Map of Maryland State Senate Districts


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List of All Maryland State Senate Districts

Map KeyDistrict NumberRepresentativeParty AffiliationYear Elected
District 01Mike McKayRepublican2023
District 02Paul CordermanRepublican2020
District 03Karen Lewis YoungDemocrat2023
District 04William FoldenRepublican2023
District 05Justin ReadyRepublican2015
District 06Johnny Ray SallingRepublican2015
District 07J.B. JenningsRepublican2011
District 08Katherine KlausmeierDemocrat2003
District 09Katie HesterDemocrat2019
District 10Benjamin BrooksDemocrat2023
District 11Shelly HettlemanDemocrat2020
District 12Clarence LamDemocrat2019
District 13Guy GuzzoneDemocrat2015
District 14Craig ZuckerDemocrat2016
District 15Brian FeldmanDemocrat2013
District 16Ariana KellyDemocrat2023
District 17Cheryl KaganDemocrat2015
District 18Jeff WaldstreicherDemocrat2019
District 19Benjamin KramerDemocrat2019
District 20Will SmithDemocrat2016
District 21Jim RosapepeDemocrat2007
District 22Alonzo WashingtonDemocrat2023
District 23Ron WatsonDemocrat2021
District 24Joanne BensonDemocrat2011
District 25Nick CharlesDemocrat2023
District 26C. Anthony MuseDemocrat2023
District 27Michael A. JacksonDemocrat2021
District 28Arthur EllisDemocrat2019
District 29Jack BaileyRepublican2019
District 30Sarah ElfrethDemocrat2019
District 31Bryan SimonaireRepublican2007
District 32Pamela BeidleDemocrat2019
District 33Dawn GileDemocrat2023
District 34Mary-Dulany JamesDemocrat2023
District 35Jason GallionRepublican2019
District 36Stephen Hershey Jr.Republican2013
District 37Johnny MautzRepublican2023
District 38Mary Beth CarozzaRepublican2019
District 39Nancy KingDemocrat2007
District 40Antonio HayesDemocrat2019
District 41Jill CarterDemocrat2018
District 42Chris WestRepublican2019
District 43Mary WashingtonDemocrat2019
District 44Charles E. Sydnor IIIDemocrat2019
District 45Cory McCrayDemocrat2019
District 46William Ferguson IVDemocrat2011
District 47Malcolm AugustineDemocrat2019