Map of Oklahoma State Senate Districts


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List of All Oklahoma State Senate Districts

Map KeyDistrict NumberRepresentativeParty AffiliationYear Elected
District 1Micheal BergstromRepublican2016
District 2Ally SeifriedRepublican2022
District 3Blake Cowboy StephensRepublican2020
District 4Tom WoodsRepublican2022
District 5George BurnsRepublican2020
District 6David BullardRepublican2018
District 7Warren HamiltonRepublican2020
District 8Roger ThompsonRepublican2014
District 9Dewayne PembertonRepublican2016
District 10Bill ColemanRepublican2018
District 11Kevin MatthewsDemocrat2015
District 12Todd GollihareRepublican2022
District 13Greg McCortneyRepublican2016
District 14Jerry AlvordRepublican2022
District 15Rob StandridgeRepublican2012
District 16Mary BorenDemocrat2018
District 17Shane JettRepublican2020
District 18Jack StewartRepublican2022
District 19Roland PedersonRepublican2016
District 20Chuck HallRepublican2018
District 21Tom J. DuggerRepublican2016
District 22Kristen ThompsonRepublican2022
District 23Lonnie PaxtonRepublican2016
District 24Darrell WeaverRepublican2018
District 25Joe NewhouseRepublican2016
District 26Darcy JechRepublican2014
District 27Casey MurdockRepublican2018
District 28Grant GreenRepublican2022
District 29Julie DanielsRepublican2016
District 30Julia KirtDemocrat2018
District 31Chris KiddRepublican2016
District 32John MontgomeryRepublican2018
District 33Nathan DahmRepublican2012
District 34Dana PrietoRepublican2022
District 35Jo Anna DossettDemocrat2020
District 36John HasteRepublican2018
District 37Cody RogersRepublican2020
District 38Brent HowardRepublican2018
District 39Dave RaderRepublican2016
District 40Carri HicksDemocrat2018
District 41Adam PughRepublican2016
District 42Brenda StanleyRepublican2018
District 43Jessica GarvinRepublican2020
District 44Michael BrooksDemocrat2017
District 45Paul RosinoRepublican2017
District 46Kay FloydDemocrat2014
District 47Greg TreatRepublican2011
District 48George YoungDemocrat2018