Power Plants in Oregon

There are a total of 266 power plants in Oregon. The most common type of power plant in Oregon is Solar with a total of 113 locations. Hydroelectric generates the most power in Oregon with 8366.8 total Megawatts.
SourceTotal LocationsTotal Megawatts
Natural Gas133755

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Map of Power Plants in Oregon

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Source: US Energy Information Administration - 2024

List of All Power Plant Locations in Oregon

Plant NameOperatorPower SourceMegawattsCity/TownZIP Code
45 Mile Hydroelectric Project
EBD Hydro LLChydroelectric3.0Culver97734
Adams Solar Center
GCL New Energy, Inc.solar10.0Madras97741
Airport Solar
Airport Solar LLCsolar47.3Lakeview97630
Alkali Solar, LLC
NES Euryalussolar10.0Silver Lake97638
Arlington Wind Power Project
Arlington Wind Power Project LLCwind102.9Arlington97812
BC Solar
BC Solarsolar8.0Lakeview97630
Baker City Solar
Adapture Renewables, Inc.solar15.0Baker City97814
Baldock Solar Highway
Portland General Electric Cosolar1.4Aurora97002
Ballston Solar LLC
Ballston Solar LLCsolar2.2Sheridan97378
Bear Creek Solar Center
GCL New Energy, Inc.solar10.0Bend97701
Portland General Electric Conatural gas492.8Clatskanie97016
Bellevue Solar Project
EDF Renewable Asset Holdings, Inc.solar1.6Amnity97101
Benson Creek Windfarm (Burnt River)
Benson Creekwind10.0Huntington97907
Big Cliff
USACE Northwestern Divisionhydroelectric21.0Gates97346
Big Top LLC
Odessa Energy Services LLCwind1.7Echo97826
Bighorn Solar
Bighorn Solar, LLCsolar2.2Salem97305
Biglow Canyon Wind Farm
Portland General Electric Cowind449.7Wasco97065
Biomass One LP
Biomass One LPbiomass36.5White City97503
Black Cap Solar Plant
Bly Solar Center
GCL New Energy, Inc.solar8.0Bly97622
USACE Northwestern Divisionhydroelectric1153.9Cascade Locks97014
Boring Solar LLC
Boring Solar LLCsolar2.2Sandy97055
Brightwood Solar, LLC
Brightwood Solar, LLCsolar10.0Sandy97055
Adapture Renewables, Inc.solar3.0Woodburn97071
Brush Creek Solar
Brush Creek Solar, LLCsolar2.2Silverton97381
Brush Solar Center
Adapture Renewables, Inc.solar2.8Unity97884
Butler Solar, LLC
SolRiver Capital LLCsolar4.0Sheridan97378
Butter Creek Power LLC
Odessa Energy Services LLCwind5.0Echo97826
C-Drop Hydro
C-Drophydroelectric1.1Klamath Falls97603
Carmen Smith
Eugene Water & Electric Boardhydroelectric103.8McKenzie Bridge97413
Carnes Creek Solar (CSG)
Carnes Creek Solar, LLCsolar2.5Salem97305
Carty Generating Station
Portland General Electric Conatural gas416.3Boardman97818
Case Creek Solar
Case Creek Solar LLCsolar2.2Woodburn97071
Chiloquin Solar, LLC
Heelstone Energy Holdings, LLCsolar9.9Chiloquin97624
Chopin Wind LLC
Chopin Wind, LLCwind10.0Milton-Freewater97862
Clearwater 1
PacifiCorphydroelectric17.9Idleyld Park97447
Clearwater 2
PacifiCorphydroelectric31.0Idleyld Park97447
Co-Gen IIbiomass7.8Riddle97469
Co-Gen LLC
