Map of Carlsbad Unified School District Elementary School Race and Ethnicity

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List of Elementary Schools in Carlsbad Unified School District California

Map KeySchool NameZIP CodeCityMajority Race/Ethnicity
Aviara Oaks Elementary School92009CarlsbadWhite: 59%
Buena Vista Elementary School92008CarlsbadWhite: 49%
Calavera Hills Elementary School92008CarlsbadHispanic: 46%
Hope Elementary School92008CarlsbadWhite: 60%
Jefferson Elementary School92008CarlsbadHispanic: 58%
Kelly Elementary School92008CarlsbadWhite: 58%
Pacific Rim Elementary School92009CarlsbadWhite: 65%
Poinsettia Elementary School92009CarlsbadWhite: 55%

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