Map of South Carolina State House of Representatives Districts


List of All South Carolina State House of Representatives Districts

Map KeyDistrict NumberRepresentativeParty AffiliationYear Elected
District 1Bill WhitmireRepublicanNA
District 2Bill Sandifer IIIRepublicanNA
District 3Jerry T. CarterRepublicanNA
District 4Davey HiottRepublicanNA
District 5Neal CollinsRepublicanNA
District 6W. Brian WhiteRepublicanNA
District 7Jay WestRepublicanNA
District 8Jonathon D. HillRepublicanNA
District 9Anne ThayerRepublicanNA
District 10West CoxRepublicanNA
District 11Craig A. GagnonRepublicanNA
District 12J. Anne ParksDemocratNA
District 13John R. McCravy IIIRepublicanNA
District 14Stewart JonesRepublicanNA
District 15JA MooreDemocratNA
District 16Mark N. WillisRepublicanNA
District 17Mike BurnsRepublicanNA
District 18Tommy StringerRepublicanNA
District 19Patrick HaddonRepublicanNA
District 20Adam MorganRepublicanNA
District 21Bobby CoxRepublicanNA
District 22Jason ElliottRepublicanNA
District 23Chandra DillardDemocratNA
District 24Bruce W. BannisterRepublicanNA
District 25Leola C. Robinson-SimpsonDemocratNA
District 26Raye FelderRepublicanNA
District 27Garry R. SmithRepublicanNA
District 28Ashley TranthamRepublicanNA
District 29Dennis MossRepublicanNA
District 30Steve MossRepublicanNA
District 31Rosalyn Henderson-MyersDemocratNA
District 32Max HydeRepublicanNA
District 33Travis A. MooreRepublicanNA
District 34Roger A. NuttRepublicanNA
District 35Bill ChumleyRepublicanNA
District 36Merita Ann AllisonRepublicanNA
District 37Steven Wayne LongRepublicanNA
District 38Josiah MagnusonRepublicanNA
District 39Cal ForrestRepublicanNA
District 40Rick MartinRepublicanNA
District 41Annie McDanielDemocratNA
District 42Doug GilliamRepublicanNA
District 43Randy LigonRepublicanNA
District 44Sandy N. McGarryRepublicanNA
District 45Brandon Michael NewtonRepublicanNA
District 46Gary SimrillRepublicanNA
District 47Tommy PopeRepublicanNA
District 48Bruce BryantRepublicanNA
District 49John Richard C. KingDemocratNA
District 50Will WheelerDemocratNA
District 51J. David WeeksDemocratNA
District 52Victor M. DabneyRepublicanNA
District 53Richie YowRepublicanNA
District 54Pat HeneganDemocratNA
District 55Jackie E. HayesDemocratNA
District 56Tim McGinnisRepublicanNA
District 57Lucas AtkinsonDemocratNA
District 58Jeff JohnsonRepublicanNA
District 59Terry AlexanderDemocratNA
District 60Phillip LoweRepublicanNA
District 61Roger K. KirbyDemocratNA
District 62Robert Q. WilliamsDemocratNA
District 63Jay JordanRepublicanNA
District 64Kimberly O. JohnsonDemocratNA
District 65Jay LucasRepublicanNA
District 66Gilda Cobb-HunterDemocratNA
District 67G. Murrell Smith Jr.RepublicanNA
District 68Heather Ammons CrawfordRepublicanNA
District 69Chris WootenRepublicanNA
District 70Wendy BrawleyDemocratNA
District 71Nathan BallentineRepublicanNA
District 72Seth RoseDemocratNA
District 73Christopher R. HartDemocratNA
District 74Todd RutherfordDemocratNA
District 75Kirkman Finlay IIIRepublicanNA
District 76Leon HowardDemocratNA
District 77Kambrell GarvinDemocratNA
District 78Beth BernsteinDemocratNA
District 79Ivory Torrey ThigpenDemocratNA
District 80Jermaine JohnsonDemocratNA
District 81Bart T. BlackwellRepublicanNA
District 82Bill ClyburnDemocratNA
District 83Bill HixonRepublicanNA
District 84Melissa Lackey OremusRepublicanNA
District 85Chip HugginsRepublicanNA
District 86Bill TaylorRepublicanNA
District 87Paula Rawl CalhoonRepublicanNA
District 88Robert MayRepublicanNA
District 89Micah CaskeyRepublicanNA
District 90Justin BambergDemocratNA
District 91Lonnie HoseyDemocratNA
District 92Joseph DaningRepublicanNA
District 93Russell OttDemocratNA
District 94Gil GatchRepublicanNA
District 95Jerry Govan Jr.DemocratNA
District 96Donald McCabeRepublicanNA
District 97Mandy KimmonsRepublicanNA
District 98Chris MurphyRepublicanNA
District 99Marvin SmithRepublicanNA
District 100Sylleste DavisRepublicanNA
District 101Cezar McKnightDemocratNA
District 102Joseph H. JeffersonDemocratNA
District 103Carl AndersonDemocratNA
District 104William BaileyRepublicanNA
District 105Kevin HardeeRepublicanNA
District 106Russell FryRepublicanNA
District 107Thomas BrittianRepublicanNA
District 108Lee HewittRepublicanNA
District 109Deon TedderDemocratNA
District 110William S. Cogswell Jr.RepublicanNA
District 111Wendell GilliardDemocratNA
District 112Joseph BustosRepublicanNA
District 113Marvin R. PendarvisDemocratNA
District 114Lin BennettRepublicanNA
District 115Spencer WetmoreDemocratNA
District 116Chardale MurrayDemocratNA
District 117Krystle MatthewsDemocratNA
District 118Bill HerbkersmanRepublicanNA
District 119Leon StavrinakisDemocratNA
District 120Weston J. NewtonRepublicanNA
District 121Michael F. Rivers Sr.DemocratNA
District 122Shedron D. WilliamsDemocratNA
District 123Jeff BradleyRepublicanNA
District 124Shannon EricksonRepublicanNA

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