Power Plants in Virginia

There are a total of 193 power plants in Virginia. The most common type of power plant in Virginia is Solar with a total of 71 locations. Natural Gas generates the most power in Virginia with 13939.7 total Megawatts.
SourceTotal LocationsTotal Megawatts
Natural Gas3013939.7
Pumped Storage13003

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Map of Power Plants in Virginia

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Source: US Energy Information Administration - 2024

List of All Power Plant Locations in Virginia

Plant NameOperatorPower SourceMegawattsCity/TownZIP Code
Altavista Power Station
Virginia Electric & Power Cobiomass51.0Altavista24517
Altavista Solar
Altavista Solar, LLCsolar80.0Lynch Station24571
Industrial Power Generating Company LLCbiomass14.4Jetersville23083
Ameresco Stafford
AMERESCO Stafford LLCbiomass2.0Stafford22554
Bath County
Virginia Electric & Power Copumped storage3003.0Warm Springs24484
Calpine Mid-Atlantic Generation LLCpetroleum12.6Bayview23316
Bear Garden
Virginia Electric & Power Conatural gas622.0New Canton23123
Bedford Solar
Oppidum Renewables USA, LLCsolar3.0Bedford24523
Bedford Solar
Dominion Renewable Energysolar70.0Chesapeake23323
Belle Haven Diesel Generation Facility
Old Dominion Electric Cooppetroleum4.0Belle Haven23306
Bluestone Solar
Bluestone Farm Solar, LLCsolar49.9Chase City23924
Boydton Plank Road Cogen Plant Hybrid
Dinwiddie Power Incpetroleum10.2Petersburg23803
Appomattox River Associates LPhydroelectric2.9Petersburg23803
Briel Solar Farm
Briel Solar Farm, LLCsolar20.0Standston23150
Bristol Plant
Ingenco Renewable Development, LLCbiomass3.6Bristol24201
Brunswick County Power Station
Virginia Electric & Power Conatural gas1371.1Freeman23856
Brunswick Landfill Gas
Industrial Power Generating Company LLCbiomass10.5Lawrenceville23868
Buchanan Generation LLC
Buchanan Generation, LLCnatural gas84.0Keen Mountain24631
Buck Hydro
Appalachian Power Cohydroelectric9.0Ivanhoe24350
Buckingham Solar LLC
Dominion Renewable Energysolar19.8Cumberland23040
Byllesby 2
Appalachian Power Cohydroelectric31.6Ivanhoe24350
Caden Energix Hickory LLC
Caden Energix Hickory LLCsolar32.0Chesapeake23322
Caden Energix Pamplin LLC
Caden Energix Pamplin LLCsolar15.7Appomattox24522
Caden Energix Rives Road LLC
Caden Energix Rives Road LLCsolar19.7Petersburg23805
Caden Energix Wytheville LLC
Caden Energix Wytheville LLCsolar20.0Wytheville24382
Celanese Acetate LLC
Celanese Acetate LLCnatural gas27.2Narrows24124
Charles City
Industrial Power Generating Company LLCbiomass14.4Providence Forge23030
Virginia Electric & Power Copetroleum39.0Chesapeake23323
Virginia Electric & Power Conatural gas392.0Chester23831
Chesterfield Landfill Gas
Industrial Power Generating Company LLCbiomass14.4Chester23831
Church Street Plant
City of Manassas - (VA)petroleum4.0Manassas20110
Appalachian Power Cohydroelectric58.8Radford24141
Clinch River
Appalachian Power Conatural gas460.0Cleveland24225
Virginia Electric & Power Cocoal877.0Clover24534
Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind (CVOW) Pilot Project
Virginia Electric & Power Cowind12.0Virginia Beach0
Coleman Falls
Holcomb Rock Companyhydroelectric1.5Coleman Falls24536
Colonial Trail West
Dominion Energy Inc.solar142.4Spring Grove23881
Commonwealth Chesapeake
Commonwealth Chesapeake Co LLCpetroleum316.5New Church23415
Correctional Solar LLC
Dominion Renewable Energysolar20.0Barhamsville23011
Covanta Alexandria/Arlington Energy
Covanta Alexandria/Arlingtonbiomass29.0Alexandria22304
Covanta Fairfax Energy
