwind201.0Ellsworth67439
Prairie Horizon Agri Energy
Prairie Horizon Agri Energy LLCnatural gas0.7Phillipsburg67611
Prairie Queen Wind Farm
Prairie Queen Wind Farm LLCwind199.3Moran66755
Prairie Sky Solar Farm
Kansas Electric Power Coop Incsolar1.0Andover67002
City of Pratt- (KS)natural gas14.5Pratt67124
Pratt 2
City of Pratt- (KS)natural gas15.2Pratt67124
Pratt Wind, LLC
Pratt Wind, LLCwind243.5Andover67124
City of Kansas City - (KS)natural gas259.0Kansas66104
Reading Wind Project
Southern Power Cowind200.1Reading66868
Empire District Electric Conatural gas293.0Riverton66770
Sunflower Electric Power Corpnatural gas106.4Ulysses67880
Russell Downtown
City of Russell - (KS)natural gas14.4Russell67665
Russell Energy Center
City of Russell - (KS)natural gas12.0Russell67665
Sabetha Power Plant
City of Sabetha - (KS)petroleum18.7Sabetha66534
Sharon Spring
City of Sharon Springs - (KS)natural gas3.0Sharon Springs67758
Kansas Electric Power Coop Incpetroleum20.0Waverly66871
Shooting Star
Shooting Star Power Partners, LLCwind104.0Mullinville67109
Slate Creek Wind Project LLC
EDF Renewable Asset Holdings, Inc.wind150.0Geuda Springs67051
Smoky Hills Wind Project Phase I
Smoky Hills Wind Farm I LLCwind100.8Lincoln67455
Smoky Hills Wind Project Phase II
Smoky Hills Wind Project II LLCwind148.5Lincoln67455
Soldier Creek Wind
Soldier Creek Wind LLCwind300.0Corning66417
Solomon Forks Wind Project, LLC
Engie North Americawind275.6Colby67701
Evergy Metrowind148.5Ford67876
Spearville 3 LLC
EDF Renewable Asset Holdings, Inc.wind108.0Spearville67876
St Francis
City of St Francis - (KS)petroleum5.1St Francis67756
St John
City of St. John - (KS)petroleum5.0St. John67576
City of Stafford - (KS)petroleum2.5Stafford67578
City of Sterling - (KS)petroleum8.3Sterling67579
City of Stockton - (KS)natural gas7.3Stockton67669
Thunderbird Generator (Tbird)
4 Rivers Electric Cooperative Inc.petroleum1.0Emporia66801
City of Wamego - (KS)natural gas15.2Wamego66547
City of Washington - (KS)petroleum6.1Washington66968
Waste Management Rolling Meadows LFGTE
WM Renewable Energy LLCbiomass5.6Topeka66618
Waste Water Plant Generator
City of Winfield - (KS)petroleum1.6Winfield67156
Waverly Wind Farm LLC
Waverly Wind Farm LLCwind199.0Waverly66839
Wellington 1
City of Wellington - (KS)natural gas23.5Wellington67152
Wellington 2
City of Wellington - (KS)natural gas21.0Wellington67152
West 14th Street
City of Winfield - (KS)natural gas11.1Winfield67156
West Gardner
Evergy Metronatural gas309.1Johnson66021
Westar Cities Solar
SoCore Energy LLCsolar1.0Hutchinson67501
Western Plains Wind
Western Plains Wind, LLCwind2.7Oakley67748
Western Plains Wind Farm
Evergy Kansas Central, Incwind280.6Spearville67863
Wichita Plant
Occidental Chemical Corporationnatural gas27.0Wichita67215
Wolf Creek Generating Station
Wolf Creek Nuclear Optg Corpnuclear1225.0Burlington66839
Wolf Creek Generator
4 Rivers Electric Cooperative Inc.petroleum1.0Burlington66839
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