Map of California Congressional Districts - 118th Session (2023-2025)


This map represents California Congressional Districts for the 118th session which convenes on January 3rd, 2023. The State of California has a total of 52 Congressional Districts. As a result of the 2020 census, California lost 1 seat (District 53) starting in 2023

List of All California US Congressional Districts

Map KeyDistrict NumberRepresentativeParty Affiliation
1st DistrictDoug LaMalfaRepublican
2nd DistrictJared HuffmanDemocrat
3rd DistrictJohn GaramendiDemocrat
4th DistrictTom McClintockRepublican
5th DistrictMike ThompsonDemocrat
6th DistrictDoris MatsuiDemocrat
7th DistrictAmi BeraDemocrat
8th DistrictJay ObernolteRepublican
9th DistrictJerry McNerneyDemocrat
10th DistrictJosh HarderDemocrat
11th DistrictMark DeSaulnierDemocrat
12th DistrictNancy PelosiDemocrat
13th DistrictBarbara LeeDemocrat
14th DistrictJackie SpeierDemocrat
15th DistrictEric SwalwellDemocrat
16th DistrictJim CostaDemocrat
17th DistrictRo KhannaDemocrat
18th DistrictAnna EshooDemocrat
19th DistrictZoe LofgrenDemocrat
20th DistrictJimmy PanettaDemocrat
21st DistrictDavid ValadaoRepublican
22nd DistrictDevin NunesRepublican
23rd DistrictKevin McCarthyRepublican
24th DistrictSalud CarbajalDemocrat
25th DistrictKatie HillDemocrat
26th DistrictJulia BrownleyDemocrat
27th DistrictJudy ChuDemocrat
28th DistrictAdam SchiffDemocrat
29th DistrictTony CárdenasDemocrat
30th DistrictBrad ShermanDemocrat
31st DistrictPete AguilarDemocrat
32nd DistrictGrace NapolitanoDemocrat
33rd DistrictTed LieuDemocrat
34th DistrictJimmy GomezDemocrat
35th DistrictNorma TorresDemocrat
36th DistrictRaul RuizDemocrat
37th DistrictKaren BassDemocrat
38th DistrictLinda SánchezDemocrat
39th DistrictYoung KimRepublican
40th DistrictLucille Roybal-AllardDemocrat
41st DistrictMark TakanoDemocrat
42nd DistrictKen CalvertRepublican
43rd DistrictMaxine WatersDemocrat
44th DistrictNanette BarragánDemocrat
45th DistrictKatie PorterDemocrat
46th DistrictLou CorreaDemocrat
47th DistrictAlan LowenthalDemocrat
48th DistrictMichelle SteelRepublican
49th DistrictMike LevinDemocrat
50th DistrictDarrell IssaRepublican
51st DistrictJuan VargasDemocrat
52nd DistrictScott PetersDemocrat

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