State Health Rank
Top 5
26 - 35
Above 35

Massachusetts County Health Rankings are based on data compiled by CountyHealthRankings. The rankings are based on Health Outcome Factors of Length of life and Quality of life. The lower the health outcome score, the higher the rank. The healthiest county in Massachusetts is Nantucket. The unhealthiest county in Massachusetts is Hampden.

Health RankCountyHealth Outcome Value
1Nantucket County -1.62000000
2Dukes County -0.85000000
3Norfolk County -0.81000000
4Middlesex County -0.81000000
5Hampshire County -0.58000000
6Barnstable County -0.13000000
7Worcester County 0.05000000
8Franklin County 0.12000000
9Essex County 0.17000000
10Plymouth County 0.28000000
11Berkshire County 0.71000000
12Suffolk County 0.75000000
13Bristol County 1.12000000
14Hampden County 1.60000000