List of Schools in NEW YORK CITY GEOGRAPHIC DISTRICT #27, New York

School NameCity/TownZIP CodeCounty
Hawtree Creek Middle SchoolSOUTH OZONE PARK11420Queens County
JHS 226 Virgil GrissomSOUTH OZONE PARK11420Queens County
JHS202 Robert H Goddard SchoolOZONE PARK11417Queens County
JHS210 Elizabeth Blackwell SchoolOZONE PARK11416Queens County
John Adams High SchoolOZONE PARK11417Queens County
Lighthouse Elementary SchoolFAR ROCKAWAY11691Queens County
MS 053 Brian PiccoloFAR ROCKAWAY11691Queens County
MS 137 America's School Of HeroesOZONE PARK11417Queens County
New York City Academy for DiscoveryWOODHAVEN11421Queens County
PS 100 Glen Morris SchoolSOUTH OZONE PARK11420Queens County
PS 104 The Bays Water SchoolFAR ROCKAWAY11691Queens County
PS 105 The Bay SchoolFAR ROCKAWAY11691Queens County
PS 108 Fowler SchoolSOUTH OZONE PARK11420Queens County
PS 123SOUTH OZONE PARK11436Queens County
PS 124 Osmond A Church SchoolSOUTH OZONE PARK11420Queens County
PS 146 Howard Beach SchoolHOWARD BEACH11414Queens County
PS 155SOUTH OZONE PARK11420Queens County
PS 183 Dr. Richard R. Green SchoolROCKAWAY BEACH11693Queens County
PS 197 The Ocean SchoolFAR ROCKAWAY11691Queens County
PS 207 Rockwood Park SchoolHOWARD BEACH11414Queens County
PS 223 Lyndon B. Johnson SchoolJAMAICA11436Queens County
PS 232 Lindenwood SchoolHOWARD BEACH11414Queens County
PS 253FAR ROCKAWAY11691Queens County
PS 254 - The Rosa Parks SchoolRICHMOND HILL11418Queens County
PS 273RICHMOND HILL11418Queens County
PS 377RICHMOND HILL11418Queens County
PS 43FAR ROCKAWAY11691Queens County
PS 45 Clarence Witherspoon SchoolSOUTH OZONE PARK11436Queens County
PS 47 Chris Galas SchoolROCKAWAY PARK11694Queens County
PS 51RICHMOND HILL11418Queens County
PS 56RICHMOND HILL11418Queens County
PS 6 Woodhaven SchoolWOODHAVEN11421Queens County
PS 62 - Chester Park SchoolSOUTH RICHMOND HILL11419Queens County
PS 63 Old South SchoolOZONE PARK11417Queens County
PS 64 Joseph P. Addabbo SchoolOZONE PARK11416Queens County
PS 65 - The Raymond York Elementary SchoolOZONE PARK11417Queens County
PS 66 Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis SchoolRICHMOND HILL11418Queens County
PS 9 Horace Mann SchoolRICHMOND HILL11418Queens County
PS 96SOUTH OZONE PARK11420Queens County
PS 97 Forest Park SchoolWOODHAVEN11421Queens County
PS/MS 114 Belle Harbor SchoolROCKAWAY PARK11694Queens County
PS/MS 42 R. Vernam SchoolARVERNE11692Queens County
Richmond Hill High SchoolRICHMOND HILL11418Queens County
Village AcademyFAR ROCKAWAY11691Queens County
Waterside Children's Studio SchoolROCKAWAY PARK11694Queens County
Waterside School For LeadershipROCKAWAY PARK11694Queens County
Wave Preparatory Elementary SchoolFAR ROCKAWAY11691Queens County