Map of Indiana State Senate Districts


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List of All Indiana State Senate Districts

Map KeyDistrict NumberRepresentativeParty AffiliationYear Elected
District 1Dan DernulcRepublican2022
District 2Lonnie RandolphDemocrat2008
District 3Eddie MeltonDemocrat2016
District 4Rodney Pol Jr.Democrat2021
District 5Ed CharbonneauRepublican2007
District 6Rick NiemeyerRepublican2014
District 7Brian BuchananRepublican2018
District 8Mike BohacekRepublican2016
District 9Ryan MishlerRepublican2004
District 10David NiezgodskiDemocrat2016
District 11Linda RogersRepublican2018
District 12Blake DoriotRepublican2016
District 13Susan GlickRepublican2010
District 14Tyler JohnsonRepublican2022
District 15Liz BrownRepublican2014
District 16Justin BuschRepublican2018
District 17Andy ZayRepublican2016
District 18Stacey DonatoRepublican2019
District 19Travis HoldmanRepublican2008
District 20Scott BaldwinRepublican2020
District 21James BuckRepublican2008
District 22Ronnie AltingRepublican1998
District 23Spencer DeeryRepublican2022
District 24John CraneRepublican2016
District 25Mike GaskillRepublican2022
District 26Scott AlexanderRepublican2022
District 27Jeff RaatzRepublican2014
District 28Michael CriderRepublican2012
District 29J.D. FordDemocrat2018
District 30Fady QaddouraDemocrat2020
District 31Kyle WalkerRepublican2020
District 32Aaron FreemanRepublican2016
District 33Greg TaylorDemocrat2008
District 34Jean BreauxDemocrat2006
District 35Michael YoungRepublican2000
District 36Jack SandlinRepublican2016
District 37Rodric D. BrayRepublican2012
District 38Jon FordRepublican2014
District 39Eric BasslerRepublican2014
District 40Shelli YoderDemocrat2020
District 41Greg WalkerRepublican2006
District 42Jean LeisingRepublican2008
District 43Chip PerfectRepublican2014
District 44Eric KochRepublican2016
District 45Chris GartenRepublican2018
District 46Andrea HunleyDemocrat2022
District 47Gary ByrneRepublican2022
District 48Mark MessmerRepublican2014
District 49Jim TomesRepublican2010
District 50Vaneta BeckerRepublican2005