Map of Delaware State House of Representatives Districts


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List of All Delaware State House of Representatives Districts

Map KeyDistrict NumberRepresentativeParty AffiliationYear Elected
District 1Nnamdi ChukwuochaDemocrat2018
District 2Stephanie BoldenDemocrat2010
District 3Sherry WalkerDemocrat2018
District 4Jeff HilovskyRepublican2022
District 5Kendra JohnsonDemocrat2018
District 6Debra HeffernanDemocrat2010
District 7Larry LambertDemocrat2020
District 8Sherae\'\'a MooreDemocrat2020
District 9Kevin HensleyRepublican2014
District 10Sean MatthewsDemocrat2014
District 11Jeffrey SpiegelmanRepublican2012
District 12Krista GriffithDemocrat2018
District 13DeShanna NealDemocrat2022
District 14Peter SchwartzkopfDemocrat2002
District 15Valerie LonghurstDemocrat2004
District 16Franklin Cooke Jr.Democrat2018
District 17Melissa Minor-BrownDemocrat2018
District 18Sophie PhillipsDemocrat2022
District 19Kimberly WilliamsDemocrat2012
District 20Stell SelbyDemocrat2022
District 21Michael RamoneRepublican2008
District 22Michael SmithRepublican2018
District 23Paul BaumbachDemocrat2012
District 24Edward S. OsienskiDemocrat2010
District 25Cyndie RomerDemocrat2022
District 26Madinah Wilson-AntonDemocrat2020
District 27Eric MorrisonDemocrat2020
District 28William Carson Jr.Democrat2007
District 29William BushDemocrat2018
District 30Shannon MorrisRepublican2018
District 31Sean LynnDemocrat2014
District 32Kerri Evelyn HarrisDemocrat2022
District 33Charles PostlesRepublican2016
District 34Lyndon Dean YearickRepublican2014
District 35Jesse VanderwendeRepublican2018
District 36Bryan ShupeRepublican2018
District 37Ruth Briggs KingRepublican2009
District 38Ronald GrayRepublican2012
District 39Daniel ShortRepublican2006
District 40Timothy DukesRepublican2012
District 41Richard CollinsRepublican2014