Map of New Mexico State Senate Districts


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List of All New Mexico State Senate Districts

Map KeyDistrict NumberRepresentativeParty AffiliationYear Elected
District 1William SharerRepublican2001
District 2Steven NevilleRepublican2005
District 3Shannon PintoDemocrat2019
District 4George MunozDemocrat2009
District 5Leo JaramilloDemocrat2021
District 6Roberto GonzalesDemocrat2019
District 7Pat WoodsRepublican2012
District 8Pete CamposDemocrat1991
District 9Brenda McKennaDemocrat2021
District 10Katy DuhiggDemocrat2021
District 11Linda LopezDemocrat1997
District 12Jerry Ortiz y PinoDemocrat2005
District 13William O\'\'NeillDemocrat2013
District 14Michael PadillaDemocrat2013
District 15Daniel Ivey-SotoDemocrat2013
District 16Antoinette Sedillo LopezDemocrat2019
District 17Mimi StewartDemocrat2015
District 18Bill TallmanDemocrat2017
District 19Gregg SchmedesRepublican2021
District 20Martin HickeyDemocrat2021
District 21Mark MooresRepublican2013
District 22Benny ShendoDemocrat2013
District 23Harold Pope Jr.Democrat2021
District 24Nancy RodriguezDemocrat1997
District 25Peter WirthDemocrat2009
District 26Antonio MaestasDemocrat2022
District 27Stuart IngleRepublican1985
District 28Siah Correa HemphillDemocrat2020
District 29Gregory BacaRepublican2017
District 30Joshua A. SanchezRepublican2021
District 31Joseph CervantesDemocrat2013
District 32Cliff R. PirtleRepublican2013
District 33Bill BurtRepublican2011
District 34Ron GriggsRepublican2012
District 35Crystal DiamondRepublican2021
District 36Jeff SteinbornDemocrat2017
District 37William P. SoulesDemocrat2013
District 38Carrie HamblenDemocrat2021
District 39Liz StefanicsDemocrat2017
District 40Craig W. BrandtRepublican2013
District 41David M. GallegosRepublican2021
District 42Gay KernanRepublican2002

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