Co-Generation Cobiomass7.5Prairie City97869
Coffin Butte
Pacific Northwest Generating Coopbiomass5.6Corvallis97330
Colton Solar
SP Solar 6, LLCsolar2.2Molalla97038
Combine Hills I
Eurus Combine Hills I LLCwind43.0Milton-Freewater97862
Condon Windpower LLC
Allete Clean Energywind49.8Condon97823
Copper Dam Plant
Farmer's Irrigation Districthydroelectric1.0Hood River97031
Cosper Creek Solar (CSG)
Cosper Creek Solar, LLCsolar2.5Willamina97396
USACE Northwestern Divisionhydroelectric26.0Lowell97452
Covanta Marion Inc
Covanta Marion Incbiomass11.5Brooks97305
Coyote Springs
Portland General Electric Conatural gas244.2Boardman97818
Coyote Springs II
Avista Corpnatural gas290.0Boardman97818
Dalles Dam North Fishway Project
Northern Wasco County PUDhydroelectric5.0The Dalles97058
Day Hill Solar, LLC
Greenbacker Renewable Energy Corporationsolar2.3Estacada97023
Dayton Cutoff Solar
SP Solar 7, LLCsolar2.2McMinnville97128
USACE Northwestern Divisionhydroelectric100.0Mill City97360
USACE Northwestern Divisionhydroelectric15.0Lowell97452
Dillard Complex
Roseburg Forest Products Cobiomass51.5Dillard97432
Dorena Hydro-Electric Facility
Dorena Hydro, LLChydroelectric7.5Cottage Grove97424
Douglas County Forest Products
Douglas County Forest Productsbiomass6.3Roseburg97471
Drift Creek Solar
Drift Creek Solar, LLCsolar2.2Silverton97381
Dry Creek LFG to Energy Project
Oregon Environmental Industries LLCbiomass3.0Eagle Point97524
Dunn Road Solar
Neighborhood Power Corp.solar1.8Sandy97055
Durbin Creek Windfarm (Burnt River)
Durbin Creekwind10.0Huntington97907
Durham AWTF
Clean Water Servicesbiomass1.6Tigard97224
Duus Solar, LLC
Alchemy Renewable Energysolar10.0Estacada97023
Eagle Point
PacifiCorphydroelectric2.8Eagle Point97524
Eagle Point Solar
Norwest Energy 7, LLCsolar9.9Central Point97502
East Side
PacifiCorphydroelectric3.0Klamath Falls97601
Elbe Solar Center
GCL New Energy, Inc.solar10.0Madras97741
Elkhorn Valley Wind Farm
Telocaset Wind Power Partnerswind100.7Union97883
Eurus Combine Hills Turbine Ranch 2
Eurus Combine Hills II LLCwind66.1Milton Freewater97862
Evergreen BioPower LLC
Invenergy Services LLCbiomass10.0Lyons97358
FPL Energy Vansycle LLC (OR)
FPL Energy Vansycle LLCwind122.8Touchet97835
Falls Creek
Eagle Creek Renewable Energy, LLChydroelectric3.9Cascadia97329
Portland General Electric Cohydroelectric41.9Estacada97023
Finley Buttes Landfill Gas
Finley BioEnergy LLCbiomass4.8Boardman97818
Firwood Solar, LLC
Alchemy Renewable Energysolar10.0Sandy97055
Fish Creek
PacifiCorphydroelectric10.4Idleyld Park97447
Fort Rock I
Fort Rock Solar I, LLCsolar9.9Silver Lake97638
Fort Rock IV
Fort Rock Solar IV LLCsolar10.0Fort Rock97735
USACE Northwestern Divisionhydroelectric20.0Foster97345
Four Corners Windfarm LLC
Echo 2wind8.0Echo97826
Four Mile Canyon Windfarm LLC
Echo 2wind10.0Echo97826
Fruitland Creek Solar (CSG)
Fruitland Creek Solar, LLCsolar1.8Salem97317
Galesville Project
