Map of West Contra Costa Unified School District Elementary School Race and Ethnicity

List of Elementary Schools in West Contra Costa Unified School District California

Map KeySchool NameZIP CodeCityMajority Race/Ethnicity
Bayview Elementary School94806San PabloHispanic: 56%
Chavez Elementary School94801RichmondHispanic: 93%
Collins Elementary School94564PinoleHispanic: 36%
Coronado Elementary School94804RichmondHispanic: 73%
Dover Elementary School94806San PabloHispanic: 90%
Downer Elementary School94806San PabloHispanic: 88%
Ellerhorst Elementary School94564PinoleHispanic: 45%
Fairmont Elementary School94530El CerritoHispanic: 32%
Ford Elementary School94804RichmondHispanic: 82%
Grant Elementary School94804RichmondHispanic: 88%
Hanna Ranch Elementary School94547HerculesAsian: 41%
Harding Elementary School94530El CerritoWhite: 39%
Highland Elementary School94806RichmondHispanic: 55%
Kensington Elementary School94708KensingtonWhite: 57%
King Elementary School94804RichmondHispanic: 57%
Lake Elementary School94806San PabloHispanic: 74%
Lincoln Elementary School94801RichmondHispanic: 81%
Lupine Hills Elementary School94547HerculesAsian: 40%
Madera Elementary School94530El CerritoWhite: 41%
Mira Vista Elementary School94805RichmondHispanic: 39%
Montalvin Manor Elementary School94806San PabloHispanic: 68%
Murphy Elementary School94803El SobranteHispanic: 41%
Nystrom Elementary School94804RichmondHispanic: 74%
Ohlone Elementary School94547HerculesAsian: 37%
Olinda Elementary School94803RichmondHispanic: 32%
Peres Elementary School94801RichmondHispanic: 80%
Riverside Elementary School94806RichmondHispanic: 57%
Shannon Elementary School94564PinoleHispanic: 44%
Sheldon Elementary School94803RichmondHispanic: 36%
Stege Elementary School94804RichmondBlack: 45%
Stewart Elementary School94564PinoleHispanic: 44%
Tara Hills Elementary School94806San PabloHispanic: 51%
Valley View Elementary School94803RichmondHispanic: 31%
Verde Elementary School94801RichmondHispanic: 88%
Washington Elementary School94801RichmondHispanic: 71%
Wilson Elementary School94530El CerritoHispanic: 63%