Power Plants in Missouri

There are a total of 131 power plants in Missouri. The most common type of power plant in Missouri is Natural Gas with a total of 35 locations. Coal generates the most power in Missouri with 10153.3 total Megawatts.
SourceTotal LocationsTotal Megawatts
Natural Gas355210.8
Pumped Storage3684

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Map of Power Plants in Missouri

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Source: US Energy Information Administration - 2024

List of All Power Plant Locations in Missouri

Plant NameOperatorPower SourceMegawattsCity/TownZIP Code
Ameresco Jefferson City
AMERESCO Jefferson City LLCbiomass2.7Jefferson City65101
Anheuser-Busch St Louis
Anheuser-Busch Incnatural gas26.1St. Louis63118
Atchison County Wind
Union Electric Co - (MO)wind299.0Westboro64498
Audrain Generating Station
Union Electric Co - (MO)natural gas600.0Vandalia63382
Black Oak Power Producers
Cube District Energy, LLCbiomass3.8Hartville65667
Bluegrass Ridge
Wind Capital Holdings, LLCwind56.7King City64463
Butler Municipal Power Plant
City of Butler - (MO)petroleum9.3Butler64730
Butler Solar Power Project
MC Power Companies Incsolar2.8Butler64730
Union Electric Co - (MO)nuclear1247.0Fulton65251
Cape Girardeau Renewable Energy Center
Union Electric Co - (MO)solar1.2Cape Girardeau63701
Carrollton Board of Public Wksnatural gas19.5Carrollton64633
City of Carthage - (MO)natural gas35.7Carthage64836
Chillicothe Municipal Utilsnatural gas90.0Chillicothe64601
Chillicothe Solar Farm
MC Power Companies Incsolar2.5Chillicothe64601
City of West Plains Power Station
City of West Plains - (MO)natural gas42.0West Plains65775
Clarence Cannon
USCE-St Louis Districtpumped storage58.0Monroe City63456
Clear Creek Wind
Clear Creek Wind, LLCwind242.0Maryville64468
Columbia (MO)
City of Columbia - (MO)natural gas61.1Columbia65205
Columbia Energy Center
City of Columbia - (MO)natural gas140.0Columbia65202
CR Clearing, LLCwind50.4Stanberry64499
Cow Branch
Cow Branch Wind Power, LLCwind50.4Tarkio64491
Cox Battery Energy Storage
City Utilities of Springfield - (MO)batteries1.2Springfield65810
Dogwood Energy Facility
Dogwood Power Management, LLCnatural gas656.5Pleasant Hill64080
El Dorado Springs Solar Farm
MC Power Companies Incsolar2.5El Dorado Springs64744
Elm Street Substation Generators
City of Farmington - (MO)petroleum3.9Farmington63640
Empire Energy Center
Empire District Electric Conatural gas244.0Sarcoxie64862
Associated Electric Coop, Incnatural gas95.0Essex63846
Union Electric Co - (MO)petroleum55.0Jefferson City65101
Farmers City Wind LLC
Avangrid Renewables LLCwind146.0Tarkio64491
Farmington Solar Farm
MC Power Companies Incsolar2.5Farmington63640
City of Fayette - (MO)petroleum9.2Fayette65248
Fredericktown Energy Center
Missouri Jnt Muni.Pwr Elec. Ut. Comm.natural gas24.0Fredericktown63465
Fulton (MO)
City of Fulton - (MO)natural gas25.3Fulton65251
Gallatin (MO)
City of Gallatin - (MO)petroleum7.0Gallatin64640
Grand Ave Plant
Yolo County ofnatural gas4.8Kansas City64106
Greenwood (MO)
Evergy Missouri Westnatural gas252.2Greenwood64034
Harry Truman
