Map of Washington State Senate Districts


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List of All Washington State Senate Districts

Map KeyDistrict NumberRepresentativeParty AffiliationYear Elected
District 1Derek StanfordDemocrat2019
District 2Jim McCuneRepublican2021
District 3Andy BilligDemocrat2013
District 4Mike PaddenRepublican2011
District 5Mark MulletDemocrat2013
District 6Jeff HolyRepublican2019
District 7Shelly ShortRepublican2017
District 8Matt BoehnkeRepublican2023
District 9Mark SchoeslerRepublican2005
District 10Ron MuzzallRepublican2019
District 11Bob HasegawaDemocrat2013
District 12Brad HawkinsRepublican2017
District 13Judith WarnickRepublican2015
District 14Curtis KingRepublican2007
District 15Nikki TorresRepublican2023
District 16Perry DozierRepublican2021
District 17Lynda WilsonRepublican2017
District 18Ann RiversRepublican2012
District 19Jeff WilsonRepublican2021
District 20John BraunRepublican2013
District 21Marko LiiasDemocrat2014
District 22Sam HuntDemocrat2017
District 23Christine RolfesDemocrat2011
District 24Kevin Van De WegeDemocrat2017
District 25Chris GildonRepublican2021
District 26Emily RandallDemocrat2019
District 27Yasmin TrudeauDemocrat2021
District 28T\'\'wina NoblesDemocrat2021
District 29Steve ConwayDemocrat2011
District 30Claire WilsonDemocrat2019
District 31Phil FortunatoRepublican2017
District 32Jesse SalomonDemocrat2019
District 33Karen KeiserDemocrat2001
District 34Joe NguyenDemocrat2019
District 35Drew MacEwenRepublican2023
District 36Noel FrameDemocrat2023
District 37Rebecca SaldanaDemocrat2016
District 38June RobinsonDemocrat2020
District 39Keith WagonerRepublican2018
District 40Liz LovelettDemocrat2019
District 41Lisa WellmanDemocrat2017
District 42Sharon ShewmakeDemocrat2022
District 43Jamie PedersenDemocrat2013
District 44John LovickDemocrat2021
District 45Manka DhingraDemocrat2017
District 46Javier ValdezDemocrat2023
District 47Claudia KauffmanDemocrat2023
District 48Patricia KudererDemocrat2017
District 49Annette ClevelandDemocrat2013