Douglas Countyhydroelectric1.6Azalea97410
Garrett Solar
SOLV Energy LLCsolar10.0Lakeview97630
Georgia-Pacific Toledo Mill
Georgia-Pacific Toledo LLCbiomass13.4Toledo97391
Georgia-Pacific Wauna Mill
Georgia-Pacific Consumer Operations LLC-Waunabiomass24.0Clatskanie97016
Golden Hill Wind
Avangrid Renewables LLCwind201.3Wasco97065
Grand Ronde Solar
NorWest Energy 14, LLCsolar2.2Grand Ronde97347
Green Peter
USACE Northwestern Divisionhydroelectric80.0Foster97345
Green Springs
U S Bureau of Reclamationhydroelectric17.2Columbia Falls97520
Adapture Renewables, Inc.solar1.3Salem97317
Grove Solar Center, LLC
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar6.0Vale97918
Hay Canyon Wind Power LLC
Avangrid Renewables LLCwind100.8Wasco97065
Hells Canyon
Idaho Power Cohydroelectric424.3Oxbow97840
Hermiston Generating Plant
Hermiston Generating Co LPnatural gas464.0Hermiston97838
Hermiston Power Partnership
Hermiston Power Partnershipnatural gas615.0Hermiston97838
Hills Creek
USACE Northwestern Divisionhydroelectric30.0Oakridge97463
Horseshoe Bend Wind LLC
Caithness Shepherds Flat LLCwind290.0Arlington97812
Hyline Solar Center, LLC
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar9.0Ontario97914
IP Springfield Oregon
International Paper Corporation - Springfieldbiomass58.0Springfield97478
Interstate Solar
SP Solar 1, LLCsolar2.2Gervais97026
Jett Creek Windfarm (Burnt River)
Jett Creekwind10.0Huntington97907
John C Boyle
John Day
USACE Northwestern Divisionhydroelectric2052.0Rufus97050
Juniper Ridge Hydroelectric Project
Central Oregon Irrigation Disthydroelectric3.3Bend97701
Kaiser Creek Solar (CSG)
Kaiser Creek Solar, LLCsolar2.0Molalla97038
Kale Patch Solar
Kale Patch Solar LLCsolar2.2Gervais97305
Klamath Cogeneration Plant
Klamath Energy LLCnatural gas490.0Klamath Falls97603
Klamath Expansion Project
Klamath Energy LLCnatural gas100.0Klamath Falls97603
Klamath Falls Solar 2 CSG
MN8 Energy LLCsolar2.9Klamath Falls97603
Klondike Wind Power
Avangrid Renewables LLCwind24.0Wasco97065
Klondike Windpower II
Avangrid Renewables LLCwind81.0Wasco97065
Klondike Windpower III
Avangrid Renewables LLCwind297.5Wasco97065
Labish Solar LLC
Labish Solar LLCsolar2.2Salem97303
Lacomb Irrigation District
Lacomb Irrigation Disthydroelectric1.0Lebanon97355
Eugene Water & Electric Boardhydroelectric8.0Springfield97477
Leaning Juniper
Leaning Juniper Wind Power II
Avangrid Renewables LLCwind199.2Arlington97812
Lemolo 1
PacifiCorphydroelectric32.0Idleyld Park97447
Lemolo 2
PacifiCorphydroelectric38.5Toketee Falls97447
Lime Wind
Lime Wind LLCwind3.0Huntington97907
Lookout Point
USACE Northwestern Divisionhydroelectric120.0Lowell97452
Lost Creek
USACE Northwestern Divisionhydroelectric49.0Trail97541
USACE Northwestern Divisionhydroelectric966.5Umatilla97782
Medford Operation
Boise Cascade Wood Products LLCbiomass7.5Medford97501
Michell Butte Power Project
Owyhee Irrigation Districthydroelectric1.8Nyssa97913
