Map of Texas Congressional Districts - 118th Session (2023-2025)


This map represents Texas Congressional Districts for the 118th session which convenes on January 3rd, 2023. The State of Texas has a total of 38 Congressional Districts. As a result of the 2020 census, Texas added 2 new congressional districts (Texas District 37 and Texas District 38) starting in 2023.

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List of All Texas US Congressional Districts

Map KeyDistrict NumberRepresentativeParty Affiliation
1st DistrictNathaniel MoranRepublican
2nd DistrictDan CrenshawRepublican
3rd DistrictKeith SelfRepublican
4th DistrictPat FallonRepublican
5th DistrictLance GoodenRepublican
6th DistrictJake EllzeyRepublican
7th DistrictLizzie FletcherDemocrat
8th DistrictMorgan LuttrellRepublican
9th DistrictAl GreenDemocrat
10th DistrictMichael McCaulRepublican
11th DistrictAugust PflugerRepublican
12th DistrictKay GrangerRepublican
13th DistrictRonny JacksonRepublican
14th DistrictRandy WeberRepublican
15th DistrictMonica De La CruzRepublican
16th DistrictVeronica EscobarDemocrat
17th DistrictPete SessionsRepublican
18th DistrictSheila Jackson LeeDemocrat
19th DistrictJodey ArringtonRepublican
20th DistrictJoaquin CastroDemocrat
21st DistrictChip RoyRepublican
22nd DistrictTroy NehlsRepublican
23rd DistrictTony GonzalesRepublican
24th DistrictBeth Van DuyneRepublican
25th DistrictRoger WilliamsRepublican
26th DistrictMichael C. BurgessRepublican
27th DistrictMichael CloudRepublican
28th DistrictHenry CuellarDemocrat
29th DistrictSylvia GarciaDemocrat
30th DistrictJasmine CrockettDemocrat
31st DistrictJohn CarterRepublican
32nd DistrictColin AllredDemocrat
33rd DistrictMarc VeaseyDemocrat
34th DistrictVicente GonzalezDemocrat
35th DistrictGreg CasarDemocrat
36th DistrictBrian BabinRepublican
37th DistrictLloyd DoggettDemocrat
38th DistrictWesley HuntRepublican