Map of Michigan State Senate Districts


List of All Michigan State Senate Districts

Map KeyDistrict NumberRepresentativeParty AffiliationYear Elected
District 1Stephanie ChangDemocratNA
District 2Adam HollierDemocratNA
District 3Sylvia SantanaDemocratNA
District 4Marshall BullockDemocratNA
District 5Betty Jean AlexanderDemocratNA
District 6Erika GeissDemocratNA
District 7Dayna PolehankiDemocratNA
District 8VacantVacantNA
District 9Paul WojnoDemocratNA
District 10Michael D. MacDonaldRepublicanNA
District 11Jeremy MossDemocratNA
District 12Rosemary BayerDemocratNA
District 13Mallory McMorrowDemocratNA
District 14Ruth JohnsonRepublicanNA
District 15Jim RunestadRepublicanNA
District 16Mike ShirkeyRepublicanNA
District 17Dale ZornRepublicanNA
District 18Jeff IrwinDemocratNA
District 19John BizonRepublicanNA
District 20Sean McCannDemocratNA
District 21Kim LaSataRepublicanNA
District 22Lana TheisRepublicanNA
District 23Curtis Hertel Jr.DemocratNA
District 24Tom BarrettRepublicanNA
District 25Dan LauwersRepublicanNA
District 26Aric NesbittRepublicanNA
District 27Jim AnanichDemocratNA
District 28VacantVacantNA
District 29Winnie BrinksDemocratNA
District 30Roger VictoryRepublicanNA
District 31Kevin DaleyRepublicanNA
District 32Kenneth HornRepublicanNA
District 33Rick OutmanRepublicanNA
District 34Jon BumsteadRepublicanNA
District 35Curt VanderWallRepublicanNA
District 36Jim StamasRepublicanNA
District 37Wayne SchmidtRepublicanNA
District 38Ed McBroomRepublicanNA

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