Middle Fork Irrigation District
Middle Fork Irrigation Disthydroelectric3.3Parkdale97041
MilfordSolar OR
Adapture Renewables, Inc.solar3.0Forest Grove97116
Mill Creek Solar (OR)
SP Solar 5, LLCsolar2.2Sheridan97378
Millican Solar Energy LLC
Invenergy Services LLCsolar71.4Prineville97754
Minke Solar
Minke Solar, LLCsolar2.2Molalla97038
Montague Solar
Avangrid Renewables LLCsolar162.0Arlington97812
Montague Wind Power Facility LLC
Avangrid Renewables LLCwind200.0Arlington97812
Morgan Solar Center
Adapture Renewables, Inc.solar3.0Ontario97814
Mt Hope Solar
Neighborhood Power Corp.solar2.5Molalla97038
NSE Astoria - Skyward
Standard Solarsolar2.5Boring97009
Neal Hot Springs Geothermal Project
US Geothermal Inc.geothermal17.7Vale97918
NorWest Energy 2, LLC
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar9.9Bend97701
NorWest Energy 4, LLC
NorWest Energy 9 LLC
North Fork
Portland General Electric Cohydroelectric58.0Estacada97023
North Hurlburt Wind LLC
Caithness Shepherds Flat LLCwind265.0Arlington97812
O'Neill Creek Solar
O'Neill Creek Solar LLCsolar2.2Gaston97119
OR Solar 2, LLC
OR Solar 2, LLCsolar10.0Eagle Point97524
OR Solar 3, LLC
Heelstone Energy Holdings, LLCsolar10.0Malin97632
OR Solar 5, LLC
Heelstone Energy Holdings, LLCsolar8.0Merrill97633
OR Solar 6, LLC
Heelstone Energy Holdings, LLCsolar10.0Lakeview97630
OR Solar 8, LLC
Heelstone Energy Holdings, LLCsolar10.0Dairy97625
OSLH, LLCsolar9.9Bend97701
Oak Grove
Portland General Electric Cohydroelectric44.0Estacada97023
Old Mill Solar
Old Mill Solarsolar5.0Bly97622
Ontario Solar Center
Adapture Renewables, Inc.solar3.0Ontario97914
Opal Springs Hydro
Deschutes Valley Water Districthydroelectric3.3Culver97734
Open Range Solar Center, LLC
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar10.0Nyssa97913
Orchard Windfarm 1, LLC
Orchard Windfarm, LLCwind10.0Lexington97839
Orchard Windfarm 2, LLC
Orchard Windfarm, LLCwind10.0Lexington97839
Orchard Windfarm 3, LLC
Orchard Windfarm, LLCwind10.0Lexington97839
Orchard Windfarm 4, LLC
Orchard Windfarm, LLCwind10.0Lexington97839
Oregon Convention Center
Tesla Inc.solar1.4Portland97232
Oregon State University Energy Center
Oregon State Universitynatural gas5.7Corvallis97331
Oregon Trail Windfarm LLC
Echo 1wind9.9Echo97826
Oregon University System OIT Klamath Falls
Tesla Inc.solar1.7Klamath Falls97601
Oregon University System Rabbit Field
Tesla Inc.solar1.2Corvallis97339
Outback Solar At Christmas Valley
Outback Solar, LLCsolar4.4Christmas Valley97641
Owyhee Dam Power Project
Owyhee Irrigation Districthydroelectric2.9Nyssa97913
Oxbow (OR)
Idaho Power Cohydroelectric224.3Oxbow97840
Portland City ofhydroelectric24.0Sandy97055
Portland City ofhydroelectric13.5Sandy97055
POTB Digester
Tillamook BioGasbiomass1.0Tillamook97141
PaTu Wind Farm LLC
PaTu Wind Farm LLCwind9.0Wasco97065
Pacific Canyon Windfarm LLC
Echo 1wind8.3Echo97826
Paisley Geothermal Generating Plant
