Map of Florida Senate Districts


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List of All Florida Senate Districts

Map KeyDistrict NumberRepresentativeParty AffiliationYear Elected
District 1Doug BroxsonRepublican2016
District 2Jay TrumbullRepublican2022
District 3Corey SimonRepublican2022
District 4Clay YarboroughRepublican2022
District 5Tracie DavisDemocrat2022
District 6Jennifer BradleyRepublican2022
District 7Travis HutsonRepublican2016
District 8Tom WrightRepublican2022
District 9Keith PerryRepublican2022
District 1Jason BrodeurRepublican2022
District 11Blaise IngogliaRepublican2022
District 12Colleen BurtonRepublican2022
District 13Dennis BaxleyRepublican2022
District 14Jay CollinsRepublican2022
District 15Geraldine ThompsonDemocrat2022
District 16Darryl RousonDemocrat2022
District 17Linda StewartDemocrat2022
District 18Nick DiCeglieRepublican2022
District 19Debbie MayfieldRepublican2022
District 2Jim BoydRepublican2022
District 21Ed HooperRepublican2022
District 22Joe GrutersRepublican2022
District 23Daniel BurgessRepublican2022
District 24Bobby Powell Jr.Democrat2022
District 25Victor TorresDemocrat2022
District 26Lori BermanDemocrat2022
District 27Ben AlbrittonRepublican2022
District 28Kathleen PassidomoRepublican2016
District 29Erin GrallRepublican2022
District 3Tina PolskyDemocrat2022
District 31Gayle HarrellRepublican2022
District 32Rosalind OsgoodDemocrat2022
District 33Jonathan Allen MartinRepublican2022
District 34Shevrin JonesDemocrat2022
District 35Lauren BookDemocrat2022
District 36Ileana GarciaRepublican2022
District 37Jason PizzoDemocrat2022
District 38Alexis CalatayudRepublican2022
District 39Bryan AvilaRepublican2022
District 4Ana Maria RodriguezRepublican2022