Map of Los Angeles Unified School District Middle School Free and Reduced Lunch Program Participation

List of Middle Schools in Los Angeles Unified School District California

Map KeySchool NameZIP CodeCityFree/Reduced Lunch Program Participation
Adams Middle School90007Los Angeles94.57%
Audubon Middle School90008Los Angeles95.22%
Bancroft Middle School90038Los Angeles91.80%
Belvedere Middle School90063Los Angeles95.63%
Berendo Middle School90006Los Angeles97.79%
Bethune Middle School90003Los Angeles98.40%
Byrd Middle School91352Los Angeles90.77%
Carnegie Middle School90745Carson80.43%
Castro Middle School90026Los Angeles98.45%
Clinton Middle School90007Los Angeles97.91%
Cochran Middle School90019Los Angeles99.04%
Columbus Middle School91304Los Angeles90.93%
Dana Middle School90731San Pedro77.94%
De Portola Charter Middle School91356Los Angeles50.95%
Drew Middle School90001Los Angeles98.32%
Edison Middle School90001Los Angeles98.35%
El Sereno Middle School90032Los Angeles90.00%
Emerson Community Charter School90024Los Angeles54.63%
Fleming Middle School90717Lomita87.42%
Frost Middle School91344San Fernando53.18%
Gage Middle School90255Huntington Park97.41%
Glenn Hammond Curtiss Middle School90746Carson93.30%
Gompers Middle School90061Los Angeles99.35%
Griffith Middle School90022Los Angeles94.01%
Hale Charter Academy91367Los Angeles38.11%
Harte Preparatory Middle School90044Los Angeles97.96%
Hollenbeck Middle School90023Los Angeles96.80%
Holmes Middle School91325Los Angeles69.63%
James Madison Middle School91605Los Angeles92.96%
John Burroughs Middle School90005Los Angeles85.52%
John Muir Middle School90044Los Angeles97.09%
King Middle School90029Los Angeles71.10%
Lawrence Middle School91311Los Angeles61.00%
Le Conte Middle School90028Los Angeles96.61%
Liechty Middle School90017Los Angeles99.69%
Los Angeles Academy Middle School90011Los Angeles97.58%
Luther Burbank Middle School90042Los Angeles84.59%
Maclay Middle School91331Los Angeles97.34%
Marina del Rey Middle School90066Los Angeles90.18%
Markham Middle School90002Los Angeles98.71%
Millikan Charter Magnet Middle School91423Sherman Oaks53.56%
Mt. Gleason Middle School91040Los Angeles83.86%
Mulholland Middle School91406Los Angeles93.66%
Nava Learning Academy90011Los Angeles98.40%
Nightingale Middle School90065Los Angeles91.53%
Nimitz Middle School90255Huntington Park96.72%
Nobel Charter Middle School91324Los Angeles49.31%
Northridge Middle School91325Los Angeles92.17%
Olive Vista Middle School91342Los Angeles91.17%
Orchard Academies90201Bell95.43%
Pacoima Middle School91331Los Angeles91.78%
Palms Middle School90034Los Angeles60.03%
Patrick Henry Middle School91344Los Angeles71.40%
Peary Middle School90247Gardena90.22%
Pio Pico Middle School90019Los Angeles97.27%
Porter Middle School91344Los Angeles68.22%
Revere Charter Middle School90049Los Angeles26.68%
Romer Middle School91606Los Angeles95.30%
San Fernando Middle School91340San Fernando96.53%
Sepulveda Dodson Middle School90275Rancho Palos Verdes56.73%
Sepulveda Middle School91343Los Angeles95.50%
South Gate Middle School90280South Gate91.59%
Southeast Middle School90280South Gate93.07%
Stevenson Middle School90023Los Angeles95.47%
Sutter Middle School91306Los Angeles93.82%
Twain Middle School90066Los Angeles59.04%
Van Nuys Middle School91411Los Angeles91.33%
Virgil Middle School90004Los Angeles96.29%
Vista Middle School91402Los Angeles98.71%
Walnut Park Middle School90255Walnut Park95.64%
Walter Reed Middle School91602Los Angeles53.97%
Washington Carver Middle School90011Los Angeles97.75%
Washington Irving Middle School90065Los Angeles86.65%
Webster Middle School90064Los Angeles86.65%
White Middle School90745Carson76.29%
Wilmington Middle School90744Los Angeles92.65%
Woodland Hills Academy91367Los Angeles77.63%
Wright Middle School90045Los Angeles77.45%
Young Oak Kim Academy90005Los Angeles98.20%