Map of North Dakota State Senate Districts


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List of All North Dakota State Senate Districts

Map KeyDistrict NumberRepresentativeParty AffiliationYear Elected
District 1Brad BekkedahlRepublican2014
District 2David RustRepublican2014
District 3Bob PaulsonRepublican2022
District 4Jordan KannianenRepublican2016
District 5Randy BurckhardRepublican2010
District 6Shawn VedaaRepublican2016
District 7Michelle AxtmanRepublican2022
District 8Jeffery MagrumRepublican2022
District 9Kent WestonRepublican2022
District 10Ryan BraunbergerDemocrat2022
District 11Tim MathernDemocrat1986
District 12Cole ConleyRepublican2020
District 13Judy LeeRepublican1994
District 14Jerry KleinRepublican1996
District 15Judy EstensonRepublican2022
District 16David ClemensRepublican2016
District 17Jonathan SicklerRepublican2022
District 18Scott MeyerRepublican2016
District 19Janne MyrdalRepublican2022
District 20Randy LemmRepublican2019
District 21Kathy HoganDemocrat2018
District 22Mark WeberRepublican2020
District 23Todd BeardRepublican2022
District 24Mike WobbemaRepublican2020
District 25Larry LuickRepublican2010
District 26Dale PattenRepublican2022
District 27Kristin RoersRepublican2018
District 28Robert ErbeleRepublican2000
District 29Terry WanzekRepublican1994
District 30Diane LarsonRepublican2016
District 31Donald SchaibleRepublican2010
District 32Dick DeverRepublican2008
District 33Keith BoehmRepublican2022
District 34Doug LarsenRepublican2020
District 35Sean ClearyRepublican2022
District 36Jay ElkinRepublican2018
District 37Dean RummelRepublican2022
District 38David HogueRepublican2008
District 39Greg KesselRepublican2022
District 40Karen KrebsbachRepublican1989
District 41Kyle DavisonRepublican2014
District 42Curt KreunRepublican2016
District 43Jeff BartaRepublican2022
District 44Merrill PiepkornDemocrat2016
District 45Ronald SorvaagRepublican2010
District 46Jim RoersRepublican2016
District 47Mike DwyerRepublican2018