Map of Michigan State Senate Districts


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List of All Michigan State Senate Districts

Map KeyDistrict NumberRepresentativeParty AffiliationYear Elected
District 1Erika GeissDemocrat2023
District 2Sylvia SantanaDemocrat2023
District 3Stephanie ChangDemocrat2023
District 4Darrin CamilleriDemocrat2023
District 5Dayna PolehankiDemocrat2023
District 6Mary CavanaghDemocrat2023
District 7Jeremy MossDemocrat2023
District 8Mallory McMorrowDemocrat2023
District 9Michael WebberRepublican2023
District 10Paul WojnoDemocrat2023
District 11Veronica KlinefeltDemocrat2023
District 12Kevin HertelDemocrat2023
District 13Rosemary BayerDemocrat2023
District 14Sue ShinkDemocrat2023
District 15Jeff IrwinDemocrat2023
District 16Joseph BellinoRepublican2023
District 17Jonathan LindseyRepublican2023
District 18Thomas AlbertRepublican2023
District 19Sean McCannDemocrat2023
District 20Aric NesbittRepublican2023
District 21Sarah AnthonyDemocrat2023
District 22Lana TheisRepublican2019
District 23Jim RunestadRepublican2023
District 24Ruth JohnsonRepublican2023
District 25Dan LauwersRepublican2019
District 26Kevin DaleyRepublican2023
District 27John CherryDemocrat2023
District 28Sam SinghDemocrat2023
District 29Winnie BrinksDemocrat2019
District 30Mark HuizengaRepublican2023
District 31Roger VictoryRepublican2023
District 32Jon BumsteadRepublican2023
District 33Rick OutmanRepublican2019
District 34Roger HauckRepublican2023
District 35Kristen McDonald RivetDemocrat2023
District 36Michele HoitengaRepublican2023
District 37John DamooseRepublican2023
District 38Ed McBroomRepublican2019