USCE-Kansas City Districtpumped storage186.0Warsaw65355
Evergy Metrocoal949.7Kansas City64120
Hawthorn Solar I
Evergy, Inc.solar10.0Kansas City64120
City of Higginsville - (MO)natural gas47.2Higginsville64037
Higginsville Solar Farm
MC Power Companies Incsolar2.5Higginsville64037
High Prairie Wind Farm
Union Electric Co - (MO)wind99.0Queen City63561
Associated Electric Coop, Incnatural gas267.0Holden64040
IKEA St. Louis 410
IKEA Property Incsolar1.0St. Louis63108
Evergy Metrocoal1599.6Weston64098
Independence II Solar Farm
MC Power Companies Incsolar8.5Independence64052
Independence Solar Farm
MC Power Companies Incsolar3.0Independence64056
Jackson (MO)
City of Jackson - (MO)petroleum25.3Jackson63755
Jackson Square
City of Independence - (MO)petroleum30.0Independence64050
James River Power Station
City Utilities of Springfield - (MO)natural gas155.0Springfield65804
John Twitty Energy Center
City Utilities of Springfield - (MO)coal563.0Springfield65807
KCP&L SmartGrid Innovation Park
Evergy Metrobatteries1.0Kansas City64110
City of Kahokapetroleum7.1Kahoka63445
City of Kennett - (MO)natural gas28.2Kennett63857
Kings Point Wind Energy Center
Empire District Electric Cowind145.6Golden City64748
La Plata
City of La Plata - (MO)petroleum3.4La Plata63549
Union Electric Co - (MO)coal2372.0Labadie63055
Lake Road (MO)
Evergy Missouri Westnatural gas231.5St Joseph64504
Lebanon Solar Farm (MO)
MC Power Companies Incsolar2.5Lebanon65536
Loess Hills
Loess Hills Wind Farm LLCwind5.0Rock Port64482
Lost Creek Wind Energy Facility
Pattern Operators LPwind150.0King City64463
MBS Textbook Exchange
MBS TextBook Exhcange LLCpetroleum2.0COLUMBIA5203
MJMEUC Generating Station #1
Missouri Jnt Muni.Pwr Elec. Ut. Comm.natural gas11.3Laddonia63352
MU Combined Heat and Power Plant
Curators of the University of Missourinatural gas77.3Columbia65211
City of Macon - (MO)petroleum0.7Macon63552
Macon Energy Center
City of Macon - (MO)natural gas10.9Macon63552
Macon Solar Power Project
MC Power Companies Incsolar2.8Macon63552
City of Malden - (MO)petroleum14.7Malden63863
City of Marceline - (MO)petroleum8.0Marceline64658
Marshall (MO)
City of Marshall - (MO)natural gas29.3Marshall65340
Marshall Solar Farm (MO)
MC Power Companies Incsolar2.8Marshall65340
City Utilities of Springfield - (MO)natural gas100.0Strafford65757
City of Memphis - (MO)petroleum8.8Memphis63555
Union Electric Co - (MO)petroleum99.0St. Louis63129
Union Electric Co - (MO)petroleum54.0Mexico65265
Union Electric Co - (MO)petroleum54.0Moberly65270
Montgomery County Community Solar Center
Union Electric Co - (MO)solar5.7New Florence63350
Union Electric Co - (MO)petroleum54.0Moreau65101
Evergy Missouri Westpetroleum16.0Nevada64772
New Madrid
Associated Electric Coop, Inccoal1146.0New Madrid63869
Sho-Me Power Electric Coophydroelectric3.0Camdenton65020
Nixa Solar, LLC
Nixa Solar, LLCsolar7.9Nixa65741
Noble Hill Landfill
City Utilities of Springfield - (MO)biomass3.0Willard65781
Associated Electric Coop, Incnatural gas178.0Conception Junction64434
North Fork Ridge Wind Energy Center
Empire District Electric Cowind145.5Mindenmines64769
Northeast (MO)
Evergy Metropetroleum384.0Kansas City64120