Surprise Valley Electrificationgeothermal1.8Paisley97636
Palmer Creek Solar, LLC
Greenbacker Renewable Energy Corporationsolar2.3Dayton97114
Pebble Springs Wind LLC
Avangrid Renewables LLCwind98.7Wasco97812
Portland General Electric Cohydroelectric110.0Madras97741
Peters Drive Plant
Farmer's Irrigation Districthydroelectric0.3Hood River97031
Pika Solar
Pika Solar, LLCsolar2.2Mt. Angel97305
Port Westward
Portland General Electric Conatural gas392.2Clatskanie97016
Port Westward Unit 2
Portland General Electric Conatural gas224.4Clatskanie97016
Prineville Solar Energy LLC
Invenergy Services LLCsolar46.2Prineville97754
Prospect 1
Prospect 2
Prospect 3
Prospect 4
Prospector Windfarm (Burnt River)
Rafael Solar
Rafael Solar LLCsolar2.2Salem97317
Railroad Solar Center, LLC
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar4.5Ontario97914
Red Prairie Solar
TLS Capital, Incsolar2.2Sheridan97378
Riley Solar I LLCsolar10.0Riley97758
River Mill
Portland General Electric Cohydroelectric24.7Estacada97023
River Valley Solar
Neighborhood Power Corp.solar1.9Woodburn97071
Riverbend Landfill
WM Renewable Energy LLCbiomass4.8McMinnville97128
Rock Garden Solar, LLC
NES Euryalussolar10.0Fort Rock97735
Roseburg LFG
Roseburg LFG Energy LLCbiomass1.6Roseburg97470
Round Butte
Portland General Electric Cohydroelectric353.0Madras97741
SSD Clackamas 1, LLC
Thor Solar 1 CEI, LLCsolar4.0Boring97009
SSD Clackamas 4, LLC
Thor Solar 1 CEI, LLCsolar2.0Molalla97038
SSD Clackamas 7, LLC
Thor Solar 1 CEI, LLCsolar2.0Molalla97068
SSD Marion 1, LLC
Thor Solar 1 CEI, LLCsolar2.0Grevais97026
SSD Marion 3, LLC
Thor Solar 1 CEI, LLCsolar2.0Salem97305
SSD Marion 5, LLC
Thor Solar 1 CEI, LLCsolar2.0Woodburn97071
SSD Marion 6, LLC
Thor Solar 1 CEI, LLCsolar2.0Aurora97002
Salem Smart Power Center
Portland General Electric Cobatteries5.0Salem97302
Sand Ranch Windfarm LLC
Echo 1wind9.9Echo97826
Sandy River Solar (CSG)
Sandy River Solar, LLCsolar1.9Sandy97055
Schumann Wind Farm
Chopin Wind, LLCwind8.0Milton-Freewater59076
Seneca Sustainable Energy LLC
Seneca Sustainable Energy LLCbiomass19.8Eugene97440
Sesqui-C Solar (CSG)
Sesqui-C Solar, LLCsolar2.5Yamhill97148
Sheep Solar
Sheep Solar, LLCsolar2.2Turner97392
Shell New Energies, Junction City
Equilon Enterprises LLC d/b/a Shell Oilbiomass1.6Junction City97448
Short Mountain
Emerald People's Utility Distbiomass3.2Eugene97405
Silverton Solar
Silverton Solar, LLCsolar2.2Silverton97381
Siphon Power Project
Central Oregon Irrigation Disthydroelectric5.4Bend97702
Slide Creek
PacifiCorphydroelectric18.0Idleyld Park97447
Soda Springs
PacifiCorphydroelectric11.6Idleyld Park97447
Solar Star Oregon II
Avangrid Renewables LLCsolar56.0Prineville97754
South Hurlburt Wind LLC
Caithness Shepherds Flat LLCwind290.0Arlington97812
Sprague Hydro
Sprague Hydro LLChydroelectric1.0Bly97622
St Louis Solar
Neighborhood Power Corp.solar2.2Gervais97026
Star Point Wind Project LLC
