Map of New Hampshire State Senate Districts


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List of All New Hampshire State Senate Districts

Map KeyDistrict NumberRepresentativeParty AffiliationYear Elected
District 1Carrie GendreauRepublican2022
District 2Timothy Lang Sr.Republican2022
District 3Jeb BradleyRepublican2009
District 4David WattersDemocrat2012
District 5Suzanne PrentissDemocrat2020
District 6James GrayRepublican2016
District 7Dan InnisRepublican2022
District 8Ruth WardRepublican2016
District 9Denise RicciardiRepublican2020
District 10Donovan FentonDemocrat2022
District 11Shannon ChandleyDemocrat2022
District 12Kevin AvardRepublican2020
District 13Lucinda RosenwaldDemocrat2018
District 14Sharon CarsonRepublican2008
District 15Becky WhitleyDemocrat2020
District 16Keith MurphyRepublican2022
District 17Howard PearlRepublican2022
District 18Donna SoucyDemocrat2012
District 19Regina BirdsellRepublican2014
District 20Lou D\'\'AllesandroDemocrat1998
District 21Rebecca Perkins KwokaDemocrat2020
District 22Daryl AbbasRepublican2022
District 23William GannonRepublican2020
District 24Debra AltschillerDemocrat2022