Map of Kansas State Senate Districts


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List of All Kansas State Senate Districts

Map KeyDistrict NumberRepresentativeParty AffiliationYear Elected
District 1Dennis PyleRepublican2004
District 2Marci FranciscoDemocrat2004
District 3Tom HollandDemocrat2008
District 4David HaleyDemocrat2000
District 5Kevin BraunRepublican2018
District 6Pat PetteyDemocrat2012
District 7Barbara BollierDemocrat2016
District 8Cindy HolscherDemocrat2020
District 9Julia LynnRepublican2006
District 10Mike ThompsonRepublican2020
District 11John SkubalRepublican2016
District 12Caryn TysonRepublican2012
District 13Richard HilderbrandRepublican2017
District 14Bruce GivensRepublican2016
District 15Dan GoddardRepublican2016
District 16Ty MastersonRepublican2008
District 17Jeff LongbineRepublican2010
District 18Vic MillerDemocrat2019
District 19Anthony HensleyDemocrat1992
District 20Eric RuckerRepublican2018
District 21Dinah SykesDemocrat2016
District 22Tom HawkDemocrat2012
District 23Robert OlsonRepublican2011
District 24Randall HardyRepublican2016
District 25Mary WareDemocrat2019
District 26Dan KerschenRepublican2012
District 27Gene SuellentropRepublican2016
District 28Mike PetersenRepublican2004
District 29Oletha Faust-GoudeauDemocrat2008
District 30Susan WagleRepublican2000
District 31Carolyn McGinnRepublican2004
District 32Larry AlleyRepublican2016
District 33Mary Jo TaylorRepublican2016
District 34Ed BergerRepublican2016
District 35Rick WilbornRepublican2016
District 36Elaine BowersRepublican2012
District 37Molly BaumgardnerRepublican2014
District 38Ronald RyckmanRepublicanNA
District 39John DollRepublican2016
District 40Rick BillingerRepublican2016