Map of Des Moines Independent Community School District Elementary School Title 1 Status

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List of Elementary Schools in Des Moines Independent Community School District Iowa

Map KeySchool NameZIP CodeCityTitle 1 Status
Brubaker Elementary School50317Des MoinesYes
Capitol View Elementary School50316Des MoinesYes
Carver Elementary School50316Des MoinesYes
Cattell Elementary School50316Des MoinesYes
Cowles Elementary School50324Des MoinesNo
Downtown Elementary School50309Des MoinesNo
Edmunds Fine Arts Elementary School50314Des MoinesYes
Findley Elementary School50313Des MoinesYes
Garton Elementary School50317Des MoinesYes
Greenwood Elementary School50312Des MoinesNo
Hanawalt Elementary School50312Des MoinesNo
Hillis Elementary School50310Des MoinesYes
Howe Elementary School50315Des MoinesYes
Hubbell Elementary School50312Des MoinesNo
Jackson Elementary School50315Des MoinesYes
Jefferson Elementary School50321Des MoinesNo
King Elementary School50314Des MoinesYes
Lovejoy Elementary School50315Des MoinesYes
Madison Elementary School50316Des MoinesYes
Mckinley Elementary School50315Des MoinesYes
Monroe Elementary School50310Des MoinesYes
Moore Elementary School50310Des MoinesYes
Morris Elementary School50315Des MoinesYes
Moulton Elementary School50314Des MoinesYes
Oak Park Elementary School50313Des MoinesYes
Park Ave Elementary School50315Des MoinesYes
Perkins Elementary School50311Des MoinesYes
Phillips Elementary School50317Des MoinesYes
Pleasant Hill Elementary School50327Des MoinesNo
River Woods Elementary School50320Des MoinesYes
Samuelson Elementary School50310Des MoinesYes
South Union Elementary School50315Des MoinesYes
Stowe Elementary School50317Des MoinesYes
Studebaker Elementary School50315Des MoinesYes
Walnut Street Elementary School50309Des MoinesYes
Willard Elementary School50317Des MoinesYes
Windsor Elementary School50311Des MoinesNo
Wright Elementary School50315Des MoinesYes

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