Map of Virginia State Senate Districts


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List of All Virginia State Senate Districts

Map KeyDistrict NumberRepresentativeParty AffiliationYear Elected
District 1T. Monty MasonDemocrat2016
District 2Mamie LockeDemocrat2004
District 3Thomas Norment Jr.Republican1992
District 4Ryan McDougleRepublican2006
District 5Lionell SpruillDemocrat2016
District 6Lynwood LewisDemocrat2014
District 7Aaron RouseDemocrat2023
District 8Bill DeSteph Jr.Republican2016
District 9Jennifer McClellanDemocrat2017
District 10Ghazala HashmiDemocrat2020
District 11Amanda ChaseRepublican2016
District 12Siobhan DunnavantRepublican2016
District 13John BellDemocrat2020
District 14John CosgroveRepublican2013
District 15Frank RuffRepublican2000
District 16Joseph MorrisseyDemocrat2020
District 17Bryce ReevesRepublican2012
District 18Louise LucasDemocrat1992
District 19David SuetterleinRepublican2016
District 20Bill StanleyRepublican2011
District 21John EdwardsDemocrat1996
District 22Mark PeakeRepublican2017
District 23Stephen NewmanRepublican1996
District 24Emmett HangerRepublican1996
District 25Creigh DeedsDemocrat2001
District 26Mark ObenshainRepublican2004
District 27Jill VogelRepublican2008
District 28Richard StuartRepublican2008
District 29Jeremy McPikeDemocrat2016
District 30Adam EbbinDemocrat2012
District 31Barbara FavolaDemocrat2012
District 32Janet HowellDemocrat1991
District 33Jennifer BoyskoDemocrat2019
District 34John Chapman PetersenDemocrat2008
District 35Dick SaslawDemocrat1980
District 36Scott SurovellDemocrat2016
District 37Dave MarsdenDemocrat2010
District 38Travis HackworthRepublican2021
District 39George BarkerDemocrat2008
District 40Todd PillionRepublican2020