Avangrid Renewables LLCwind98.7Wasco97065
Starvation Solar I, LLCsolar9.9Hines97738
Steel Bridge Solar, LLC
Steel Bridge Solar. LLCsolar2.3Sheridan97378
Stone Creek
Eugene Water & Electric Boardhydroelectric7.0Estacada97023
Portland General Electric Cohydroelectric18.3West Linn97068
Adapture Renewables, Inc.solar3.1Oregon City97045
Adapture Renewables, Inc.solar3.0Silverton97381
Adapture Renewables, Inc.solar2.2Aurora97002
Adapture Renewables, Inc.solar3.0Willamina97396
Adapture Renewables, Inc.solar2.6Boring97009
Adapture Renewables, Inc.solar3.0Sheridan97378
Adapture Renewables, Inc.solar3.0Molalla97038
Suntex Solar, LLC
NES Euryalussolar10.0Riley97758
The Dalles
USACE Northwestern Divisionhydroelectric1822.7The Dalles97058
Thomas Creek Solar
Neighborhood Power Corp.solar2.2Molalla97038
Threemile Canyon
Threemile Canyon Wind I, LLCwind9.9Boardman97818
Threemile Digester
TMF Biofuels, LLCnatural gas4.8Boardman97818
Thunderegg Solar Center, LLC
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar10.0Nyssa97913
Tickle Creek Solar
Neighborhood Power Corp.solar1.9Sandy97055
Timothy Lake Powerhouse
Portland General Electric Cohydroelectric1.1Estacada97023
Toketee Falls
PacifiCorphydroelectric45.0Idleyld Park97447
Tumbleweed Solar, LLC
Heelstone Energy Holdings, LLCsolar9.9Redmond97756
Tunnel 1 Power Project
Owyhee Irrigation Districthydroelectric6.7Nyssa97913
Univ of Oregon Central Power Station
University of Oregonnatural gas15.6Eugene97403
Vale Air Solar Center, LLC
Cypress Creek Renewablessolar10.0Vale97918
Vale Solar Center
Adapture Renewables, Inc.solar3.0Ontario97814
Valley Creek Solar
SP Solar 8, LLCsolar2.2Salem97304
ESI Vansycle Partners LPwind25.0Touchet97835
Vansycle II Wind Energy Center
FPL Energy Stateline II Incwind102.3Athena97813
WLWPCF Cogeneration Facility
City of Salem Public Worksbiomass1.1Keizer97303
Wagon Trail LLC
Odessa Energy Services LLCwind3.3Echo97826
Wallowa Falls
Eugene Water & Electric Boardhydroelectric7.5Springfield97477
Ward Butte Windfarm LLC
Echo 1wind6.6Echo97826
Warm Springs Power Enterprises
Warm Springs Power Enterpriseshydroelectric18.5Warm Springs97761
Waste Management Columbia Ridge LFGTE
WM Renewable Energy LLCbiomass12.8Arlington97812
West Hines Solar I, LLC
NES Euryalussolar10.0Hines97738
Wheat Field Wind Power Project
Wheat Field Wind Power Project LLCwind102.9Arlington97812
Wheatridge 1
Portland General Electric Cowind100.0Lexington97843
Wheatridge Hybrid
Wheatridge Wind Holdings, LLCwind280.0Morrow97843
Williams Acres Solar
Neighborhood Power Corp.solar2.5Woodburn97071
Willow Creek Energy Center
Invenergy Services LLCwind72.0Lone97843
Willow Spring Windfarm (Burnt River)
Willow Springwind10.0Huntington97907
Woodline Solar
Woodline Solar, LLCsolar8.0Dairy97625
WyEast Solar
Avangrid Renewables LLCsolar10.0Wasco97065
Yamhill Solar LLC
Standard Solarsolar1.0Amity97101
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