Map of Des Moines Independent Community School District Elementary School Free and Reduced Lunch Program Participation

List of Elementary Schools in Des Moines Independent Community School District Iowa

Map KeySchool NameZIP CodeCityFree/Reduced Lunch Program Participation
Brubaker Elementary School50317Des Moines81.96%
Capitol View Elementary School50316Des Moines94.95%
Carver Elementary School50316Des Moines94.91%
Cattell Elementary School50316Des Moines89.82%
Cowles Elementary School50324Des Moines16.58%
Downtown Elementary School50309Des Moines22.82%
Edmunds Fine Arts Elementary School50314Des Moines97.31%
Findley Elementary School50313Des Moines90.52%
Garton Elementary School50317Des Moines86.95%
Greenwood Elementary School50312Des Moines52.36%
Hanawalt Elementary School50312Des Moines50.59%
Hillis Elementary School50310Des Moines77.96%
Howe Elementary School50315Des Moines88.15%
Hubbell Elementary School50312Des Moines44.29%
Jackson Elementary School50315Des Moines80.88%
Jefferson Elementary School50321Des Moines49.33%
King Elementary School50314Des Moines98.49%
Lovejoy Elementary School50315Des Moines90.74%
Madison Elementary School50316Des Moines85.88%
Mckinley Elementary School50315Des Moines95.45%
Monroe Elementary School50310Des Moines93.26%
Moore Elementary School50310Des Moines67.37%
Morris Elementary School50315Des Moines87.29%
Moulton Elementary School50314Des Moines97.09%
Oak Park Elementary School50313Des Moines88.65%
Park Ave Elementary School50315Des Moines82.46%
Perkins Elementary School50311Des Moines57.72%
Phillips Elementary School50317Des Moines77.47%
Pleasant Hill Elementary School50327Des Moines63.41%
River Woods Elementary School50320Des Moines89.16%
Samuelson Elementary School50310Des Moines84.30%
South Union Elementary School50315Des Moines87.47%
Stowe Elementary School50317Des Moines87.92%
Studebaker Elementary School50315Des Moines86.97%
Walnut Street Elementary School50309Des Moines65.71%
Willard Elementary School50317Des Moines94.56%
Windsor Elementary School50311Des Moines60.92%
Wright Elementary School50315Des Moines80.08%

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