O'Fallon Renewable Energy Center
Union Electric Co - (MO)solar4.5O'Fallon63366
Osage Dam
Union Electric Co - (MO)hydroelectric234.0Eldon65026
Osborn Wind Energy
Osborn Wind Energy LLCwind195.8Stewartsville64490
Overall Road Station
City of Farmington - (MO)petroleum5.2Farmington63640
Ozark Beach
Empire District Electric Cohydroelectric16.0Forsyth65653
Peno Creek
Union Electric Co - (MO)natural gas188.0Bowling Green63334
Poplar Bluff Generating Station
City of Poplar Bluff - (MO)natural gas33.4Poplar Bluff63901
Prosperity Solar Farm CSG
Empire District Electric Cosolar2.2Joplin64801
Ralph Green
Evergy Missouri Westnatural gas69.4Pleasant Hill64080
Renewable Energy Center at BJH
Union Electric Co - (MO)solar1.6St Louis63110
Rock Creek Wind Project
Enel Green Power NA, Inc.wind300.0Tarkio64491
Rolla Solar Farm (MO)
MC Power Companies Incsolar2.8Rolla65401
Rush Island
Union Electric Co - (MO)coal1178.0Festus63028
Salisbury City of
City of Salisbury - (MO)petroleum5.2Salisbury65281
Shelbina Power #1
City of Shelbina - (MO)petroleum4.6Shelbina63468
Shelbina Power #2
City of Shelbina - (MO)petroleum6.6Shelbina63468
Shelbina Power #3
City of Shelbina - (MO)petroleum3.6Shelbina63468
Sikeston Power Station
City of Sikeston - (MO)coal240.0Sikeston63801
Union Electric Co - (MO)coal974.0West Alton63386
South Harper
Evergy Missouri Westnatural gas312.8Kansas City64701
Southwestern Bell Telephone
AT&Tpetroleum17.2St. Louis63101
Springfield Solar 1 LLC
Strata Manager, LLCsolar4.9Strafford65757
St Francis Energy Facility
Associated Electric Coop, Incnatural gas450.0Campbell63933
St Joseph Landfill Generating Station
Evergy Missouri Westbiomass1.5St Joseph64507
City of Stanberry - (MO)natural gas4.3Stanberry64489
State Line Combined Cycle
Empire District Electric Conatural gas630.0Joplin64804
Station H
City of Independence - (MO)natural gas39.0Independence64056
Station I
City of Independence - (MO)petroleum38.0Independence64055
Stockton Hydro
USCE-Kansas City Districthydroelectric52.0Stockton65785
Sub 2 Generating Station
City of Macon - (MO)petroleum3.6Macon63552
Sub 3 Generating Station
City of Macon - (MO)petroleum7.2Macon63552
Table Rock
USCE-Little Rock Districthydroelectric216.5Branson65616
Taum Sauk
Union Electric Co - (MO)pumped storage440.0Lesterville63620
Thomas Hill
Associated Electric Coop, Inccoal1131.0Clifton Hill65244
Trenton North
Trenton Municipal Utilities - (MO)petroleum13.5Trenton64683
Trenton Solar Farm (MO)
MC Power Companies Incsolar2.8Trenton64683
Trenton South
Trenton Municipal Utilities - (MO)petroleum13.2Trenton64683
Trigen St. Louis
Ashley Energy LLCnatural gas32.0St Louis63102
Truman Solar
Truman Solar, LLCsolar10.0Colombia65201
Associated Electric Coop, Incpetroleum44.0Unionville63565
Unionville City of
City of Unionville - (MO)petroleum8.0Unionville63565
Walton Street Substation
City of Farmington - (MO)petroleum1.3Farmington63640
Waynesville Solar Farm (MO)
MC Power Companies Incsolar2.8Waynesville65583
West Plains Solar I
Evergy, Inc.solar8.0West Plains65775
White Cloud Wind Project, LLC
White Cloud Wind Project, LLCwind236.5Tarkio64491
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