Covanta Fairfax Incbiomass98.0Lorton22079
Covington Facility
WestRock Corpbiomass156.5Covington24426
Cushaw Hydro LLChydroelectric2.0Warm Springs24526
DG AMP Solar Front Royal
DG AMP Solar, LLCsolar2.5Front Royal22360
Terraform Arcadiasolar6.0Danville24586
Danville BESS 1
Doc Brown LLCbatteries10.5Danville24541
Danville Farm, LLC
Thor Solar 1 CEI, LLCsolar12.0Ringgold24586
Danville Kentuck Road Plant
City of Danville - (VA)petroleum1.2Ringgold24586
Danville New Design Plant
City of Danville - (VA)petroleum1.2Danville24541
Virginia Electric & Power Conatural gas336.0Richmond23883
Depot Solar Center, LLC
Emerald Hills Holding I, LLCsolar15.0Rustburg24588
Desper Solar
Dominion Renewable Energysolar88.2Louisa23093
Dominion/Lo Mar
City of Manassas - (VA)petroleum15.8Manassas20110
Doswell Energy Center
Doswell Ltd Partnershipnatural gas1164.8Ashland23005
City of Franklin - (VA)petroleum3.2Franklin23851
Eastern Shore Solar, LLC
Dominion Renewable Energysolar80.0Oak Hall23416
Electric Avenue Facility
Town of Culpeper- (VA)petroleum6.9Culpeper22701
Elizabeth River Power Station
Virginia Electric & Power Conatural gas348.0Chesapeake23323
Merck & Co Incnatural gas9.1Elkton22827
Emporia Hydro Power LPhydroelectric2.5Emporia23847
Energix Buckingham, LLC
Energix Buckingham, LLCsolar20.0Cumberland23040
Energix Hollyfield, LLC
Energix Hollyfield, LLCsolar13.0Manquin23106
Energix Leatherwood, LLC
Energix Leatherwood, LLCsolar20.0Axton24054
Energix Nokesville, LLC
Energix Nokesville, LLCsolar20.0Nokesville20181
Essex Solar Center
Arevon Energy, Inc.solar20.0Dunnsville22454
Fort Powhatan Solar
Dominion Renewable Energysolar150.0Disputanta23842
Frederick County LFGTE Facility
Frederick County Virginiabiomass2.0Winchester22602
Fries Hydroelectric Project
Central Rivers Power US, LLChydroelectric5.0Fries24330
Gardy's Mill Solar
Gardy's Mill Solar, LLCsolar14.0Kinsale22488
Gateway Gen
City of Manassas - (VA)petroleum3.4Manassas20110
Georgia-Pacific Big Island
GP Big Island LLCbiomass7.4Big Island24526
Gloucester Solar
Dominion Energy Inc.solar19.8Gloucester23061
Godwin Drive Plant
City of Manassas - (VA)petroleum6.0Manassas20110
Gordonsville Energy LP
Virginia Electric & Power Conatural gas218.0Gordonsville22942
Grassfield Solar
Dominion Energy Inc.solar20.0Chesapeake23323
Grasshopper Solar
Dominion Energy Inc.solar80.0Chase City 23924
Gravel Neck
Virginia Electric & Power Conatural gas368.0Surry23883
Greensville County Power Station
Virginia Electric & Power Conatural gas1585.0Emporia23847
Greensville County Solar Project, LLC
Dominion Energy Inc.solar80.0Skippers23879
HP Hood CT
HP Hood LLCnatural gas15.0Winchester22602
Banister Hydro LPhydroelectric1.6Halifax24558
Halifax County Biomass
South Boston Energy LLCbiomass45.4South Boston24592
Hecate Energy Cherrydale LLC
Dominion Renewable Energysolar20.0Cape Charles23310
Hecate Energy Clarke County LLC
Dominion Renewable Energysolar10.0White Post22663
Industrial Power Generating Company LLCbiomass3.6Glen Allen23059
Highlander Solar Energy Station 1
AES Distributed Energysolar165.0Spotsylvania22551
Holcomb Rock
Holcomb Rock Companyhydroelectric0.6Holcomb Rock24503
Virginia Electric & Power Cosolar6.8Manquin23106
Hopewell Cogeneration
Luminant Generation Company LLCnatural gas378.3Hopewell23860
Hopewell Mill
Hopewell Power Station
Virginia Electric & Power Cobiomass51.0Hopewell23860
I 95 Landfill Phase II
EPP Renewable Energybiomass3.2Lorton22079
IKEA Norfolk Rooftop PV System
IKEA Property Incsolar1.3Norfolk23502
International Paper Franklin Mill
International Papernatural gas74.1Franklin23851
