Map of North Carolina State Senate Districts


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List of All North Carolina State Senate Districts

Map KeyDistrict NumberRepresentativeParty AffiliationYear Elected
District 1Norman SandersonRepublican2023
District 2Jim PerryRepublican2023
District 3Robert HanigRepublican2023
District 4Eldon Sharpe Newton IIIRepublican2023
District 5Kandie SmithDemocrat2023
District 6Michael LazzaraRepublican2021
District 7Michael LeeRepublican2023
District 8William RabonRepublican2011
District 9Brent JacksonRepublican2023
District 10Benton SawreyRepublican2023
District 11Lisa BarnesRepublican2021
District 12Jim BurginRepublican2019
District 13Lisa GrafsteinDemocrat2023
District 14Dan BlueDemocrat2009
District 15Jay ChaudhuriDemocrat2019
District 16Gale AdcockDemocrat2023
District 17Sydney BatchDemocrat2021
District 18Mary Wills BodeDemocrat2023
District 19Val ApplewhiteDemocrat2023
District 20Natalie MurdockDemocrat2020
District 21Tom McInnisRepublican2023
District 22Mike WoodardDemocrat2013
District 23Graig R. MeyerDemocrat2023
District 24Danny Earl BrittRepublican2023
District 25Amy GaleyRepublican2023
District 26Phil BergerRepublican2023
District 27Michael GarrettDemocrat2019
District 28Gladys RobinsonDemocrat2011
District 29Dave CravenRepublican2023
District 30Steven JarvisRepublican2023
District 31Joyce KrawiecRepublican2014
District 32Paul LoweDemocrat2015
District 33Carl FordRepublican2019
District 34Paul NewtonRepublican2023
District 35Todd JohnsonRepublican2019
District 36Eddie SettleRepublican2023
District 37Vickie SawyerRepublican2023
District 38Mujtaba MohammedDemocrat2019
District 39DeAndrea SalvadorDemocrat2021
District 40Joyce WaddellDemocrat2015
District 41Natasha MarcusDemocrat2019
District 42Rachel HuntDemocrat2023
District 43Brad OvercashRepublican2023
District 44Ted AlexanderRepublican2019
District 45H. Dean ProctorRepublican2023
District 46Warren DanielRepublican2013
District 47Ralph HiseRepublican2011
District 48Timothy MoffittRepublican2023
District 49Julie MayfieldDemocrat2021
District 50Kevin CorbinRepublican2021