Map of Montana State Senate Districts


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List of All Montana State Senate Districts

Map KeyDistrict NumberRepresentativeParty AffiliationYear Elected
District 1Mike CuffeRepublican2019
District 2Carl GlimmRepublican2021
District 3Keith RegierRepublican2017
District 4John FullerRepublican2023
District 5Mark NolandRepublican2023
District 6Greg HertzRepublican2021
District 7Bob BrownRepublican2021
District 8Susan WebberDemocrat2019
District 9Bruce GillespieRepublican2019
District 10Steve FitzpatrickRepublican2017
District 11Daniel EmrichRepublican2023
District 12Wendy McKameyRepublican2023
District 13Jeremy TrebasRepublican2023
District 14Russel TempelRepublican2017
District 15Dan BartelRepublican2021
District 16Mike FoxDemocrat2021
District 17Mike LangRepublican2017
District 18Steve HinebauchRepublican2017
District 19Kenneth BognerRepublican2019
District 20Barry UsherRepublican2023
District 21Jason SmallRepublican2017
District 22Daniel ZolnikovRepublican2023
District 23Tom McGillvrayRepublican2021
District 24Katharin KelkerDemocrat2023
District 25Jen GrossDemocrat2017
District 26Chris FriedelRepublican2021
District 27Dennis LenzRepublican2023
District 28Brad MolnarRepublican2021
District 29Forrest MandevilleRepublican2023
District 30John EspRepublican2019
District 31Christopher PopeDemocrat2021
District 32Pat FlowersDemocrat2019
District 33Denise HaymanDemocrat2023
District 34Shelley VanceRepublican2023
District 35Walt SalesRepublican2021
District 36Jeffrey WelbornRepublican2017
District 37Ryan LynchDemocrat2021
District 38Edith McClaffertyDemocrat2017
District 39Terry VermeireRepublican2022
District 40Becky BeardRepublican2022
District 41Janet EllisDemocrat2019
District 42Mary Ann DunwellDemocrat2023
District 43Jason EllsworthRepublican2019
District 44Theresa ManzellaRepublican2021
District 45Ellie BoldmanDemocrat2021
District 46Shannon O\'\'BrienDemocrat2021
District 47Daniel SalomonRepublican2017
District 48Shane MorigeauDemocrat2020
District 49Willis CurdyDemocrat2023
District 50Andrea OlsenDemocrat2023

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