John H Kerr
USCE-Wilmington Districthydroelectric296.6Boydton23917
King & Queen
Industrial Power Generating Company LLCbiomass10.8Little Plymouth23091
Virginia Electric & Power Conatural gas783.0Woodford22580
Appalachian Power Cohydroelectric50.0Hurt24563
Louisa Generation Facility
Old Dominion Electric Coopnatural gas466.0Gordonsville22942
Low Moor
Virginia Electric & Power Copetroleum48.0Covington24426
Luray Hydro Station
Eagle Creek Renewable Energy, LLChydroelectric1.1Luray22835
MM Prince William Energy
MM Prince William Energy LLCbiomass6.6Manassas20112
Maplewood Solar
Dominion Renewable Energysolar120.0Climax24531
Marsh Run Generation Facility
Old Dominion Electric Coopnatural gas481.3Remington22734
Martin Solar Center
Arevon Energy, Inc.solar5.0Kents Store23084
City of Martinsville - (VA)hydroelectric1.2Martinsville24112
Martinsville LFG Generator
City of Martinsville - (VA)natural gas1.0Martinsville24112
Mechanicsville Solar
Mechanicsville Solar, LLCsolar25.0Mechanicsville23111
Meherrin Solar
Dominion Renewable Energysolar59.6Skippers23879
Virginia Electric & Power Cosolar0.8Elkton22827
Molson Coors Shenandoah Brewery
Molson Coors Shenandoah Brewerybiomass1.4Elkton22812
Monterey Diesel Generation Facility
Old Dominion Electric Cooppetroleum6.0Monterey24465
Montross Solar
Dominion Energy Inc.solar20.0Montross22520
Mount Clinton
City of Harrisonburg - (VA)petroleum19.0Harrisonburg22802
Mt. Jackson Solar
Energix Mt. Jackson, LLC.solar15.7Mt. Jackson23229
NASA Wallops Flight Facility Solar
Ameresco Federal Solutionssolar4.3Wallops Island23337
New River
Ingenco Renewable Development, LLCbiomass5.4Dublin24084
Newport Hydro Station
Eagle Creek Renewable Energy, LLChydroelectric1.3Newport24128
Appalachian Power Cohydroelectric1.8Vinton24179
North Anna
Virginia Electric & Power Conuclear1893.0Mineral23117
Northern Neck
Virginia Electric & Power Copetroleum47.0Warsaw22572
Nottoway Diesel Generating Facility
Old Dominion Electric Cooppetroleum4.0Courtland23837
Oceana Solar
Virginia Electric & Power Cosolar7.0Virginia Beach23453
Onancock Diesel Generation Facility
Old Dominion Electric Cooppetroleum4.0Onancock23417
Orange Street G1
Town of Bedford - (VA)petroleum1.8Bedford24523
Palmer Solar Center
Arevon Energy, Inc.solar5.0Troy22974
Park 500 Philip Morris USA
Philip Morris USA - Park 500natural gas10.5Chester23836
Perdue Diesel Generation Facility
Old Dominion Electric Cooppetroleum4.0Accomack23301
Philip Morris
Virginia Electric & Power Cosolar0.8Chester23836
Philpott Lake
USCE-Wilmington Districthydroelectric15.6Bassett24055
Northbrook Virginia Hydro, LLChydroelectric11.1Ararat24053
Pleasant Valley (VA)
City of Harrisonburg - (VA)petroleum13.0Harrisonburg22801
Pleinmont Solar 1
AES Distributed Energysolar75.0Spotsylvania22551
Pleinmont Solar 2
AES Distributed Energysolar240.0Spotsylvania22551
Ponton Diesel Generating Facility
Old Dominion Electric Cooppetroleum4.0Amelia23002
Possum Point
Virginia Electric & Power Conatural gas645.0Dumfries22026
Potomac Energy Center, LLC
Potomac Energy Center LLCnatural gas766.0Leesburg20175
City of Franklin - (VA)petroleum3.2Franklin23851
Puller Solar
Dominion Energy Inc.solar15.0Topping23169
City of Radford - (VA)hydroelectric1.0Radford24141
Radford Army Ammunition Plant
U S Army-Radfordnatural gas16.8Radford24141
Rappahannock Solar, LLC
Rappahannock Solar, LLCsolar1.5White Stone22578
Virginia Electric & Power Conatural gas608.0Remington22734
Remington Solar Facility
Virginia Electric & Power Cosolar8.0Remington22734
