Map of Boise City Independent School District 1 Elementary School Free and Reduced Lunch Program Participation

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List of Elementary Schools in Boise City Independent School District 1 Idaho

Map KeySchool NameZIP CodeCityFree/Reduced Lunch Program Participation
Adams Elementary School83712Boise12.65%
Amity Elementary School83709Boise21.30%
Collister Elementary School83703Boise5.11%
Cynthia Mann Elementary School83703Boise26.30%
Garfield Elementary School83706Boise77.57%
Grace Jordan Elementary School83709Boise45.43%
Hawthorne Elementary School83705Boise63.50%
Hidden Springs Elementary School83714Hidden Springs3.61%
Highlands Elementary School83702Boise3.27%
Hillcrest Elementary School83705Boise70.61%
Horizon Elementary School83704Boise48.90%
Jefferson Elementary School83705Boise98.54%
Koelsch Elementary School83706Boise99.21%
Liberty Elementary School83706Boise16.35%
Longfellow Elementary School83702Boise11.11%
Lowell Elementary School83703Boise22.01%
Maple Grove Elementary School83709Boise24.20%
Monroe Elementary School83705Boise28.29%
Morley Nelson Elementary School83704Boise98.95%
Mountain View Elementary School83704Boise36.73%
Owyhee Elementary School83705Boise42.90%
Pierce Park Elementary School83714Boise27.92%
Riverside Elementary School83706Boise8.80%
Roosevelt Elementary School83712Boise14.11%
Shadow Hills Elementary School83714Boise21.55%
Taft Elementary School83703Boise99.16%
Trail Wind Elementary School83716Boise9.44%
Valley View Elementary School83704Boise34.54%
Washington Elementary School83702Boise7.10%
White Pine Elementary School83706Boise28.72%
Whitney Elementary School83705Boise99.00%
Whittier Elementary School83702Boise98.82%

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