Eagle Creek Renewable Energy, LLChydroelectric12.5Lynchburg24503
Richmond Energy
Richmond Energy LLCbiomass6.4Henrico23231
Richmond Spider Solar
AES Distributed Energysolar20.0Spotsylvania22551
Rochambeau Solar
Dominion Renewable Energysolar19.9Williamsburg23185
Rockville 1 & 2
Industrial Power Generating Company LLCpetroleum10.8Rockville23146
Sadler Solar
Dominion Energy Inc.solar100.0Emporia23847
Salem Electric Department
City of Salem - (VA)petroleum1.3Salem24153
Salem Street Dept
City of Salem - (VA)petroleum2.0Salem24153
Salem Water Plant
City of Salem - (VA)petroleum2.0Salem24153
Schoolfield Dam
Eagle Creek Renewable Energy, LLChydroelectric4.5Danville24541
Scott Solar Farm
Dominion Energy Inc.solar17.0Powhatan23139
Scott-II Solar LLC
Dominion Renewable Energysolar20.0Powhatan23139
Skipjack Solar Center
AES Distributed Energysolar175.0Wayside23030
Smith Mountain
Appalachian Power Cohydroelectric586.0Penhook24141
Town of Bedford - (VA)hydroelectric5.0Big Island24526
Southampton Power Station
Virginia Electric & Power Cobiomass51.0Franklin23851
Southampton Solar, LLC
Dominion Renewable Energysolar103.6Newsoms23874
Spring Grove I
Dominion Energy Inc.solar97.9Spring Grove23881
Spruance Operating Services LLC
Veolia Energy Operating Servicenatural gas55.0Richmond23234
Stratford Solar Center, LLC
Stratford Solar Center, LLCsolar15.0Suffolk23434
Sunnybrook Solar Project - Hybrid
Sunnybrook Farm Solar, LLCsolar51.0Scottsburg24589
Virginia Electric & Power Conuclear1676.0Surry23883
Sussex Drive, LLC
Dominion Renewable Energysolar20.0Stoney Creek23882
Sycamore Solar
Dominion Energy Inc.solar42.0Gretna24557
TWE Myrtle Solar Farm, LLC
Dominion Energy Inc.solar15.0Suffolk23434
A & N Electric Cooppetroleum2.4Tangier23440
Calpine Mid-Atlantic Generation LLCpetroleum29.9Tasley23441
Tenaska Virginia Generating Station
Tenaska Virginia Partners LPnatural gas929.8Scottsville24590
Twittys Creek Solar, LLC
Alchemy Renewable Energysolar13.8Keysville23947
VMEA 1 Credit Gen
City of Manassas - (VA)petroleum12.3Manassas20110
VMEA Peaking Gen
City of Manassas - (VA)petroleum6.0Manassas20110
Virginia Beach
Industrial Power Generating Company LLCbiomass10.8Virginia Beach23464
Virginia City Hybrid Energy Center
Virginia Electric & Power Cocoal610.0St. Paul24283
Virginia Tech Power Plant
Virginia Polytechnic Inst and State Unvnatural gas2.5Blacksburg24061
Warren County
Virginia Electric & Power Conatural gas1472.2Front Royal22630
Waste Management Bethel LFGTE
WM Renewable Energy LLCbiomass4.8Hampton23666
Waste Management King George LFGTE
WM Renewable Energy LLCbiomass11.3King George22485
Waste Management Middle Peninsula LFGTE
WM Renewable Energy LLCbiomass6.4Glenns23149
Water Strider Solar
Consolidated Edison Development Inc.solar80.0Nathalie24577
Water Treatment Plant Generators
City of Manassas - (VA)petroleum1.7Gainesville20155
Watlington Solar
Consolidated Edison Development Inc.solar20.0Halifax24592
WestRock-West Point Mill
WestRock-West Point Millbiomass101.0West Point23181
Western Branch High School
Virginia Electric & Power Cosolar0.4Chesapeake23321
Westmoreland County Solar Project
Westmoreland County Solar Project, LLCsolar19.9WARSAW22572
Wheelabrator Portsmouth
Wheelabrator Environmental Systemsbiomass46.5Portsmouth23704
Whitehorn Solar
Whitehorn Solar, LLCsolar50.0Gretna24557
Whitehouse Solar Farm
Virginia Electric & Power Cosolar8.0Louisa23093
Wolf Hills Energy
Middle River Power II, LLCnatural gas250.0Bristol24202
Woodland Solar Farm
Virginia Electric & Power Cosolar7.6Smithfield23430
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